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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary Ponders Exit Plan

With Barack 'A New Gaffe Per Day' Obama having all but wrapped up the Democratic nomination for President, and with Bill Clinton touting daughter Chelsea as Presidential material for 2016, Hillary Clinton has begun pondering an exit plan.

Although she claims she is determined to take the fight for the nomination to the Convention floor, which is not the 'deep dark and ominous' scenario that the mainstream media and their darlings of the Democratic Party make it out to be, Hillary is under increasing pressure to drop out of the race in June.

It is clear that the big wigs of the Democratic Party have bet the farm on Obama, in spite of his lack of appeal to working class white voters, Hispanics, and Jews.

In addition, Obama has a penchant for uttering blatant untruths and gaffes that make Dan Quayle look like Winston Churchill.

Still, the Democrats have not only embraced a terribly flawed candidate simply because he has 'star quality' appeal, but they are obviously willing to take the chance that Americans are dumb enough to ignore his extremist views and fall down at his feet in Messiah-like worship like the rest of the sheeple who have orgasms each time he utters the word 'change.'

Thus, Hillary ponders her exit strategy, having been thrown under the bus by those within her own Party who have been longtime friends and allies.

The best-case scenario for a Hillary exit, short of pulling off an Obama-Clinton ticket, is for Obama to 'offer' her the position of running mate, which she will graciously decline. If she says 'yes' then Obama has big problems, not with the voters but with fact that Hillary will drag Bill back to the White House (assuming they win), and wifey-pooh Michelle Obama will be a terribly unhappy camper, having to contend with a Vice-President whom she hates with a passion.

In spite of the fact that many Democrats and those within the mainstream media believe an Obama-Clinton ticket will be the surefire ticket to the White House, the team will most assuredly hit some brick walls on the campaign trail.

Both of these candidates are seriously flawed and will provide ample fodder for the Republicans to remind voters of the corruption of the Clintons, not to mention the extremism of Obama.

Realistically speaking, I don't believe the 'dream ticket' will happen, though I could be wrong. Too many problems stand in the way of this scenario for it to work successfully, not the least of which is a former President of the United States lingering around who has a penchant for popping off at the mouth, much to the chagrin of most who have known him for years.

Apparently Hillary has caught 'Bill's Disease' as well, given her latest gaffe in which she brought up the assassination of Bobby Kennedy in June of the Presidential race in 1967.

How badly do Barack and Michelle want or need these two? We shall see.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/23/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Nicki comments on the fact that Red's Trading Post is close to a settlement with the BATFE. But, as many of you know by now, Ryan has taken down his blog. I can't help but wonder if this is part of the settlement with the jackbooted thugs:

Wow! A Democratic Congressman admits that Democrats lied about stopping the Iraq War just to get elected. Michelle Malkin has the story:

In terms of fundraising, Mike McCarville reports that John McCain has out-raised both Hillary and Obama in Oklahoma:

All American Blogger says that if you doubt that the Democrats have a Socialist agenda, have a look at this video which will remove all doubt:

Also, All American Blogger has a video portrait of Mr. 'I Love America but I Won't Wear the Flag on my Lapel or Salute When the Pledge of Allegiance is Given,' Barack HUSSEIN Obama--the enemy of liberty:

Armed and Safe asks a very good question--what's the point in having a right that we cannot exercise?:

Blogonomicon writes from personal experience on the difficulty in obtaining the fuel E85:

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel inform us of a new 'wiki' called 'Gunpedia,' which is like Wikipedia only gun-specific:

FreedomSight has the splendid news that the city of New York has LOST its court case in an attempt to sue a gun manufacturer:

Uncle links to 10 self-defense myths that are well-worth the read:

Sebastian gave a talk at the NRA Convention, and here is the video of it:

Bitter Bitch has miscellaneous thoughts about the NRA Convention and posts two videos that you MUST see. Go have a look:

Breda has started a covert operation at the library where she works. She is taking pics for blog fodder. Can't wait to see what she plans to do with those pics on her blog:

David Codrea reports that some Senators on Capitol Hill are hopping mad at the BATFE over a major gun case:

Barack Obama says he is willing to discuss issues with those with whom he disagrees. John Lott says that from personal experience, Obama's claim is balderdash, especially on the issue of guns:

The Buckeye Firearms Association issues an urgent appeal for Ohioans to contact their legislators NOW, even during the holiday weekend, to get the Castle Doctrine passed:

'Gang of 200' at Furman Univ. Makes National News

Furman University's 'Gang of 200' professors and students who are protesting President Bush's graduation address at the school have made national news. NPR News reported, incorrectly I might add, that the 'Furman faculty protests Bush's visit.'

