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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

'Loving one's fellow man' Means Telling the plain TRUTH

Every now and then someone pulls the religion card to use against me in protest to my plain language directed at individual who, in my view, are contributing to the demise of the country.

The mantra invariably leads to some remark resembling, 'You should pray to God to help you love your fellow man and stop hating your fellow citizens,' or some such nonsense.

I don't hate anybody.  But I DO hate actions.  And anyone who pulls the religion card on ME had better be very careful.  I know the Bible, and I know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus himself referred to scribes, Pharisees, and lawyers as 'vipers, snakes, hypocrites.'

For that reason he was hated my many.  People forget that about Jesus, opting instead to mold him into their own image of some effeminate wussy who went around never raising his voice.  Ever read what he did to the criminal money-changers in the Temple?

MY religion is quite clear about the responsibility to call attention to behavior that is destructive and deviant.  To fail to do so is not 'love' but enabling and abetting the destruction of our moral and ethical values as a nation.

So, no, God is not telling anyone to roll over and acquiesce to evil.  To the contrary, Jesus demands that we condemn it and vilify it.

1 comment:

PolyKahr said...


I am still working on "Jesus" by Marcus Borg. As a man, was complicated, not at all as painted by pastel Christians like your commenter. You've got it more right, a firebrand, a healer. He loved God above all things, but he loved us too. As Christ, I pray in his name for God's enemies to see the light, and that I am not one of those enemies.

Glad to see you are still at it.

Best wishes,