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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

Today I celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We do not know exactly when Christ was born.  But this is the day that the Church through the centuries has chosen to mark his birth.  For that reason I choose to focus on Christ's birth on this day.

My hope and prayer is that all of you will find this day to be joyful, meaningful, and peaceful.  May your life be richer for it!

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Most Awarded and Celebrated Christmas Songs of All Time

Merry Christmas, folks!  It's that time of year again, and music makes it even better.

How about we look at the most awarded and celebrated Christmas songs of all time?  My new Music Awards Examiner column does exactly that.

These are the critics' and consumers' choices.  Are your favorites on the list?  Have any you want to add?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

And Now for Something a Bit Different

In addition to my regular column on conservative politics at Examiner, I have added a 2nd column.  I am now the National Music Awards Examiner.

My first entry is 'Paul McCartney Honored in Kennedy Center Broadcast on Dec. 28.'

Most of you probably did not know I have spend my entire life in music, beginning at age 5.  I formed my own Gospel group at the age of 14, and we sang on TV and made records for roughly 6 years.  I have also served as Choir Conductor for several churches.

And now, I will be a music critic in addition to holding forth on conservative issues.  Hope you will enjoy.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 12/23/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

David Codrea notes that the El Paso Times has either engaged in outright deception or is woefully ignorant in their latest piece on automatic weapons purchases.

WRSA has a MUST-read on why Muslims must be expelled from the West.

Pamela Geller posts a shocking story of a Muslim group that is conducting a campaign called 'Christmas is Evil.'  Mark my words, folks, if we don't rid this country of these nutcases, along with the Leftwing nutcases that enable them, we are done, finished, gone.

Brigid provides a forensic study of office Christmas party food.  I can't get my mind off of chomping down on the gingerbread man cookie treat.

Every Blade of Grass, for something a bit different, offers the best of the shuttle launches from 1983-2010, on video.  Good historical record.

Our sincere condolences go out to Breda in the loss of her uncle.  She is going dark for a while to grieve.

Way Up North does some ranting today on several issues, one of which is that the RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska voted 100% with Democrats during the lame-duck session. Tell me again why sane people keep sending these nitwits back to Congress...

21 Guns Salute posts a follow-up to the story of the murder of a Border Patrol agent in Arizona.  Take a look.

Alphecca has a story out of that la-la land to the north, Massachusetts, indicating that citizens are up in arms about a school principle's stance on reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  Only in the land of kooks does this kind of fallout happen.over the Pledge.

And now, for a much-needed break from the news, The Ol' Broad presents 'the Jib Jab Year in Review.'  Hope the video gives you a chuckle.

Mainstream Media's New Template Touting Obama's 'Success'

Well, the talking heads are in one accord trying to save Obama's arse.

Conservative Examiner today explains how the MSM is now claiming Obama is the comeback kid and that the lame duck Congress was a resounding success.

A serious fact-check is in order, and I provide it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reasons This Congress will Go Down as the Sorriest Lot in History

What more can I say/  This has been a sorry group of marauding interlopers who have stolen the citizens blind!

Read my commentary on the 111th Congress at Conservative Examiner.

My friends, we MUST insure that people of this ilk are never elected to Congress ever again!!

Second Amendment News Roundup for 12/22/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun-rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Brigid pulls on the heart strings as she offers this moving tribute to her mother.

Tam has a VERY interesting read on a gun dealer in Indy who used to be the body guard for none other than Jimmy Hoffa!

David Codrea reports that a Second Amendment attorney says that the ATF proposal for restrictions on long guns is illegal.

Kurt Hofmann says that the ATF is showing its contempt for the will of the people.

Standing By blogs on the despicable, obnoxious, reprehensible, and unconstitutional power grab by the FCC in seizing control of the Internet yesterday.  We might as well be living under Hugo Chavez.

Nicki provides a sharply worded rebuke of the notion that Internet access is a 'civil right.'  AMEN!

Way Up North offers the must-read of the day.  Go see.

WRSA posts absolutely essential reading entitled, 'America In Revolt.'

GunRights4US has a bit of humor for our mental health today...

Around O-Town reports all the news on the Jihadist plot to massacre Christmas shoppers.

Blonde Sagacity says that Fred Phelps and his cult at Westboro made a trip to Philly.  Let me be clear about this.  My views on gays in the military or on homosexual behavior in general are nowhere akin to the Phelps hate cult.  I detest his tactics, his abject hatred, his disruption of military funerals, and the like.  These people are disgusting and they are NOT 'Baptist.'  They are not even a 'church.'

Days of our Trailers makes a very important point on how we can show support for the guns and ammo industry during the Christmas season.

Be Sure to Vote in the Poll!!

It's just to your left in the sidebar and it will only take a moment.

This will help provide direction to me as I plan for the new year.

Thanks for your participation!  I'd like to hear from all of you.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

'Loving one's fellow man' Means Telling the plain TRUTH

Every now and then someone pulls the religion card to use against me in protest to my plain language directed at individual who, in my view, are contributing to the demise of the country.

The mantra invariably leads to some remark resembling, 'You should pray to God to help you love your fellow man and stop hating your fellow citizens,' or some such nonsense.

