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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Special Army Unit Ready to be Deployed on American Soil Just Before Nov. Elections

Think this is just an innocuous, innocent attempt to address natural disasters?

Not if it is in the wrong hands!  80,000 troops, combat troops, to be used in the U.S. in the event of 'civil unrest.'

Conservative Examiner reports. 

2010 could well be this generation's 'long,  hot summer of discontent.'


Douglas said...

The article linked to on CNN is from 2008, not 2010.

Welshman said...

Yes, this was planned during the Bush administration and the first phase of it was launched in 2008. What has that got to do with how it is being used now? Bush is no longer President. But the program remains and has been expanded to 80,000 military personnel involving ALL of the armed forces, not just the army.

Plus we now have a charlatan in the White House who has repeatedly expressed disdain for the Constitution.

A word to the wise--question EVERYTHING the government does!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully there are to gard aginst the millitary when they do there duty to protect the constitution and remove the thret that is in Washington allredy ! THE GOVERMENT as it is NOW!!

Phx said...

Why would the chaos break out during the next election ?

Last I checked the polls were showing an overwhelming dislike for both the president and the healthcare reform bill. Congress is even worse.

I think the Democrats might be over confident here. The polls clearly show 2 to 1 against them.

Only reason they would need those troops is if they canceled the election.