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Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Smell Another Liberal Hollywood Smear

A film will be released three weeks before election day in November entitled 'W'--another of Oliver Stone's supposed 'biographical' pieces about political figures, this time, George W. Bush.

Given Stone's political views and his history in political film-making, there is no reason to believe this movie will be anything other than a Bush-bash, released just before the election, in tandem with liberal efforts to claim a John McCain presidency will be simply a 3rd George Bush term.

Not only that, but the President is being played by none other than Josh Brolin, son of actor James Brolin, who, along with wife Barbra Streisand are two of the most partisan, liberal, Democratic activists in America.

This is no accident. It is to be remembered that it was James Brolin who played Ronald Reagan in a very controversial film about the former President, which was forced to be removed from the CBS lineup due to an overwhelming public outcry against the movie.

Getting known Hollywood liberal activists to play Republican Presidents is a typical Hollywood ploy. No matter how supposedly 'fair' or 'balanced' the script may be, the very fact that an extremist activist gets to interpret how the role is played automatically makes the performance skewed.

The actor is going to make sure that his/her subject comes off looking as much like a buffoon as possible.

It's not so much that I am coming to the defense of George W. Bush. I have regularly taken Bush apart on this blog for several months now, and thus, this has nothing to do with my views concerning him. Rather, my objective is to expose the Hollywood sleight of hand, as well as its hypocrisy.

The practice of Hollywood in claiming innocence in these matters, while at the same time pulling stunts that show to alert observers that the movie business is a bastion of extremist liberal activists who will stop at nothing to smear those who get in their way, is proof positive that Hollywood uses its movies as a tool to spread Leftist propaganda.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/9/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The Buckeye Firearms Association reports that Ohio's Castle Doctrine/Self-Defense bill is moving through the state legislature, and the hearing on it has been rescheduled:

Can you say 'goo-goo-gaa-gaa-ma-ma-da-da-o-bama'? Sheesh. This is so typical of the Leftist mainstream media. Michelle Malkin has the story of how the media's collective tongue is hanging out over the Obamessiah:

Malkin also reports that Bush has slipped into a war spending bill a billion-dollar initiative to help MEXICO close up it's SOUTHERN BORDER, although he has consistently refused to secure OUR southern border! This is the first time I have had these feelings about the President, and I hate to be disrespectful, but he is an asshole:

The Bastard (Michael Bloomberg) has asked a judge to disallow any reference to the 2nd Amendment in a trial on guns in New York City...what a freakin' outrage!:

Sebastian says that a Democratic sweep in the Fall will put our gun rights on the line no matter what the Supreme Court says in Heller vs. D.C., and he is 100% correct:

Squeaky states the obvious here, and it is so simple to understand, yet millions of people still don't get it:

Squeaky also reports that the women of Code Pink--the extremist, Leftist, Commie, anti-military, subversive group--are beginning to use witchcraft, yep, you read that right, witchcraft, to stop the War in Iraq:

Here is the first segment of the Lou Dobbs piece last night on the Wisconsin gun owner case, via The War on Guns:

And here is the 2nd segment. Be sure to read ALL of David Codrea's commentary on the Dobbs piece as well:

Tam has a highly informative post on the controversy over the new Smith & Wesson gun locks:

Add this one to your list of absolutely absurd laws. FreedomSight has the story:

Robb Allen uses some well-placed sarcasm to make an excellent point:

JR has some excellent gun news from Texas:

It seems 'Pump Head' Bill got into an argument with a voter in West Virginia. Mike McCarville has a link to the video:

Armed and Safe blogs on bullying by the Brady Bunch in Illinois, and it's backfiring:

Born Again Redneck has an excellent read on oil company profits (and spending) it all:

Alphecca says that there was a pro-Second Amendment article that appeared recently at, of all places, the Daily Kos:

The MUST-read of the day is at All American Blogger, and it is entitled, '8 Reasons to Oppose Gun Control':

This, my friends, is ominous. The country may be getting ready to elect to the Presidency a man whose views on the Constitution and the Courts are nothing short of frightening. The Volokh Conspiracy has two posts on the subject, here:

And here (this one contains his most chilling statements of all):

What in God's name has happened to this country?