I don't hate anybody.  But I DO hate actions.  And anyone who pulls the religion card on ME had better be very careful.  I know the Bible, and I know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus himself referred to scribes, Pharisees, and lawyers as 'vipers, snakes, hypocrites.'

For that reason he was hated my many.  People forget that about Jesus, opting instead to mold him into their own image of some effeminate wussy who went around never raising his voice.  Ever read what he did to the criminal money-changers in the Temple?

MY religion is quite clear about the responsibility to call attention to behavior that is destructive and deviant.  To fail to do so is not 'love' but enabling and abetting the destruction of our moral and ethical values as a nation.

So, no, God is not telling anyone to roll over and acquiesce to evil.  To the contrary, Jesus demands that we condemn it and vilify it.


This is a most dangerous treaty that will vastly weaken America just as North Korea and Iran gain nuclear bombs.  11 Republican turncoats joined a unanimous Democrat push to advance the treaty to a floor vote tomorrow.

Conservative Examiner names the names of the 11 GOP turncoats who need to be reminded that their jobs depend on a NO vote!

Interestingly 4 out of the 11 are from conservative southern states!  These fools need to be told that voters will not forget this deadly vote!

American Community Survey--Big Government Snoops

You probably never heard of the 'American Community Survey.'  But you should.

It is part of the federal government, and they collect intrusive, private, and personal information under the threat of up to a $5000 fine.

Read all about it at Conservative Examiner.

And wait till you see the abusive tactics utilized by survey workers!

Second Amendment News Roundup for 12/21/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

WRSA calls attention to a dirty, rotten jackbooted thug of the Feds who tried (and failed) to steal Christmas.

Pamela Geller blasts Mayor Bloomberg (who is known affectionately at the Liberty Sphere as 'the BASTARD') for claiming that Republican Congressman Peter King, R-NY, is wrong to start investigating Muslim extremists inside the U.S. once the new session of Congress begins in 2011.

David Codrea has all the latest news on the New Jersey man who was prosecuted on frivolous weapons charges.

Mike McCarville says the Feds have launched a new push to go after gun dealers.

Alphecca reports that violent crimes dropped during the first half of 2010.  Could it be that Americans' practice of arming themselves to the hilt beginning in 2007 is the biggest contributing factor?

Squeaks shares pics from a recent trip.

Traction Control shares stunning photos of the total eclipse of the moon last night.

Breda has more on the eclipse.

The Wandering Minstrel blogs on the impressive Taurus Circuit Judge, which is available in either a smooth  bore shotgun or a rifle.

Way Up North gives us a report on the deep freeze way up in Alaska.

The Stiletto reports that abject poverty looms for the many long-term unemployed in the country.  A recovery?  ROFL!  Recovery, my foot.

From Standing By--'When Necessity Becomes a Moral Imperative.'

GunRights4US has an excellent post on 'immigration by the numbers'--which shows what the dirty rotten politicians have been doing to destroy this country.

Around O-Town reports more on the phenomenon of 'vehicular jihad.'

Market Guru Karl Denninger says that a new bill has been introduced to get rid of the current monetary practices of the Feds--from a most unlikely source..  Out of character for this guy, but in this case, it's good.

The U.S. and Venezuela--Birds of a Feather?

This is serious, folks.  The things that are happening in Communist Venezuela are eerily similar to what's happening in Washington.

Conservative Examiner makes the comparison.

Read it all, and THINK!!!

To the Anonymous Numbskull 'Reader' Who Sent a Cowardly Email

A despicable coward sent me an email, somehow using my own email address as the sender, meaning of course that when I tried to reply my response was sent back to ME.

Not only is the tactic indicative of a sick individual who resorts to such juvenile and illegal behavior, but the message in the email confirms in my mind the moral and philosophical bankruptcy of those who seek to destroy the country through a nefarious set of initiatives on a variety of fronts.

The individual involved maintains that I should 'show respect' to those who disagree with the Framers' vision of what this country should be.  Of course, he/she claimed that good, Patriotic Americans can 'disagree' about how best to implement the Founder's vision.

Of course what such an asinine notion fails to grasp is that invariably statists who attack the values of this country do so in the name of the Constitution.  It is a common ploy of subversives.  Claim you are implementing the principles of the Constitution while seeking to undermine the very moral and ethical fabric of the nation that our Founders passed down to us..

Thus, to answer the anonymous coward, I will say that I will NEVER, EVER respect a point of view that in my estimation undermines and weakens this country.  If, in my view, you are tearing the country down by your support of highly questionable legislation, you can rest assured you will be swiftly condemned and vilified.

And I will NEVER back down until I am six feet under in the grave.  Got it, arsehole?

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Young Patriot Fights for Her Life

Take a moment and read this heart-wrenching story of a young lady, 22 years of age, who has endeared herself to countless conservatives on Twitter.

She came to the U.S. at the age of 5, brought by her father to escape Castro's Marxist regime.  Now, she suffers from devastating cancer and barely clings to life.

Conservative Examiner has the complete story.

This young lady needs our prayers.  Read the article, please, and pass it along.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 12/20/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

David Codrea reports important information on the Traver nomination to head the ATF.

