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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leftwing Hypocrisy on Standing Armies Used Against Citizens

The can of worms I opened yesterday on the 'Consequence Management Response Force' has unmasked a load of Leftwing hypocrisy on standing armies being used against American citizens...not to mention they forget their history.

Conservative Examiner explains. 

Hurricane Katrina, Kent State, and troops sent to Arkansas to enforce school desegregation are all examples of how modern politicians routinely thumb their noses at the Founding Fathers.


Anonymous said...


Welshman said...

Ooooo, I must have hit a nerve, Anon. Get a little too close to the truth for your taste? Get lost.

Mario said...

If they'd only take the time to research the facts, they'd realize that these standing orders came on October 2008. Obama wasn't even elected by then. So how can the liberals and Obama have ordered the military to prepare for things if they were given orders during the Bush Admin.?

Frank Semperpapa said...

I am as concerned with you about this issue.
I do have a question. You mentioned the Special Force to be a portion of the 3rd ID and 80,000 strong, but a norma Infantry Division is about 15-25K soldiers.
Could you please expand on this, if possible.
Thank you.

Welshman said...

Frank, that was during the first phase of the program only, first implemented during the waning days of the Bush Adm. in 2008--there were only about 6000 troops involved in the program at that time.

Much has changed since 2008. As stated in the original plan, Consequence Response Force would expand to include ALL branches of the military, involving many more troops--the latest report was 80,000--that is THIS year, not in 2008!

Thus, the plan has vastly expanded since first launched in Oct. 2008.

Welshman said...

Mario--only the first phase was implemented during the last few months of the Bush Administration.

This program is still in place and vastly expanded.

Bush never used the provisions of this new initiative. That does NOT mean Obama won't. Obama is the President NOW and could very well use the plan whenever he deems law enforcement needs 'help with civil unrest.'

GulfCoastBamaFan said...

My military sources are named and on the record. The rumor that an 80,000 strong troop unit is set to deploy domestically is apparently a hoax.

Your "examiner" story also contains what appear to be factual errors and misinterpretations of events:

There was no federal declaration of martial law in New Orleans after Katrina. That was a state order.

No federal combat troops were deployed to New Orleans. It was the National Guard under command of the Governor.

No federal troops confiscated weapons. That was NOPD, and it was limited to New Orleans.

Would you care to comment, please?

Welshman said...

GulfCoast--'apparently' a hoax, huh. So, in other words, they don't know for sure.

My sources say the opposite.

When it comes to Martial law and the suspension of Constitutional rights, does it really matter who does it? This is an attempt to divert from the main issue--the government, whether local, state, or federal, trampled all over the liberties of the citizens.

So, using the logic of your argument, it is perfectly OK for the Constitution to be suspended, Martial law declared, and citizens rights to be removed as long as a local authority does it?

THAT, my friend, is sheer lunacy.

GulfCoastBamaFan said...

Name your sources, then. Mine are named, and both went on record to deny that the unit is set to deploy.

The main issue is about irresponsible "correspondents" who make up scary stories, post them as the truth, and then refuse to back away from the Bravo Sierra when called on it.

Welshman said...

GulfCoast--listen here, idiot--'ready to be deployed' and 'will be deployed' are two entirely different matters, or do you not understand plain English?

I never said they were definitely going to be deployed but ready to be...should they President order it.

So stop putting words in my mouth, and get lost. I stand by the story and my sources, who remain anonymous, which is a time-honored method journalists use to get the real truth.

Welshman said...

GulfCoast--I also notice you failed to respond to my point about tyranny at all levels of government, not just federal...interesting...

GulfCoastBamaFan said...

Do whatever you want--it's your blog and it's your credibility at stake. If you have no sources willing to go on the record, then you have no story and you're making it up.

My source is on the record and denies that the unit is set to deploy.

Your source is an unnamed "local radio host" who cites an unnamed military source.

I call Bravo Sierra. Case closed. Watch out for the black helicopters...

Welshman said...

You are a freakin' idiot if you actually believe what you have just written. Anonymous sources are ALWAYS used by journalists, or have you been on Mars for most of your life?

And, you never responded to the fact that I highlighted 2 glaring errors of yours--putting words in my mouth (I NEVER said they were definitely going to deploy as you falsely charged), and claiming that since it was local law enforcement and National Guard that declared Martial law in New Orleans, my entire story is negated because it wasn't the Feds that did it.

That is just plain NUTS, and your posts will no longer be allowed here.

Good day.

Welshman said...

NOTICE to trolls, instigators, and 'Anonymous' comments:

If your comments are not allowed here, that means trying to post them again will once again result in their not being allowed.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result each time.

Forget it, and get lost.

Harassing comments and emails WILL be reported as possible 'stalking'--which is a felony.

Anonymous said...

Antony, Thank you for this story, i am not able to find anything pointing to this Oct/10 ground pounding event... not stating i disbelieve and not stating i believe... I have never forgot Obama's statement about his civilian army as strong if not stronger then the military... so as his agenda is moving on in several different directions even today, this wouldn't surprise me.. I would how ever love to nail down some intel that confirmed my convictions... thanks for any assistance here... prd