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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/14/2010

Focusing on guns, politics and news of interest regarding firearms rights, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea warns that the police gun-lock safety program is no substitute for being knowledgeable about your firearms.

Kurt Hofmann has an absolute MUST-read today, entitled, 'If 2nd Amendment Rallies are a "Threat to the rule of Law" then the Rule of Law SHOULD be Threatened!'  AMEN!  Part of the 'rule of law' in this nation is that citizens have an absolute, unalienable right to self-defense with firearms. But the Leftwing nutcases pervert the meaning of the 'rule of law' as usual.  Scumbags one and all.

Vanderboegh issues an important invitation to all free persons who escaped tyranny--'stand together with us on April 19' at the big 2nd Amendment rally on the Potomac.

Mike also posts THIS that serves as an example of how government troops suspended the Constitution and disarmed citizens after the Katrina disaster.  And there are continuing problems to boot!

Traction Control has all of your firearm and ammo needs just in time for 'Buy a Gun (and Ammo) Day' tomorrow.

Tam reports there will be a 2nd Amendment March in Indianapolis on Saturday.

Texas Fred exposes a 'Crash the Tea Party' idiot.

GunRights4US has essential reading that highlights what could be termed as 'hooded, jackbooted thugs.'  Take a look.

Every Blade of Grass points to yet another MUST-read today on 'reasonable men.'  If you don't read this, then you are hopelessly ignorant.

Roberta X has a telling quote from an idiot who believes each time laws are changed to put gun rights back in line with the Constitution, blood will run in the streets. 

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