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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Halobama the Obamessiah

As we have noted before, the mainstream media has had a tendency to print and telecast pictures of Barack Obama with hints of a halo around his head.

This practice has only fueled the flames of ridicule of the candidate's supporters who often display a Messiah-like worship of their savior, and thus, the designation of Obama as the 'Obamessiah.'

We could also, perhaps, refer to him as 'Halobama,' given the many media images of the candidate that highlight a strange glow around his head, sometimes his entire body.

Here are a few images of Halobama the Obamessiah you may not have seen, some of which have been in the mainstream media.

We would note that in some cases the pictures are meant to expose the tacit endorsement of the media for Obama through the use of hyperbole.


Friday, July 04, 2008

Durham Torture Chamber: House of Horrors

From the outside the house appears to be just like any other house you would find in a typical neighborhood in the U.S. But inside that house was a virtual torture chamber, a house of horrors.

Dog cages where human beings were placed for days and given no food or water.

Chains with which human beings were tied to beds for days at a time without any access to human sustenance.

Cable wires that were used to beat and whip human beings.

And canes that were used to sexually assault and rape unsuspecting victims.

All of these things, according to police reports, were done while the perpetrators screamed verbal abuses at the victims even while they were being abused physically and sexually.

These details are gradually coming to the surface concerning the Durham Democratic Party-Satanic sex scandal. It is still not clear that the alleged perpetrators, Joy Johnson (a top official in the Durham Democratic Party) and her husband Joseph Scott Craig, Jr. are members of a Satanic cult.

Although the warrants indicate that the ritualistic sexual abuse resulted from the couple's involvement in devil-worship, other sources indicate that the couple belong to the Wiccan religion, which in no way involves the worship of Satan.

Wiccans are normally harmless persons who practice a religion related to the ancient beliefs of pagans whose spirituality arose from highlighting their connection to the earth. Wiccans do not believe in Satan, however, and thus, it would be difficult to imagine a person of the Wiccan religion being involved in Satan-worship.

These details have not yet been clarified by the local Durham law enforcement officials.

But we do know that if the allegations of the accusers are true, then what took place at the home of Joy Johnson and Joseph Scott Craig is like a living nightmare one normally finds only in the movies.

One other person has been charged in the case--Diana Palmer, first Vice-Chair of the Durham Democratic Party. Police have not disclosed as to whether or not other arrests can be expected.

For the complete story on the latest details of this case, click HERE.

Top News from the Western Carolinas for 7/4/08

Here are the top stories from the upstate, Piedmont, foothills, and mountains of western North and South Carolina:

The Watauga Democrat of Boone, NC provides a complete list of Independence Day celebrations and events for the High Country of the North Carolina mountains.

The Gaffney Ledger of Gaffney, SC announces the fireworks display at the historic Cowpens National Battlefield on July 5.

WSPA-TV News Channel 7 posts the story of a Cowpens, SC woman who was terrorized and tied up in a home invasion.

The Clinton Chronicle reports that the Clinton Downtown Association plans a major publicity blitz to tout the benefits of the South Carolina town.

The Chronicle also announces that Jason Crabb, a major Southern Gospel Music artist who formerly traveled with his popular family group, The Crabbs, will be headlining a concert in Clinton on July 4 at 7 PM. Click on the link above for full details.

WYFF-TV Channel 4 in Greenville reports that a Greenwood, SC man was arrested after he sent a lewd invitation for sex tucked in a Bible, of all places.

The Asheville Citizen-Times says that a number of major running events will take place around the North Carolina mountains this morning. Click on the link for places and times.

The Citizen-Times also announces that a major biker ride to benefit the family of slain N.C. State Trooper David Shawn Blanton, Jr. will be held in the mountains on July 12.

WBTV Channel 3 in Charlotte, NC reports that the mammoth Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system is eliminating 26 Assistant Principal positions in its middle and high schools.


And a very happy 4th of July to all of you!
Celebrate liberty from sea to shining sea! It's Independence Day!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/3/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Snow Flakes in Hell has the MUST-read of the day on Al Qaeda Plan C. If you want to know what that is, just think of what terrorists do in Israel.

Mike McCarville has another MUST-read on Barack 'If You Say Anything Bad About Me At All You're a Racist' Obama. Read it all.

Nicki at The Liberty Zone announces great news. She and her co-writer of the book Ashmadai are going to have a book-signing (autograph party) at Waldenbooks. Read her post for the details.

