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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To the Anonymous Numbskull 'Reader' Who Sent a Cowardly Email

A despicable coward sent me an email, somehow using my own email address as the sender, meaning of course that when I tried to reply my response was sent back to ME.

Not only is the tactic indicative of a sick individual who resorts to such juvenile and illegal behavior, but the message in the email confirms in my mind the moral and philosophical bankruptcy of those who seek to destroy the country through a nefarious set of initiatives on a variety of fronts.

The individual involved maintains that I should 'show respect' to those who disagree with the Framers' vision of what this country should be.  Of course, he/she claimed that good, Patriotic Americans can 'disagree' about how best to implement the Founder's vision.

Of course what such an asinine notion fails to grasp is that invariably statists who attack the values of this country do so in the name of the Constitution.  It is a common ploy of subversives.  Claim you are implementing the principles of the Constitution while seeking to undermine the very moral and ethical fabric of the nation that our Founders passed down to us..

Thus, to answer the anonymous coward, I will say that I will NEVER, EVER respect a point of view that in my estimation undermines and weakens this country.  If, in my view, you are tearing the country down by your support of highly questionable legislation, you can rest assured you will be swiftly condemned and vilified.

And I will NEVER back down until I am six feet under in the grave.  Got it, arsehole?


PatriotUSA said...

As a rule I generally do not allow anonymous comments at my site.

If you are too cowardly to leave
a name of some sort and such,
I will not post your comments.

I welcome ALL comments and opinions and offer those who disagree a spot for a guest post as long as you back up your comments, are polite and

Good for you and NEVER back down!

Cobra said...

This is what the left always does: put a dagger in our collective back...