NPR's leftist slant on the story is to be expected. However, let's not forget facts in the face of seizing the opportunity to make the story seem as though nearly all or at least most of those who teach at Furman agree with the protest and signed the letter entitled, 'We Object.'

In actuality only about 200 professors and students signed the protest letter--a tiny minority of the faculty and students at Furman.

Further, the group that calls itself 'Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow' circulated a counter-protest letter that garnered over 650 signatures from students and faculty--3 times that of the liberals who wish to make a graduation ceremony all about Bush and not about the students.

In fact, a strong case can be made that the faculty members who originated the 'We Object' letter wish to make the Bush visit all about them rather than the deserving students who need the support of their professors at graduation, no matter what their political stripe.

Perhaps the actions of the gang of 200 are a way to 'flip the proverbial bird' at Furman's conservative students, who make up a fairly large portion of the student body.

For example, Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow sponsored a speech on campus by national conservative columnist and Fox commentator Ann Coulter. Coulter spoke to a full house of about 2000 or more attendees that observers said reminded them of a rock concert.

The crowd was, to say the least, Coulter-friendly.

This sort of thing has never happened before at the traditionally-liberal Furman. The fact that the conservative group is so strong and active--and successful--on a liberal campus is sure to stick in the craw of the leftist professors who make up a significant portion of the Furman faculty.

Could this be their way of making the student body pay for its conservative beliefs? What better way to disrupt and turn sour a graduation event that is supposed to be a happy occasion?

The liberal professors and students have made their point. They have had plenty of free publicity. We know where they stand. So, why continue with the juvenile display at the graduation ceremony, unless there is a hidden agenda that goes far beyond what the gang of 200 claims as its main objective?

Mature adults know when to protest and when to be silent. Babies who never grew up, although they are significantly older in years, insist on their way and exercise absolutely no prudence, rationality, or the broader issue of taking into consideration the pain they cause those who do not share their views nor want them displayed at their graduation ceremony.

For more information, the following links will lead to the website of Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow, the 'Support Our Seniors' webpage, and the NPR news story on the gang of 200:

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/22/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea has issued breaking news that our friend and colleague Ryan Horsley at Red's Trading Post is close to reaching a settlement agreement in his ongoing battle with the BATFE:

Sebastian posts David Olofson's response to the comments posted yesterday on Snow Flakes in Hell:

David Hardy reports that the Office of Management and Budget has issued some restrictions that may limit the BATFE from issuing its infamous 'letter rulings':

Hardy also reports that the lawsuit against gun manufacturers, brought by the Bastard and his gang of mayoral gun-grabbers, is going to trial:

Traction Control gives us a timely update on the Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania, which has created a truckload of controversy:

Mike McCarville tells us that the integrity-challenged Senator Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, is claiming that because McCain comes from a family of military servicemen he is thus unfit to be President. Perhaps it is time for the guys wearing white coats and carrying fishnets to go get Mr.'s time for his meds:

Mike also links to Politico for a profile of Congressman Tom Cole, who has had difficulty managing his role as Chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee:

JR has a great read about how one unnamed lady at the NRA Convention gave a writer a wake-up call concerning the Second Amendment:

Alphecca reports great news from South Carolina. State lawmakers have declared the biggest shopping weekend of the year (the Thanksgiving weekend) as tax-free on purchases of goods, including shotguns, rifles, and handguns:

Born Again Redneck has a great read today on my favorite actor of all time--Jimmy Stewart. Stewart was a lifelong conservative Republican and once stated that he was proud to be able, finally, to salute his old colleague and friend, Ronald Reagan, has his Commander-in-Chief:

Uncle comments on John McCain and the gun issue:

Robb Allen shows us the exact point at which the antis fail miserably:

Michelle Malkin comments on the Democrat demagoguery on gas prices...John McCain joined in too:

The Volokh Conspiracy has the MUST-read of the day on why conservatives care so much about the courts:

McCain Conducts First Round of VP Interviews

GOP Presidential nominee John McCain has begun conducting running-mate interviews. Reporters on the campaign trail note that McCain will meet with 3 possible VP nominees over the Memorial Day weekend--Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

McCain staffers insist, however, that the Arizona Senator is not meeting with the three to interview them for the VP slot but that the meetings are 'purely social.'

All three have been mentioned in the Press as possible contenders for McCain's running mate.

Crist and Romney have obvious problems. Crist, for example, has irked some in the conservative GOP base. And conservatives simply do not trust Romney.