David Codrea reports this item that makes my blood boil. If the Bill of Rights is not binding on the States, then that means free speech, free press, etc, etc, aren't, either. Damn the freakin' imbeciles!

Codrea also reports on another travesty of the law perpetrated by imbeciles. David Olofson has surrendered himself to authorities for his jail term because his rifled failed. Let that be a warning to all--the jackbooted thugs will hold YOU responsible if your 'semi-automatic' weapon misfires.

A Keyboard and a .45 posts this important message via the Dallas Morning News entitled, 'Messages From Iraq.'

Alphecca shows us that there are at least some intelligent people around the country who really get it. The Bill of Rights must apply to ALL the people or else they are useless.

Armed and Safe has something you gotta see, entitled, 'Taking Rights to the Next Level.'

Gateway Pundit has the documentation proving that Barack Obama's latest TV ad is full of lies. Just wait till you see what he claims he did and what he actually did.

Squeaky blogs about her Zazzle Store. She's a photographer who does great work, so stop by there and take a look!

Michelle Malkin reports that 'Little Chucky' Schumer, D-NY, is at it again with his blabbermouth.

Joe Huffman at The View from North Central Idaho says that The Bastard has been caught with his pants down over the gun issue in his own city.

The American Thinker has an interesting read on the fact that the New York Times is growing increasingly hysterical about John McCain's possible SCOTUS nominees.

All American Blogger fisks a so-called expert who says oil companies engage in propaganda although climatology has shown the earth has actually cooled over the past 11 years.

New Arrest in Bizarre NC Satanic Sex Case

A 3rd person has been arrested in the bizarre Durham, North Carolina Satanic sex case. The 3rd suspect is also a top official with the Durham County Democratic Party.

The Raleigh News and Observer is reporting that Diana Palmer, age 44, Vice-Chair of the Durham County Democratic Party, has been charged with 'one count of accessory after the fact of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.'

Palmer, speaking through her attorney, denies any involvement with a Satanic cult and denies any knowledge of any crime committed by the persons previously charged.

Joy Johnson, Vice Chair of Young Democrats and 3rd Vice Chair of the Durham Democratic Party, along with her husband Joseph Scott Craig, were charged in the case after a complaint was lodged by one of the persons allegedly kidnapped and caged by the couple.

Craig faces charges of kidnapping, sexual assault, assault with a deadly weapon, and rape.

Johnson was initially charged with aiding and abetting. But on Tuesday new details emerged as to the specific manner in which Johnson was allegedly involved in the crimes.

The arrest warrant alleges that Johnson 'instigated and encouraged' her husband in handcuffing a man, forcing him into a dog cage, and then leaving him there for days without food or water.

Although details are sketchy concerning the alleged cult activity, this story only adds to the scandal of a community and a county Democratic Party that are already reeling from one of the biggest corruption cases in the nation--that of disgraced District Attorney Mike Nifong.

Dentist Murdered in Drugs-for-Sex Scheme

New details have emerged on the murder of a prominent North Carolina dentist.

Dr. David Boyd, the Salisbury, North Carolina dentist who was murdered at his mansion, was apparently involved in a drugs-for-sex scheme that eventually led to his death.

According to the details of the search warrant, as reported on WBTV in Charlotte, the suspects arrested in the case described a protracted scheme initiated by Dr. Boyd to trade restricted-class prescription drugs for sex.

The search warrant indicates that Boyd also videotaped his sexual sessions.

Sources close to the case also indicate that Boyd had been the subject of an ongoing investigation by law enforcement officials for a number of months.

3 suspects have been arrested in the case and charged with murder.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/2/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The Volokh Conspiracy has interesting reading on the collision course between the Heller decision and local laws that limit citizens' self-defense.

Michelle Malkin points to a Washington Post article today that reports Barack Obama received a 'sweetheart deal' home loan for his Chicago mansion--a deal which involved no normal fees and a below-market interest rate. Corruption to the core.

Malkin also posts her special July 4 syndicated column in which she interviews a rare Hollywood patriot who is outspoken about his support for our troops and his embarrassment over his Hollywood colleagues.

ThreatsWatch has the details of the latest terrorist attack in Jerusalem, killing 3 and injuring over 40 Israelis.

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has more on the attack, including pics, and identifies the perpetrators as Islamic terrorists from East Jerusalem.

