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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Seriously Considering 'Hanging It Up'

Okay, folks, time for some soul-searching plain talk.  I am seriously considering hanging it all up for good.  I have grown sick and tired of the battles day in and day out.  Even the fiercest of warriors grow weary of the battle, and I have just about had my fill.

Your participation in the poll located to your left will certainly help me to determine whether or not to continue.

I have operated this blog since 2006, most of that time for which there has been little support or recognition for the efforts.  I know this does not refer to the 200 or so regular readers, for whom I am deeply grateful.  But beyond that, this thing gets very little traction.

Added to that is the fact that major changes have taken place in the leadership structure at the place where I do a column (which I will not name for a reason) that makes it extremely difficult to continue doing that.  Big changes in the site have added to the problem.

Thus, I am considering pulling the plug on everything--the Liberty Sphere, the column, Facebook, Twitter, ALL of it.  If I decide to do so, I will simply go POOF--I will be gone with the wind.

Sorry if I sound so hopeless at this point, but some other issues play into my current feelings.  A knock-down drag out fight with a 'tea party' social liberal yesterday on Don't Ask, Don't Tell, plus the vote to repeal the law seemingly with little concern on the part of most citizens, is incredibly discouraging.  I don't give America much hope, frankly.  The Republic our Founders gave us, and which I remember as a child, is GONE.  It is OVER.  And to be honest, I don't know if I wish to continue on the front lines of a losing battle.

I loathe the thought of giving up.  It goes against my nature.  But I owe it to you, my faithful readers, to level with you about where I am at this point in my life.  I am damn sick and tired of my fellow citizens.  Most of them don't have a clue, and thus, we are marching into the brave new world unbridled, with no inkling of what is going to hit us as a result.

Part of the coming catastrophe is,  in my view, divine retribution.  We have fallen so very far away from the moral, ethical, and spiritual principles that once under-girded this nation that I truly believe God is going to unleash His wrath on us in short order.  And we deserve it.

My views about this matter place me in a tiny minority that is increasingly viewed as 'obsolete' in this society.  My views are considered passe, bigoted, narrow, and so forth, while the very ones who think such things are the most intolerant of all.  They do not tolerate me.  So much for openness, tolerance, etc, etc.  They are a bunch of mindless hypocrites.  Yes, hypocrites are in abundance even outside the church.  And our so-called 'enlightened ones' of the brave new world are the worst offenders of all.  You either speak and think as they wish, or you are vilified and relegated to the fringe.

Well, I am not going to stop screaming bloody murder about what I view as an intolerable assault on the foundation of this nation.  But speaking about these issues gets you branded.  Readers get angry and drop you from their list.  The whole thing leads to financial ruination, especially when a supposedly 'conservative' news source buries your material and promotes the same old Leftwing propaganda of TIME, AOL, and other mainstream media outlets.

So, my friends, I really don't know what to do.  I am at a loss.  And when I get this way, eventually I withdraw from everything in despair.

If I decide that all of this is not worth my time and energy, I will be gone for good.  You can be assured of that.  But in my own little circle of the world here in South Carolina, I will still be mouthing off about the Leftwing nutcases who are destroying America.

And unfortunately, some of those responsible for our demise are in the Tea Party, of which I am a part.  It was the Tea Party, after all, that gave us that despicable fool Scott Brown in Massachusetts.


Rev. Paul said...

Mr. Martin,

You must do as you think best, of course. Regardless of your decision, you remain a friend with whom I simply haven't met, and voice for good and decency in perilous times.

May God bless you in whatever endeavor you pursue.

Your friend,
Rev. Paul

Jeannetta said...

In my church, we have a "motto" if you will, it's not official, but it is talked about frequently.
Teach to the "one"; if you have one child in your sunday school class, if you have one teenager in your youth class, if you have one adult in your adult sunday school class, teach that person.
You never know what connections that one person may have; what that one child may go on to become.
We can't do things for the recognition, and I'm not implying that you do; I too wish I had more people leave comments on my various blogs, but I've come to realize that
1.) I said what I felt inspired to say, and 2.)I know people are reading; they may not be leaving comments, but my traffic map says people are reading. You never know who "the one" will be.
I'll miss you if you go, but if you do, who's next? When we're all gone, who will speak up and speak out for truth and liberty? Who will speak up for the Constitution?

PolyKahr said...


You and I have never met in person, though I feel I know you. We have communicated via e-mail, and I must say that when your blog features "Standing By" in the 2nd Amendment roundup, my readership numbers go way up.

I will echo Jeanetta's comments with those of St. Paul, who looked at his work as like a farmer who planted the seeds that others would later harvest. It is unglamorous work,I know. St. Paul kept it up because he knew he was correct.