Image courtesy of Great American Country Television (GAC-TV)

Ever since The Liberty Sphere first posted an introduction to young Taylor Swift, the 17-year-old country singer/songwriter, all predictions concerning her skyrocketing success have been surpassed.

Not only did the singer score a top hit with her very first release, she has since added her first number one single to her belt, appeared on 'Live with Regis and Kelly,' won the Country Music award for best new artist, and been the subject of countless articles and features in publications and TV news stories such as 'Rolling Stone,' 'Billboard,' and the BBC.

To say that Swift has taken the music industry by storm is an understatement.

The significance of her rapid rise to fame is highlighted by the fact that when she first came to Nashville a major producer told her, via a news report rather than in person, that she probably didn't have much of a chance of success and that she should return home, finish high school, and then perhaps consider a shot at singing.

It was that same year that Swift recorded her first major hit, 'Tim McGraw,' and began touring extensively.

Now, a little over one year later, Swift is playing to sold-out venues across the country.

And for those who don't particularly care for Country Music, 'Rolling Stone' stated that the singer has plenty of crossover appeal as she rocks the entirety of the music world.

At this point it appears the sky is the limit for this talented young lady.

For The Liberty Sphere's first post on Taylor Swift, click here:

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/8/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

ROFL! We start off the Roundup today with some great news. Sebastian has found a news article in the BBC that shows that great tits weather global warming quite well:

Roberta X says we have raised a generation that forms 'the aristocracy of incompetence':

John Lott points to a VERY controversial yet accurate assessment on the subject of guns and race:

You GOTTA see this over at Michelle Malkin's place. As a spoof of the popular blog, Stuff White People Like' she has started a new feature entitled, 'Stuff Muslims Don't Like,' and she starts with the subject of bikinis:

Alphecca is thoroughly disgusted with the choice between McCain and Obama:

Armed and Safe has caught the jackbooted thugs of the BATFE in more lies about firearms:

Say Uncle points to an oft-recurring theme--armed persons stopping mass shootings:

Chilling, absolutely chilling. David Codrea says that police departments, specifically the Little Rock Police, are developing what is called 'a warrior mindset' against the citizens:

Tam points to Xavier's five rules for concealed carry:

Traction Control comments further on the militarization of public servants...resulting in the shooting of an innocent guy sleeping on his couch:

An enthusiastic 'congratulations' goes to Breda today for being asked by The Buckeye Firearms Association to allow them to republish one of her posts on the Association website. Way to go, Breda!!:

Of Arms and the Law has this info on some pro-gun pieces in the media:

Mike McCarville says that Obama plans to declare victory over Hillary on May 20:

This is the MUST-read of the day. It seems the pot-bangers at Duke University are stirring up a hornet's nest again over the Lacrosse rape hoax. Three professors, two of whom were the first of Duke's faculty to stir up hatred against the falsely accused lacrosse students, have written a 'scholarly' article on the subject, which K.C. Johnson summarily takes apart over at The Volokh Conspiracy:


One-third of Hillary Clinton supporters have consistently indicated to pollsters and news reporters that if their candidate is not the nominee of the Democratic Party, they will support John McCain.

This is excellent news, given that it has become all but certain that Hillary will NOT win her Party's nomination.

The numbers simply do not support a Hillary Clinton win, especially after Tuesday's dreadful results. She needed to win big in Indiana but almost lost. She needed to be competitive in North Carolina but lost by double-digits. The momentum is now on Obama's side, and everyone in the Party knows it, particularly those all-important 'super-delegates,' who are abandoning Hillary like rodents jumping off of a sinking ship.

Barring some unforeseen circumstance such as another Obama gaffe in which he claims that older white women do not support him because they secretly fear he will rape them, or some other such nonsense, the man who insulted Pennsylvanians will in all likelihood be the Democratic nominee.

