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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why She Won't Be Watching the Inauguration

I'm not going to watch the inauguration. I love my country, but don't think I want to watch another 150 million spent in what is proving to be not a solemn rite of passage, but what looks more and more like the confirmation of the divine right of kings. I don't wish to celebrate another day in which I see our country moving further away from that which made it great.

I fully concur! Read the entire stunning and beautifully written piece by Brigid at Home on the Range.

Several weeks ago I stated here on The Liberty Sphere that I will not be watching the Inauguration this year as a matter of principle. I will not and cannot support any election to public office of an individual that so thoroughly flies in the face of the undergirding principles of the U.S. Constitution and the Founding Fathers of this nation.

Besides that, I don't think I can stomach watching yet another juvenile display of 'professional journalists' who swoon, oooo and ahhhh, get feelings running up their leg like Chris Matthews, or grow all flirty and wet like Katie Couric.

Barack Obama has made enough statements questioning large portions of the Constitution, the wisdom of our Founders, and even the Declaration of Independence (he thinks we need a new one that is free of 'oppression' whatever the heck that means), that he is at the very least suspect.

He is determined to take the nation down a path it is has never tread before--the path to total government control of the means of production, beginning with the financial sector.

And no, I do not 'wish him well and hope he succeeds' in this endeavor.

Count me from day one as a member of the loyal and persistent opposition. I will oppose every single initiative Obama brings forth, unless and until he wakes up from being so drunk with power that he begins to realize that the citizens who love liberty will not stand for his chicanery and then wisely changes his ways.

I am making it a point to be down at the range while he's being sworn in, firing off some rounds with one of those evil, despicable handguns he's been wanting to ban all his political career.

I can think of no greater way to usher in the Obama Presidency than for gunowners to boycott the Inauguration and head for the firing range.


Anonymous said...

Thats where i was going too! Right now my biggest worry is something breaking on my Dillon550. mthead

Welshman said...

Head on down there. A perfect juxtaposition--millions of us gunowners firing off our guns at shooting ranges at the very moment the most anti-gun President in U.S. history is being sworn into office...

idahobob said...

We too, (the memshib and I) refuse to
watch the Coronation of the Obamination. We will be out burning powder.


Anonymous said...

From DeaconKharmafuture1
Two of my siblings are teachers as well as my stepmother. All of them are in different districts. I don't remember required watching of any other inauguration before. But all of my relatives said they were forcing kids to watch the coronation at school. Thank you God for the snow and that school was cancelled so we didn't have to take our daughter out of school as we had planned. What do you want to bet that it will be recorded and forced down our childrens' throats when school is back in? I don't mind our kids seeing the peaceful handing of power over to the next custodian but to require it now after the veterans day school choir play that showed pictures of all the recent pictures of presidents except for GWB and even included Obama was too much! They will not force my child to be brainwashed into the ranks of the hypnotised masses chanting "yes we can - yes we can".
"Yes we can" take our kid out of school during that time. "Yes we can" prevent indoctrination of our youth...