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Friday, May 28, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/28/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Jennifer III says that attention is now shifting to something called '4th Generation War.'  Interesting.

Breda points to an interesting 'gun mug.'

Way Up North reports that Alaska's Governor signed a bill into law that will exempt the state from federal firearms regulations for in-state use.

Tam muses on the decline of Great Britain with its penchant for making things illegal.

The Black Sphere alerts us to a display in Atlanta that shows Democrat racism.

From the Barrel of a Gun: 'And it took the ATF 42 years to figure this out?'

Vanderboegh highlights some of the horrors that are occurring with regard to the U.S. Census.  Read it!

WRSA has the MUST-read of the day on 'escorted thugs' of the SEIU being given safe harbor by D.C. police!

Codrea wants to know if Chicago Mayor Daley will dare to arrest the 80-year-old who saved his entire family from murder by using an 'illegal' handgun.

Alphecca tells us of a sign of the creeping 'new international order' that Obama calls for--the Arizona illegal alien law will be 'appealed to the United Nations!'

The Wandering Minstrel has info on the boycott of Los Angeles in support of the Arizona immigration law.

The Ol' Broad presents 'Weasel Time'--a collection of the best political cartoons on the net.  Enjoy...

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