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Friday, May 28, 2010

UPDATE! Pastor Manning to Deliver Obama Guilty Verdict to Federal, State Authorities

The Reverend Dr. James Manning has begun the process of presenting the evidence at the Obama-Columbia University fraud trial to federal, state, and local officials.

Read the latest at Conservative Examiner.

Should someone in the court system at any level of government determine that the evidence presented passes the muster of indicating that crimes have been committed, then the trial in Harlem could potentially have a dramatic impact on new investigations into Obama's background.


Anonymous said...

When a nation loses its Constitution and becomes one of the whims of tyrants rather than governed by the rule of law it will soon devolve into chaos and armed camps of ethnic and racial lawlessness.

We shall soon see if the once Great United States of America has lost its Constitution.

My hope is that the relentless efforts of Reverend Manning will expose Obama's treason not only for the world to see but that the US Department of Justice will act on the results of the Harlem trial.


Anonymous said...

A fraud is a fraud, and a fraud. A liar is a liar, and we have one of the most skillful in the WH right now. He's hoodwinked almost half of America with his lies. The truth has a habit of rising above all, and it will. This lying, fraud, bisexual, drug deviate ruining our nation will eventually be found out. At least over half the nation is now awake...

Anonymous said...

PS: I'm glad Rev Atlah, and The Liberty Sphere and others are getting the truth out. You are true patriots...!