But Bobby Jindal could be considered a top choice and part of McCain's 'short list.' Louisiana's first-term Governor is already being touted as the next GOP 'star.' Jindal is never lacking in 'charisma,' and he knows how to rouse and energize the conservative base of the GOP with his unequivocal support for gun rights, immigration control, a strong national defense, low taxes, balanced budgets, and family values.

Thus, we can safely add Bobby Jindal to the McCain short list, along with Joseph Lieberman.

It is to be remembered that McCain's long-time allies and close friends in politics do not need to be 'interviewed.' Thus, the fact that some top contenders for the job of running mate are not being interviewed is no sign that they are not being considered.

Conversely, it is not to be assumed that McCain's final choice will be among those who will be interviewed.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/21/08

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

My favorite intellectual, Dr. Walter E. Williams, has a brand new op-ed that is a MUST-read for anyone supporting gun rights:

Michelle Malkin reports that Barack 'Pennsylvanians Love Guns and Jesus Only in Bad Times' Obama has made more gaffes than Dan Quayle, but it is never reported in the mainstream media:

L. Neil Smith at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership writes a scathing article on the NRA, and it is offered here as an alternative point of view. Read it, and then make up your own mind:

On the other hand, Roberta X takes a much more benevolent point of view:

Dr. John Lott has stirred up a hornet's nest at Daily Kos with his contention that electing Barack Obama as President will mean the end of secret ballots for Union votes:

The Buckeye Firearms Association is reporting that Ohio's police union is mounting an all-out attack on the Castle Doctrine which is before the Ohio Senate:

Mike McCarville has 'the Washington Watch' for the day:

Sebastian has some stats on Brady Bunch-driven web traffic:

JR has news on the Chicago gun control program of buy-backs:

Vultures. That's a good way to describe the gun control crowd, and Armed and Safe tells us why:

Say Uncle reports that former Klansman Senator Robert 'Sheets' Byrd has endorsed Barack 'People Like Byrd Lynch Black Folk and Sing About it at Church' Obama:

Bitter says that the fact that bloggers were welcomed along with mainstream media at the NRA Convention got some good press:

David Codrea reports that yet another law abiding gun owner has gone to jail for merely trying to protect his property:

World-renown Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina is now the center of the latest controversy in the continuing fallout from the Duke-lacrosse rape hoax. Liestoppers has two posts, linked below, that show that the Medical Center altered evidence in order to aid and abet convicted and disgraced former D.A. Mike Nifong. Read it all if you are interested in seeing how a prestigious university--a bastion of extremist liberalism--has become just as corrupt as the politicians it shakes hands with:

The Volokh Conspiracy has an interesting read today entitled, 'Obama, McCain, and the Jewish Vote':

Squeaky shows us a VERY good reason for the citizens to have guns:

Robb Allen has this to say about Barack Obama's visit to Tampa today. You gotta see it!:

Born Again Redneck posts some surprising but pleasant results from a Rasmussen poll on taxes and government it all:

The lovely Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs tells it like it is about selling out the Jews in this country and in Israel--some by liberal Jews who throw their own people under the bus, and others by none other than Barack Obama! Read it all:

More Fallout from Furman's 'Gang of 200'

On Monday of this week, the group that calls itself 'Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow' released a letter containing over 500 signatures that criticizes a group of liberal professors and students for protesting President Bush's graduation speech at the school on May 31.

The letter written by the liberals called 'the gang of 200' contains only about 200 signatures.

Those who object to the President's visit have threatened not to attend the graduation ceremony, in spite of the fact that all faculty members at Furman sign a contractual agreement which contains a clause requiring them to attend all graduation ceremonies as part of their duties.

Furman's administration has stated that provision will be made for the gang of 200 by giving them an area under a tent, away from the area where the graduation ceremony will be held so as to minimize any disruption.

The group has not made clear whether or not they will mount a full-fledged protest during the graduation ceremony.

Students and faculty who signed the letter criticizing the gang of 200 have stated that they consider it a major honor to have a sitting U.S. President address their graduating class, and they denounce the gang of 200 for putting politics and publicity-seeking antics ahead of honoring those who are graduating from the prestigious Baptist school.

Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow wish for their letter to be added to the school's website, along side of the letter written by the gang of 200. Furman officials stated that they would 'consider such a move.'

The question is, what is there to consider? Without hesitation the school allowed a protest letter critical of Bush to be posted on the Furman website by a tiny minority of faculty. So what's the problem with posting a letter containing the opposite point of view, unless Furman's liberal bent prevents them from exercising objectivity?

I think the idea about putting the gang of 200 in a tent, separating them from the graduation ceremony, is great idea, however. The only thing missing is having them wear dunce hats while they entertain themselves under the tent.