Gun Law News has very interesting reading on Heller Footnote #27.

Dr. John Lott reports that a battle is brewing between the NRA and San Francisco over a gun ban in public housing.

A Keyboard and a .45 says that a serial killer has been caught in the Midwest and that the story show how important it is to have a gun for self-defense.

Alphecca has the idiot of the day and further informs us that the NRA is starting an anti-Obama campaign. Good!

Born Again Redneck provides us with a snippet of the character of John McCain. When compared to most, McCain is in a league of his own when it comes to honor, character, and integrity.

Speaking of McCain's character, Cap'n Bob and the Damsel do a great job at putting on display the shame and disgrace of three other soldiers-turned-politicians--John Kerry, John Murtha, and WESLEY CLARK.

Dustin's Gun Blog shows us a MAJOR CNN blunder when reporting the number of gun deaths from suicide.

Gateway Pundit is reporting breaking news on 2 bomb threats today--one at the LAX airport by a man claiming to be a terrorist, and another at the World Bank.

Brigid at Home on the Range provides a very good read on Gettysburg.

Squeaky has posted the audio of her first appearance on Ahab's blogradio program, 'Gun Nuts--The Next Generation.'

David Codrea gives us an update on the Atlanta airport-gun rights showdown.

The Countertop Chronicles comments on a TV show on FX about an anti-gun activist who ends up having the utmost respect for the gunnies.

Democrats in Durham: Felony Satanic Sex Crimes

The investigation into the Duke University Lacrosse Rape Scandal/Hoax revealed multi-level corruption in Durham, North Carolina politics, from the District Attorney's office to Duke University, from the Durham Police Department to the Durham County Democratic Party, and beyond.

Mike Nifong, the Durham District Attorney who essentially destroyed the lives and reputations of three innocent Duke students in order to win an election, was shown by the N.C. Bar Association to be one of the most corrupt public officials in the nation.

But he had plenty of help from those complicit in his scheme.

Duke University, the Durham police, and the local Democratic Party were all willing, unindicted co-conspirators in Nifong's false use of the race card to win the support of Durham voters, the majority of whom are either African-American or Caucasian liberal Democrats who work in the halls of academia.

Their rush to proclaim the three innocent lacrosse players guilty even before any of them had been charged with a crime only highlighted the lynch-mob mentality of a town seething with racism and corruption.

And now the news comes that a top Democratic Party official in the Durham County Democratic Party has been charged and arrested for engaging in Satanic sex rituals.

Joy Johnson, age 30, vice-chair of Young Democrats and 3rd vice-chair of the Durham County Democratic Party, has been charged with two counts of aiding and abetting.

Johnson's husband, Joseph Scott Craig, age 25, was charged with second-degree rape, second-degree kidnapping, and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

Law enforcement officials allege that the couple lured people into their home where they engaged in Satanic rituals of a sexual nature, locked them in cages, chained them to beds, and deprived them of food and water.

Further, it is alleged that Craig sexually assaulted women with a cane and then raped them.

WRAL-TV in Raleigh is reporting that Craig's bond has been set at 1 million dollars while Johnson's is at $368,000. The two are being held in the Durham County Detention Center.

More information can be found on this story HERE and HERE.

It goes without saying that the two are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

However, the emerging scenario is simply more fodder for those who are convinced that the Durham Democratic Party and their cohorts in the Durham D.A.'s office, the Durham Police Department, and Duke University are oozing with cankered corruption that would gag a maggot.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/1/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Squeaky announces that today is the day that she and Ahab start their regular Blogtalk Radio show, and it all begins tonight at 11 P.M. The topic will be D.C. vs. Heller.

The War on Guns gives us an update on the David Olofson travesty and provides a link to Codrea's latest column in Guns Magazine, which is entitled, 'To Plant a Seed.'

Say Uncle says it's time to 'get your activism on' as we continue to fight battles related to gun rights on various local levels around the country. (Hat tip to JR at A Keyboard and a .45).

Armed and Safe blogs on the poster contest regarding the Libertarian Party debacle, Bob Barr.

Mike McCarville has something you MUST see! Bill Clinton told his closest confidantes that Barack Obama can 'kiss my ass.' Read the whole story.

Dr. John Lott is reporting that reputable sources say that Senator Harry Reid has Alzheimer's and will be stepping down as Senate Majority Leader after the election in November.