CLO weighs in on this horrible choice--indicating that the 'powers that be' are enemies of the people.

21 Guns Salute, further, reports on the latest damnable shenanigans at the ATF.  Read it all.

Kurt Hofmann has a most interesting bit of information showing that the Attorney-General for the D.C. District admitted that there are 'decades of scholarly material' on the Second Amendment.'  Funny how.they never admitted such a thing until now.

John Jacob H points to a story that proves my contention that North Carolina has become the Kalifornia of the south.  A county has now banned target practice.  BTW, I love that pic of Ann Coulter doing some target shooting.

Standing By posts an excellent article on those who corrupt science for profit and sometimes just for fun.

Newbius blogs on defensive gun use in the state of Utah.  A good read.

Way Up North provides the quote of the day from Abraham Lincoln.

Brigid posts a walk in the heart of darkness...excellent!

Tam comments on a quip made by a member of a firearms discussion board on 'zombie targets.'

Breda reports that an armed 11 year old girl successfully defended her home and family.  Good story!

WRSA has a must-read on George Orwell and the incessant power-grabs by the ruling class.  It is NEVER about 'the good of the people' but about power for power's sake.

Around O-Town reports that Santa Claus has been banned from Christmas at a school in order to 'avoid offending Muslims.'  Muslims be damned!

Days of our Trailers offers commentary on the gun control freaks' mantra that 'common sense gun laws' must be enacted to 'protect the children.'

GunRights4US declares that 'America's poor aren't really poor.'  Take a look to see what he means.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Seriously Considering 'Hanging It Up'

Okay, folks, time for some soul-searching plain talk.  I am seriously considering hanging it all up for good.  I have grown sick and tired of the battles day in and day out.  Even the fiercest of warriors grow weary of the battle, and I have just about had my fill.

Your participation in the poll located to your left will certainly help me to determine whether or not to continue.

I have operated this blog since 2006, most of that time for which there has been little support or recognition for the efforts.  I know this does not refer to the 200 or so regular readers, for whom I am deeply grateful.  But beyond that, this thing gets very little traction.

Added to that is the fact that major changes have taken place in the leadership structure at the place where I do a column (which I will not name for a reason) that makes it extremely difficult to continue doing that.  Big changes in the site have added to the problem.

Thus, I am considering pulling the plug on everything--the Liberty Sphere, the column, Facebook, Twitter, ALL of it.  If I decide to do so, I will simply go POOF--I will be gone with the wind.

Sorry if I sound so hopeless at this point, but some other issues play into my current feelings.  A knock-down drag out fight with a 'tea party' social liberal yesterday on Don't Ask, Don't Tell, plus the vote to repeal the law seemingly with little concern on the part of most citizens, is incredibly discouraging.  I don't give America much hope, frankly.  The Republic our Founders gave us, and which I remember as a child, is GONE.  It is OVER.  And to be honest, I don't know if I wish to continue on the front lines of a losing battle.

I loathe the thought of giving up.  It goes against my nature.  But I owe it to you, my faithful readers, to level with you about where I am at this point in my life.  I am damn sick and tired of my fellow citizens.  Most of them don't have a clue, and thus, we are marching into the brave new world unbridled, with no inkling of what is going to hit us as a result.

Part of the coming catastrophe is,  in my view, divine retribution.  We have fallen so very far away from the moral, ethical, and spiritual principles that once under-girded this nation that I truly believe God is going to unleash His wrath on us in short order.  And we deserve it.

My views about this matter place me in a tiny minority that is increasingly viewed as 'obsolete' in this society.  My views are considered passe, bigoted, narrow, and so forth, while the very ones who think such things are the most intolerant of all.  They do not tolerate me.  So much for openness, tolerance, etc, etc.  They are a bunch of mindless hypocrites.  Yes, hypocrites are in abundance even outside the church.  And our so-called 'enlightened ones' of the brave new world are the worst offenders of all.  You either speak and think as they wish, or you are vilified and relegated to the fringe.

Well, I am not going to stop screaming bloody murder about what I view as an intolerable assault on the foundation of this nation.  But speaking about these issues gets you branded.  Readers get angry and drop you from their list.  The whole thing leads to financial ruination, especially when a supposedly 'conservative' news source buries your material and promotes the same old Leftwing propaganda of TIME, AOL, and other mainstream media outlets.

So, my friends, I really don't know what to do.  I am at a loss.  And when I get this way, eventually I withdraw from everything in despair.

If I decide that all of this is not worth my time and energy, I will be gone for good.  You can be assured of that.  But in my own little circle of the world here in South Carolina, I will still be mouthing off about the Leftwing nutcases who are destroying America.

And unfortunately, some of those responsible for our demise are in the Tea Party, of which I am a part.  It was the Tea Party, after all, that gave us that despicable fool Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

Repeal of DADT--Bad for America?

Time for some straight talk about this issue--plain talk that cuts through the crap we are hearing from the mainstream media, politicians, and gay activists.

Read it all at Conservative Examiner.

You may not like what I have to say, but this is an honest assessment as I see it.  You will always get it from me straight.