For a recent rundown on the events surrounding this controversy, click here to go to the Greenville News (South Carolina) website:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/20/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Did you know that tax dollars are now being used to fund Muslim schools in this country, although it is against the law to do that for a Christian school or any other religious school? A news crew was attacked at one such Muslim school, and Michelle Malkin has the story:

Malkin also reports that U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tennessee, has told the Tennessee GOP to 'shut up' its criticism of Michelle Obama's anti-American hate speech. Senator Corker, YOU shut up!:

Now go and read THIS from Say Uncle, in defense of the Tennessee GOP:

Sebastian has some good news on firearms rights for adults:

Sebastian also posts an alternative point of view on the Olofson case. Interesting!:

Speaking of the Olofson case, David Codrea has Part 5 of 'Down the Rabbit Hole':

Wow, Breda is on a roll. The Buckeye Firearms Association has reprinted another of her blog posts, this time complete with photos. Congrats, Breda! Read all about it here:

Bitter Bitch has a very informative post entitled, 'Facts from the NRA Convention':

Congrats are in order to Robb Allen as his blog, Sharp as a Marble, turns 4 years old:

Tam comments on Google's attempt to get our health records. When it comes to Google, why am I not surprised? These are the people who agreed to squelch free speech so they could do bi'niz in Communist China:

Appalling! Note how the Secret Service is treating the men and women of the 82nd Airborne Division in getting them ready for a Presidential visit. Heartless Libertarian has the story (h/t to FreedomSight):

Dustin has a complete update on gun legislation in Arizona:

JR has the MUST-read of the day, and he presents a detailed and accurate assessment of so many aspects of the NRA Convention. Read it all:

Born Again Redneck has SPLENDID news! An Oregon county has declared itself a 'U.N.-free zone!' This is a good idea for the whole country:

John Lott takes to the woodshed the so-called 'scientists' who believe in man-made global warming over their attempt at a 'sleight of hand' technique to explain why the earth will COOL over the next 10 to 15 years:

Eugene Volokh alerts us to a new law in Missouri that puts chilling restrictions on free speech:

Mike McCarville reports that lots of folks in Oklahoma are laughing about a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee staffer who was sent to Oklahoma from Washington to support Democrat Andrew Rice for the U.S. Senate. It seems the blogger made colossal errors that won't be helping Rice at all:

Notes From the World of Politics

Senator Ted Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, has been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. Doctors at Massachusetts General stated that the tumor is the cause of Kennedy's seizures, which sent him to the hospital over the weekend by ambulance. He was then airlifted to Massachusetts General, where he underwent a battery of tests.

Kennedy's treatments will more than likely consist of a combination of chemotherapy and radiation, although surgery has not yet been ruled out.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Senator and his family during this difficult time.

John McCain has taken to task Barack Obama over his policy statements on Cuba. Speaking before a group of Miami residents and Cuban-Americans, McCain denounced Obama's plans to ease the embargo against the Communist nation and meet with Cuban dictator Raul Castro.

Political observers believe that McCain was attempting to appeal to the vast Cuban-American community in Miami with his policy positions on Cuba. Beyond that, McCain is right on Cuba. As long as the island nation is held in the grip of Communism right in the backdoor of our own country, there should be no negotiation or easing of the embargo.

Kentucky and Oregon are holding their Democratic Presidential Primaries today. Hillary Clinton is expected to win Kentucky and Barack Obama is expected to win Oregon.

With all of the talk about Hillary dropping out of the race, we should be reminded that at this stage of the game neither candidate will win enough delegates to secure the nomination. You won't hear this from the mainstream media, however, which obviously is 'in the tank' for Obama and would prefer that Hillary get out of his way.

She has no such plans, and rightly so. Originally, political conventions were designed to select the nominees for the two Parties. Thus, there is nothing unusual that the selection process would to to the Convention floor, despite the fact that the mainstream media treats the subject as if it were a major and disastrous disruption.

Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo believes that it is best for the Democrats if the two sides come together for an Obama-Clinton ticket. Stating that he believes this is the only recipe for success, the former Governor says he is encouraging the Clinton camp to seriously consider such a thing.