Robb Allen has an excellent post today on victimless felonies.

Traction Control has a disturbing piece that shows the antis are now targeting the 'legal loopholes' in the SCOTUS decision on Heller.

Alphecca has a MUST-read entitled, 'I Don't Want a Gun So You Can't Have One,' and follows up with THIS entitled, 'The Gun Grabbers Think They Won.'

Roberta X shows us yet another example of how the government and environmentalist wackos essentially screw the citizens in the you-know-what. Being an asthmatic myself, I am angry as hell about it. Roberta also has a link to something that dog lovers like me can relate to. A fellow blogger has lost her beloved puppy dog, Valentine.

Gateway Pundit reports that a major Democratic Party official has been arrested and charged with Satanic ritualistic sex crimes involving chaining people to beds, putting them in cages, and depriving them of food and water. The perpetrator and her husband were actively recruiting young people to join the Democratic Party to vote for Barack Obama.

The Western Rifle Shooters Association has this MUST-read on civil disobedience at the Atlanta airport.

Snow Flakes in Hell shows us something that he says is better than any freak show. Yep!

The American Thinker says that nutcase Wesley Clark has found a home among the other anti-Israeli advisers on the Barack Obama team.

Human Events reports that U.S. Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) is a 'gift that keeps on giving'--to his opponents. It seems the Senator has become a big embarrassment.

The Smallest Minority has the quote of the day.

Obama's Role in U.N. Oil-for-Food Scandal

Remember the infamous United Nations oil-for-food scandal a few years back?

Observers at the time stated that this was the single largest scandal in the history of the world, involving untold billions of dollars that were passed under the table between Iraq's Saddam Hussein and the U.N.

To date, the U.N. has yet to account for the majority of the scandal. It turned out that Kofi Annan's son was involved, and once he was thrown under the bus, the scandal simply went away.

Annan, you may remember, was the General-Secretary of the United Nations for a number of years.

But to this day we still do not know the full extent of the corruption, the names of ALL who were involved, and the extent to which the public and contributors to the U.N. were duped into believing that the organization's opposition to the Iraq War was simply a matter of principle.

The only 'principle' at work in THIS scandal was that of money, money, money. Dirty money, that is.

Now comes the explosive revelation that none other than Mr. Clean Hands himself, Barack Hussein Obama, was involved in the U.N. scandal all the way up to his eyeballs.

Iraq is now suing the United Nations for damages resulting from this scandal. And as it turns out, two of Barack Obama's biggest donors and supporters were directly involved.

London-based Iraqi billionaire Nadhmi Auchi made billions from business dealings with Saddam Hussein. Barack Obama benefited from the arrangement, being the beneficiary of millions from Auchi's coffers.

And this is not to mention Obama's direct connection to the indicted Syrian slum lord Tony Rezko, who is awaiting trial.

Both Auchi and Rezko were eyeball deep in the oil-for-food scandal, as you will see by clicking on the links provided in this post.

There was a time in America when numerous investigative reporters from 60 Minutes to the NYT to the Washington Post would have been all over this story, blaring the headlines concerning the latest revelations on a daily basis.

In today's climate, however, with the mainstream media being 'in the tank' for Obama, 'nary' word can be heard about it.

This is why the alternative media is so vitally important to the survival of this nation. What you won't hear from the liberal cheerleaders in the Press and on CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN, you WILL hear on conservative talk radio and in the blogosphere.

Thus, let me say it again, the supposed 'Obamessiah' is a corrupt fraud.

Top News from the Western Carolinas

Here are some of the top news stories from the upstate, Piedmont, and mountains of North and South Carolina:

South Carolina weather officials have declared severe drought conditions for a five-county area of the Upstate. Water shortages in these areas are the worst possible.

A Spartanburg High School sophomore football player drowned in Lake Bowen late Monday afternoon.

Vandals tried to electrocute and drown dogs in their cages at the Anderson County Animal Shelter.

The South Carolina teen who was decapitated by a roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia was in a restricted area at the time of his death, but police don't know why.

A prominent Salisbury, North Carolina dentist was murdered last week. Police state that 911 calls have given them new evidence concerning the suspects.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/30/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The War on Guns takes exception to a piece in the WSJ entitled, 'Some Gun Rules We Can All Agree On.'

David also has a very nice promotional piece on The Liberty Sphere at the War on Guns. Thanks, David!

