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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Private investigators discovered 2 websites devoted to smearing those who merely raise questions about the Constitutional concept of Presidential eligibility as it relates to Obama.  A team of Democratic Party lawyers are helping.  WHY?

Full story at Conservative Examiner.

Investigators also have copies of the membership lists of the 2 groups, and are investigating their full names behind the screen names so as to provide complete information on who, exactly, is behind the smears.


KenyanBornObamAcorn said...

Wow, totally weird that I find this today. I found the FogBow forum 2 days ago. I started talking about the Lakin Trial on a thread call The Lakin Trial but they kept telling me I was off topic. Finally they took all my posts and made me my OWN thread, hidden deep where no one could find it.

But I went on there and posted fact after fact after fact and those losers were so damn upset. I couldn't believe it. I mean really mad cause I would keep laughing and they knew they couldn't get to me.

Since my thread was hidden, I went to the introduce yourself thread 9out front) and said his and told everyone how I was hidden and to come see my thread. Foggy was kinda nice at first saying I was no harm but once I started putting up stuff they couldn't debunk, like the Kenyan Hansard minutes talking about Obama as native born there, they couldn't take it.

I see one of the last comments from Foggy saying that it was fun at first but now all I'm doing is spamming. OK, facts are SPAMMING?

Anyways, I went to refresh and wala

"You have been permanently banned from this board.

Please contact the Board Administrator for more information.

A ban has been issued on your IP address."

I broke NO rules and was very cordial...CENSORSHIP at it's best!

anotherparadox said...

Sheeeet!!!! I guess the gig is up?

Somerset said...

"Investigators have also received a copy of the entire membership lists of the groups involved..."

Indeed, these secretive groups, such as "The Beloved Herd," "Ladies in PInk," "Planetary Overlords," and "Grumpy People" are believed to be the "brains behind the organization," desperately pulling the strings of power in their struggle against our Ginormous Hero, Anthony Martin. But it will be to no avail! The forces of righteousness, led by stalwart patriots such as Anthony Martin, Orly Taitz, Walter Fitzpatrick, Philip Berg (well, maybe not Berg. He's just kinda crazy) will show the world that dual citizens can't be natural born citizens!