The prospects of a John McCain-Barack Obama matchup should be a delightful prospect to all of those who loathe the Obama ideology. Although McCain has raised the ire of conservatives on many occasions, when compared to Obama's abject Socialism and outright hatred of America the Arizona Senator will look like a Burke traditionalist in comparison.

Obama's reluctance to spell out the 'change' he proposes can be attributed to his extremist, Leftist viewpoint. Extremists of the Left typically do not fully describe their views or proposals for the fear that it will alienate the majority of the population. Thus, vague generalities are the order of the day.

But when one looks closely at Obama's words over a period of time, it is clear that he is well outside the political mainstream. Americans in the heartland will never go for his prescriptions for our so-called 'ills' once they are spelled out for them, as McCain will most surely do.

For example, Obama claims the oil companies are guilty of 'price gouging.' This statement is in itself ample evidence that the man has no inkling of what he's talking about. Not only that, but his response to the supposed price gouging is to 'take their profits' and invest them in alternative energy sources.

My friends, when government raids the profits of private enterprise, we are no longer living in a free society but an oppressive one, closely akin to that of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Further, the oil companies are already investing in alternative energy sources. BP, for example, is one of the world's top investors in solar energy. This is not to mention that the top American automakers are rolling out products that use electricity, fuel cell technology, as well as bio-fuels. If the automakers believed that there would be no way to power these vehicles, then they would not produce them.

In short, the free market and private enterprise is taking care of the problem.

Obama has also said each of the following: we should withdraw from Iraq immediately and invade Pakistan to 'get bin Laden and al Qaeda' (Pakistan is a major nuclear power); handguns should be banned, period; he would mandate that the automakers manufacture only those vehicles that adhere to the most restrictive gas mileage and emission standards (removing from the consumer the right to choose what they drive); he would have absolutely no limits on abortion, given that he voted against providing medical care for babies that survive botched abortion attempts; he has stated he is against the Bush tax cuts and is for letting them expire in 2010, meaning he supports the largest single tax increase in American history; he has proposed various and sundry new government programs that will necessitate a 300 BILLION tax increase in order to pay for them; he believes that the federal government should play a greater role in local education, in spite of the fact that he opposes 'no child left behind;' he has stated he opposes moves to punish 'sanctuary cities' that break the law in order to give haven to illegal aliens; and he opposes clamping down on illegal aliens.

Because of these extremist views, Obama has failed to win the majority of the white vote AND the Hispanic vote in the primaries. The only white votes he has won are what we can refer to as the 'egg-headed liberal elites of academia.' This, in fact, is the reason he won big in North Carolina over Hillary. The state's Democrats are overwhelmingly African-American, and the white Democrats tend to be connected to academia where they flourish in such liberal bastions as Duke and the University of North Carolina.

As one of Hillary's advisers stated Wednesday morning on a TV morning show, 'no Presidential candidate can win the White House in November by getting only the African-American vote and the votes of the white egg-heads.'

The only chance Hillary has, therefore, is to convince a majority of the super-delegates that Obama has no chance in November. But it is doubtful she will succeed since the Democrats this year are star-struck by a young upstart who has no experience.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/7/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Mike McCarville provides an excellent analysis of Hillary Clinton's poor showing in yesterday's primaries:

Michelle Malkin points out Obama's biggest liability in the general election in November:

Sebastian reports great news about John McCain's judicial advisory committee, which is made up of some highly reputable persons who will please gunowners and conservatives (Eugene Volokh and Fred Thompson are in the group):

Armed and Safe has important news to gunowners concerning H.R. 4900:

Nicki takes apart another Hollywood-type liberal elitist who opened up his mouth and hurled Leftist blather:

Blogstitution has a MUST-read on the War in Iraq:

Traction Control reports that gunbloggers will have press passes at the 2A/NRA blog bash in Louisville:

Go take a look at THIS at Born Again Redneck--read it all:

Breda has some good reading today and posts her predictions on Obama, Hillary, and McCain:

This is wayyy off topic but I couldn't pass it up. Damsel has a wonderful portrait of their beautiful dog, Bear....and I offer this to all who, like me, are dog lovers:

The Bitch Girls have excellent reading today on the NRA and an imbecilic reporter. Whatever you do, don't pass this one up!:

David Hardy informs us about Steve Halbrooks' new book, 'The Founders' Second Amendment':

In a free society, government agencies should have no 'secret offices' except as secondary locations in the event of a major emergency. But the BATFE is getting a new office in a secret location. Mmmmm, wonder why??? As David Codrea points out, there is a very obvious reason why, and it ain't good:

Say Uncle has the quote of the day from Tam:

Be sure to read THIS by Robb Allen:

She's In Trouble

The pundits and political prognosticators were wrong. Hillary Clinton failed to pull off an upset in North Carolina, and in fact, the exact opposite took place. She lost by double-digits after having pulled to within 5-6 percentage points of Obama over the weekend in the tracking polls.

In addition, Clinton failed to win Indiana by the comfortable margin that has been predicted. In fact, as of this writing the state of Indiana has been deemed too close to call, although Hillary is leading Obama by 4%.

Clearly, the movement has shifted to Obama, and he comes out of Tuesday's two primaries with significant momentum.

Not only did Hillary need to win North Carolina, or at least lose by single digits, she needed to win big in Indiana. She got neither. Spin this any way you will and you still have a candidate who is in deep trouble.

The most shocking statistic from the evening, however, comes from Democratic voters in these two states. In Indiana over 60% of Democrats say that Hillary is honest and trustworthy, and over 70% say the same about Obama. In North Carolina 49% say Hillary is honest and trustworthy, while well over 70% say the same about Obama.

This means that in spite of the lies, the spin, the duplicity, and the disingenuousness exhibited by both of these candidates, Democrats appear oblivious to it all.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/6/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Dustin takes strong exception to a man in Chattanooga who believes that it is impractical to take a handgun on the hiking trail:

Of Arms and the Law reports that at ground zero of gun bans--London, England--a gun fight broke out that resulted in a police siege. I didn't think these things happened in such a 'safe' place!:

Tam blogs about the Indy gunbloggers meeting recently:

The Ninth Stage opines on prosecutors and other government officials who violate the law and the civil rights of the citizens...and I FULLY agree!:

The MUST-read of the day is by Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs, and it shows us why Zogby's polls cannot be trusted:

David Codrea has a neat story about a family that is proud to be a shooting family, where children are taught to respect and properly handle firearms:

We know that the government has fallen into the hands of tyrants and despots when the ones making the laws for the masses believe that they themselves are exempt from those laws. Take smoking indoors, for example, as Uncle points out:

Sebastian gives us some facts about the size, scope, and power of the gun rights movement:

Nicki comments on suspending the gas tax, drilling for more oil in North America, and building more refineries:

As Bill Buckley discovered in the early 1950s, American academia is a cesspool of liberal propaganda and brainwashing. Mike McCarville gives us an example of this in the state of Oklahoma:

North Carolina, Indiana Democrats Decide Today

The North Carolina and Indiana Democratic Primaries are being held today, and early reports indicate we may be in for a surprise.

Hillary Clinton has been closing the gap on Barack Obama in North Carolina, rebounding from a double-digit deficit to a mere 5-6 point deficit over the weekend. Reports from around the state on Monday indicated that the trend is definitely going Hillary's way and that she has pulled within easy striking distance of Obama, who had enjoyed a comfortable lead until now.

Indiana is expected to go Hillary's way, but Obama has picked up some key support in the state. The question is which part of the state can turn out the most voters.

North Carolina's governor is solidly behind Hillary and has purchased ads that are running throughout the state that provide a ringing endorsement for the ex-First Lady.

Although Hillary is quickly catching up to Obama in North Carolina, she may run out of time before overtaking him. That said, some pundits in the state are predicting a Hillary upset, which would be a serious setback for the Obama campaign.

Check back later this evening for further updates.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Tom Hanks Can Take a Flying Leap...