On the other hand, former Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro states that Barack Obama is a sexist and that she may well 'vote for someone else' in the general election in the Fall. Although she does not state who that 'someone else' may be, there really isn't much choice other than John McCain, unless Ferraro jumps over to Ralph Nader's neo-Commie enviro-wackos.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/19/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Xrlq has a complete NRA Convention rundown (h/t to Say Uncle):

Uncle has this roundup of the NRA Con from various bloggers, including videos and a list of attendees:

Uncle also reminds us that McCain is the only candidate to state he does not support a ban on any weapon because of cosmetics:

Roberta X offers her comments on the Convention here:

Squeaky has photos from the Convention...just click on her link:

Squeaky also posts a photo of Tam sending a message to Breda:

Sebastian blogs on his big disappointment with the McCain speech at the Convention:

Mike McCarville reports that Dan Boren has been elected to the NRA Board:

Here's JR's NRA Convention report, and it's a bit different than the rest. Give it a read:

JR posts a picture he took of his lovely 'V' as she gets an autographed copy of Oliver North's book:

Tam gives a well-deserved 'thank-you' to Bitter Bitch for organizing and promoting the gun bloggers bash at the NRA Convention:

Traction Control has the complete scoop on the U.S. soldier who has gotten into a pickle over using the Koran for target practice:

David Codrea at War on Guns has Part 4 of 'Down the Rabbit Hole' (and links to the first 3 parts) on the Olofson case:

Armed and Safe writes about the attempt to rein in the BATFE in the 'Fairness in Firearms Testing Act', H.R. 1791:

This is getting to be absolutely ridiculous. Michelle Obama states that she is ashamed of America while out on the campaign trail. The Tennessee GOP used the video of it to show how bitter and hate-filled the Obamas are toward America. Now Barack is saying they were 'low class' for doing so. Sorry, bud, but if you are going to put your wife on the campaign trail and she spouts anti-American hatred, then she is fair game for criticism. Michelle Malkin has the update:

WTF!!!!???? Now, it seems ass-clown Obama thinks we need the approval of the rest of the world to heat up our homes to 72 degrees in winter. This guy is completely NUTS. John Lott has the story:

The Volokh Conspiracy observes that the nuclear power industry stands to gain from the imposition of carbon controls:

Rumors of the McCain Short List

Rumors are swirling around Washington that John McCain has now put together a short list of preferred running mates. Despite quick denials by campaign staff and some political pundits, it is hard to believe that candidates at this stage have not thought about who they would consider for the Number Two position on the ticket.

The long version of the list includes names such as Condi Rice, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, Senator Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, and even Mitt Romney.

Fred Thompson has stated unequivocally that he is not interested in the job.

Interestingly, Mike Huckabee stated on Sunday that he would like to be McCain's running mate. But we doubt that Huckabee would be a top choice, simply because the former Arkansas Governor would not help McCain in areas where he needs it the most.

When the list of potential running mates is narrowed down to those McCain would prefer, and those with whom he would feel most comfortable, one name keeps rising to the surface--Senator Joseph Lieberman.

In spite of being a lifelong Democrat, Lieberman got shafted by his own Party in the last election due to his support of the War in Iraq. Lieberman lost his bid in the Democratic primary to a staunch anti-war Democrat that the DNC desperately wanted to win.

But Lieberman has been around long enough to know a few things about politics in his home state of Connecticut.

Instead of acquiescing to the dictates of Democratic Party bosses, Lieberman ran as an Independent and defeated the Democrat--and the Republican--in a landslide.

Lieberman has also stated that he supports John McCain for President.

The two have worked together in the Senate for many years and are great friends. Insiders state that of all of the potential running mates, Lieberman is the one with whom McCain is most comfortable.

And in choosing Lieberman, McCain would automatically capture more Independents and moderate Democrats, particularly in the wake of the extremist-Left candidacy of Barack Obama.

The problem, however, is that in choosing Lieberman, McCain would most certainly be giving up any hope of gaining the support of the GOP base. Conservatives will not like a McCain-Lieberman ticket at all.

There are a couple of other possibilities on the McCain short list, but given the high priority of putting together a McCain-Lieberman ticket, the other two take second priority. That we will discuss later.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

McCain the Jerk

So John McCain goes to the NRA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, and during his speech he states that he wants to ban private gun sales between citizens.

This is in addition to his support for closing the so-called 'gun-show loophole,' which is a bogus argument because there is no such thing.

Therefore, my assessment of McCain today is that he is a jerk.

Don't get me wrong. I would do just about anything to make sure neither Obama nor Hillary get elected (and believe me, McCain is a perfect angel when compared to the two of them!).

But as for today, my feeling about the matter is that the choices the political parties gave us this year almost make me wish there were a Constitutional provision for special circumstances in which we elect NO ONE as President. And I am absolutely livid that the GOP gave us such a lame lineup of 'talent,' with the exception of Fred Thompson.

Thus, if the Democrats are neo-Commies (and they are!), then Republicans are jerks. And McCain is the jerk of the jerks.