I have also been discouraged, and tempted to give up. But I keep chugging because somewhere deep down I feel I may reach just one person, who will have the talents to reach 100, or 1,000, or 1,000,000 people. But I will never know if that is true or not.

The beauty of blogs is that if you have nothing to say, you don't have to say it. With a paid column, you must come up with something by the deadline, and it needs to be fresh and hard hitting, and tells someone something they won't hear elsewhere. That's work, my friend. Most columists do one or two a week. You do them every day. Whew!!! Perhaps you could take on fewer topics, but do more series, taking on a subject in more depth. In any case, I read your columns, and you definitely have a wider audience that 200 in the Examiner.

I have never heard you mention any grand children. I have two. If you have any, you must find a way to remain in the fight. We can not leave this mess for our grand children to clean up. It has been our fight since the sixties, only we didn't know we were at war. Now we know. Ultimately, only you can decide, but I hope you will find the strength to continue in the battle. We need you.

Your friend,
Wade aka "PolyKahr"

Anonymous said...

Ah now,there Welshman, buck up!

It is sad to hear you have become discouraged.

You have certainly been an inspiration to me.

Long ago I learned these type activities must stand on their own value, if you seek some immediate return you are likely to be disappointed.

(Virtue is it's own reward and all that)

If you decide to rest for a while please leave your archives up so we can refer to them in your absence.

As for branding, there are two sides.

When someone seeks a boots-on-ground type they will find your previous boots-on-ground-work before anyone else had boots-on-the-ground!

Merry Christmas Welshman!

Don't let the bustards grind you down!

In Liberty,

Newbius said...


Truth needs an outlet. Whether it appears that anybody is listening or not, the important thing is to write the truth so that you know it gets out. This doesn't have to be an everyday thing. It just needs to be done whenever the need arises.

We are fighting an implacable enemy whose ultimate goal is power and domination over the citizenry. Our Constitution and our armed citizenry stand in the way of that. As long as there are voices out there who are willing to be the klaxon, the clarion call for this truth, then the message will get out.

The fight is not lost. But, don't waste your energy on the cannon-fodder. Those minions (useful idiots), will be the first to go when Restoration happens. Their only use is to help to identify the traits to watch for when making your lists of whom to trust, and whom to reject. Outing yourself to them 'up close and personal' is just an exercise in frustration and a waste of energy. They have made their choice, and their freebies will be yanked from them at some point. Starve them out, and don't give them the satisfaction of falling prey to their base vanities.

Keep up the good work. Take a break when you need one and recharge the batteries as required. This fight will be won as long as Patriots are willing to fight for Liberty.



tjbbpgobIII said...

It seems this is overtaking some more of the folks I read on a daily basis. Is it just the season, a season to reflect (amons't most of us) or is it that the powers that be may start cracking down or censuring our net? I think in your case it is as you state just sick and tired, with all the qualifiers. The Scott Brown election was heralded loud and long by the right, no matter if he was from Mass., a liberal heaven. The tea party or some part of it have now begun to hire lobbiest for Washington, D.C. Have they no shame or are they just trying to go mainstream as a true third party. I liked them better as they were, I believe they did some good in that loosely formed arrangement. I hope you can see your way to stay with us, I would help you if I could, but if you decide to go then G-d speed and and I hope to see you down the road on the barricades.

Mickey said...

snewayedMr. Martin,
Though we have never met, I would just like to take the opportunity to say thank-you. I myself, have only recently returned to keeping an eye on the governments intrusion into our freedoms.(Working and living the American dream, as it were.)Your insight has awakened in me anew, that which I enjoyed through school. I only wish we had a congress that could find the way back to honest, transparent, insightful and intelligent debate, that we might head back to our original constitution in all our affairs. Should you decide to leave, know this; You are a true American, heart and soul, with absolutely everything to be proud of in your actions, here and elsewhere.

Jay21 said...

as most have said, i (we) will support any decesion you make. Poly said it best, and he has been another inspiration to me also, write what you want, when you want, The important thing is to write, there is power in words. Spoken to 1 or 1000 the still hold meaning and we will be waiting/reading.

Your friend in liberty,

PatriotUSA said...

I just dropped in here from Examiner
and really hope you will not pull the plug. I am a fellow conservative, Constitutional conservative blogger and understand where you are coming from, 100%.

I Have felt the same way but refuse to give in or knuckle under.

I am also a counter jihadist, islamophobe, racist, bigot,
right wing whack job and gun totingLegal)neo conservative,
far right domestic terrorist.

You will do what YOU must do.
God will show you what the
correct road is. Thanks for all you have done since 2006.