Gateway Pundit reports that Senator Joseph Lieberman blasted Democrats and Barack Obama on yesterday's 'Face the Nation.' In addition, Gateway shows us that Wesley Clark has totally lost his marbles. Take a look at what he said about John McCain!

Alphecca says that NYC gun laws will have to change, and adds that The Bastard is one of those who filed a brief with SCOTUS in support of the D.C. gun ban, which was struck down.

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 reminds us that time is running out to win a weekend with Todd Jarrett at Blackwater. Enter today.

Armed and Safe blogs on how the other side will go about justifying a ban on 'assault weapons' now that we are post-Heller.

I love this post over at Freedom Sight that says, 'There ain't no damn 70 years of precedent' with reference to court cases on gun rights.

Breda shows off her new customized grips for her Bersa Thunder .380.

Sebastian says that in D.C. you have to 'register your rights, and he links to Say Uncle who rips apart that notion, and rightly so.

The Stiletto has a very good read entitled, 'The Right to Bear Arms Belongs to Us All.'

Tam at a View From the Porch blogs on how times have changed with regard to gun prices.

Dr. John Lott reports on the gun issue in the Chicago area, including information on Barack Obama's opposition to a bill that would allow homeowners to use banned guns in self-defense. This one fact should leave no doubt that Obama lies about his record on guns, and that he is one of the most notorious anti-gun activists in the nation.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership continues its protracted commentary on the Heller decision HERE and HERE.

Days of Our Trailers has an excellent read today on more bad education from biased educators.

Why Liberal Politicans Want Gas Prices High

It is a big mistake to believe liberal politicians who decry the high price of gasoline and condemn the oil companies for their 'obscene' profits.

Their crocodile tears are merely a smokescreen that hides their true intent.

And their charge that 'Bush did it to help his buddies in the oil business' is but a red herring to draw attention away from their sordid scheme.

Liberals, in fact, want our gasoline prices at the pump to be as high as they can go. And the reason is very simple--the higher the costs the more Americans will be forced to stop using gasoline.

The plan to which I refer is a simple but elaborate scheme to manipulate the markets so that gasoline prices will rise to a level that is totally beyond the reach of most Americans. The result, of course, is reduced consumption and a public outcry for alternative fuels.

Barack Obama openly admitted to this scheme in a news interview recently, during which he was asked if he were comfortable with the skyrocketing prices at the pump. He stated that he 'would have preferred a more gradual adjustment,' meaning, of course, that he did not deny at all his desire for gasoline prices to be high and for American consumers to hurt as a result.

He simply would have 'done it more gradually.'

To be fair, Obama is not the only liberal politician who has bought into this way of thinking.

Al Gore was one of the first to devise such a scheme of market manipulation, not only just prior to his 2000 Presidential campaign but going all the way back to 1994 when, as Vice-President, he cast the tie-breaking vote to mandate that oil companies provide a mixture of ethanol to be added to the gasoline sold at the pump.

The scheme has been a gradual increase in gasoline prices ever since, not to mention the fact that demand for ethanol has resulted in soaring food costs as politicians have sold their souls to the devil by taking food from the mouths of hungry children worldwide and making fuel out of it.

Democrats from Obama to Gore to Pelosi to Reed have all supported policies that prevent drilling for oil right here at home, where there are some of the richest crude oil fields in the world, while at the same time supporting measures that increase taxes on oil and gasoline and mandate alternative sources of energy that in essence do nothing to ease the financial burden on most Americans.

For example, they will not adequately fund the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology, nuclear power, or even wind power. Ted Kennedy, for example, has consistently opposed the placing of windmills along the east coast.

At the same time, Democrats have opposed increasing refinery capacity and the building of more refineries--two measures that, along with oil exploration and drilling right here at home, would have the net effect of lowering the price of gasoline at the pump.

Liberals are heavily indebted to environmentalist extremists who believe that gasoline and cars are evil and that we should do anything to wean the country off of oil.

But the problem is that the market has been relatively uncooperative--until now.

As long as gasoline remained relatively cheap according to the world's standards, Americans had no real incentive to push for alternative fuels. And thus, the Democrats and their cohorts developed a multi-pronged plan to manipulate the markets, prevent oil exploration and drilling in this country, oppose every single proposal to develop nuclear and wind-based power, and mandate the use of corn for fuel, thus driving up the costs of energy and food.

And let us not forget that oil speculators who moved offshore so as to avoid regulation in the U.S. are one of the primary sources of oil prices skyrocketing on the open market.

These persons can be easily manipulated by corrupt politicians with sordid schemes who lure their prey by dangling the carrot in their faces of mega-profits from the purchase of oil futures.

That way, 'everybody wins.' Liberal politicians get their wish for oil to be priced out of reach, thus manipulating Americans to cut consumption, while at the same time insuring that speculators get a bounty from the oil price boon.

It's not rocket science, my friends. Obama, Pelosi, Gore, Reed, Kennedy, and others want you to suffer for your own good. And they ARE succeeding.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Twist in Ware Shoals/Cheerleader Sex Scandal

New developments are making the news in the Ware Shoals, South Carolina high school cheerleader sex scandal.

First, 2 former students at Ware Shoals High School have brought lawsuits against Greenwood County School District 51, claiming that the district was negligent in hiring and supervising former guidance clerk and cheerleader coach Jill Moore.

Moore was fired from her position at the school after it was alleged that she repeatedly took several cheerleaders from class during school hours to engage in sexual activity with 2 National Guard recruiters who had been working at the high school.

Law enforcement officials charged Moore with several counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and giving alcohol to minors.

Moore also allegedly engaged in sexual activity with a football player at Ware Shoals High School.

The two lawsuits were brought by a Charleston attorney on behalf of one of the ex-cheerleaders and one ex-football player.

The former cheerleader alleges that the school district was negligent by failing to take disciplinary action against Jill Moore, although school officials supposedly knew that she was taking students out of class for alcohol, cigarettes, and sexual encounters.

The former football player alleges that the school district was negligent in that school officials supposedly knew of a sexual relationship between Moore and a football player but did not act to stop it.

In a related development, former Ware Shoals High School Principal Jane Blackwell has brought a lawsuit against law enforcement officials in Ware Shoals and Greenwood County, the athletic director at Ware Shoals High, and a newspaper reporter.

Blackwell was principal at Ware Shoals High at the time of the cheerleader sex scandal and was initially charged by law enforcement with obstruction. Eventually all charges were dropped against Blackwell due to insufficient evidence.

Law enforcement officials had initially alleged that Blackwell knew of the activities of Jill Moore, the cheerleaders, and the football player, but did not act to stop it or report it.

These allegations could not be corroborated, but Blackwell maintains that her reputation was permanently sullied, her professional life ruined, and her financial stability wrecked as a result of her wrongful arrest and the unproved allegations against her. She also alleges that the athletic director and the newspaper reporter engaged in a civil conspiracy against her.

Blackwell is asking for actual and punitive damages in a jury trial.

As for Jill Moore and her legal battles, no information has been made available due to a comprehensive gag order issued by the Judge in her case.

Mark Steyn Update: Totalitarians Spooked

Mark Steyn, the National Review reporter/commentator who was hauled before a British Columbian 'human rights' tribunal on charges of 'inciting Islamophobia' in an article he wrote for the magazine Mclean's, reports that his case has been dropped by the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

The Commission, which acts as a Canadian watchdog group, deciding what is and is not acceptable speech for citizens, decided that Steyn's words were not sufficiently unacceptable enough to appoint a national tribunal.

But Steyn still faces a 'verdict' from the purported 'judges' of the British Columbian Human Rights Tribunal following a trial spurred by the complaints of the Canadian Islamic Congress, which accused Steyn of inciting hate against Muslims by writing in Mclean's that the growth of Islam in Europe is having dramatic repercussions on society.

The kangaroo court of the human rights tribunal in British Columbia is the entity from whence came forth these words on free speech: 'Free speech is an American concept, and thus, I have no use for it.'

But apparently the totalitarians that have infiltrated the Canadian government have been sufficiently spooked by the possibility of the harsh condemnation of the free world that the national Commission trumped the decision of the British Columbian tribunal by throwing the Steyn case out of court.

This does not mean that the tribunal in B.C. will not find Steyn guilty. But it is curious that the national Commission issued a decision on the case before rather than after the B.C. tribunal makes its decision.

And it is worth noting that both Canadian entities have already received an avalanche of less-than-complimentary commentary on the fact that the Steyn case was brought in the first place.

Thus, the Canadian Human Rights Commission did the right thing, albeit under intense pressure from freedom of speech groups. We can only hope the British Columbian tribunal will follow suit.