This is precisely why I am vehemently opposed to entertainers publicly endorsing political candidates. As soon as one of our illustrious gold-brick 'stars' think they are important enough that their political opinions matter, I never view that person in the same light, particularly if they endorse someone who is entirely opposed to every single core value I espouse.

For this reason I will never go to see another Tom Hanks movie...ever.

Hanks has endorsed Barack Obama for President. This is too bad because I always thought of Hanks as a decent human being.

Not anymore.

Anyone who can endorse the likes of a gun-grabbing, rights-robbing, tax-raising Socialist like Obama must be a Socialist himself who agrees with the candidate's views. This makes Tom Hanks lower than pond scum in my book.

As far as I'm concerned the actor and others like him can take a flying leap off the highest bridge they can find...

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/5/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

There is an excellent op-ed over at the Buckeye Firearms Association, which explores the fact that liberals should love the 2nd Amendment:

There is so much good reading at the Volokh Conspiracy today that I won't attempt to link to all of them. Just click on the website link below and scroll down for a great discussion about Burkean Conservatism, a proposed statute in Massachusetts that would make it a felony to cheat on one's lover, exam questions and advanced topics in firearms (particularly about the Colt revolver), and the shenanigans of Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and the state's Democratic Party:

Did you know that the U.N. has a 'Representative for Disarmament Affairs'? There is a lot most Americans don't know about this subversive organization of anti-freedom, yet we still pay for it. Read this latest scoop on the U.N. from Sebastian:

JR has this excellent rundown on several laws passed by the Texas legislature involving firearms:

Mike McCarville reports that Hillary shot herself in the foot in an Indiana campaign ad highlighting Obama's views on guns:

Roberta X says that Hillary and Obama suddenly woke up to the importance of the middle class:

Alphecca reports some major discrepancies between the Brady Bunch and the Violence Policy Center on firearms stats:

Say Uncle has the quote of the day:

First, Obama took the American flag off of his lapel. Then he refused to place his hand over his heart along with the other Dem candidates when the National Anthem and Pledge were being played/stated. Then we discover his wife and closest friends (and Pastor) are America-haters. Now, Michelle Malkin reports that another radical Obama friend, Bill Ayes, has stomped on the American flag:

Try out this one as one of the clearest examples of the nanny state at work: a pipe smoking convention in Illinois will not be allowed to light up their pipes because of the state's indoor smoking ban. John Lott has the story:

Dr. Lott also reports that a judge has removed a citizen from jury duty because of the citizen's views on concealed handguns:

Robb Allen blogs on how a journalist got enlightened to firearms:

The Bitch Girls point to a New York Times op-ed that clearly shows they are not interested in enforcing the laws on the books against criminals:

Traction Control has an important update on the ongoing controversy about the use of Islamic symbols at the sight of the memorial of United Flight 93 in Pennsylvania:

David Codrea has some examples of 'lies of omission' from Harvard:

I agree with this 100%. Go read it at Nicki's place:

The MUST-read of the day is at Armed and Safe:

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel have a neat video of their day at the range yesterday:

FreedomSight has the story of more asset seizure and forfeiture by 'big brother' gub'ment:

Born Again Redneck comments on the fact that Oprah Winfrey left the Reverend Wright's church while Barack 'Pennsylvanians Use Outhouses Equipped with Sears Catalogues' Obama did not:

All American Blogger reports that Barack 'Pennsylvanians Wash Their Clothes in the Crick' Obama is accepting a large donation from the anti-American, anti-military group, Code Pink:

Tax Rebates and Firearm Purchases

Recently I had opportunity to gather with a group of acquaintances for a dinner party. In a room adjacent to the dining area about ten of us were gathered to smoke our pipes and cigars, and to engage in a bit of chat.

Someone in the group broached the subject of the Bush tax rebates, the first wave of which has already been sent out in the mail. The question was what we intended to do with our rebates.

Would we pay some bills? Put it in savings? Or would we do as we have been encouraged to do and use it to purchase goods that will stimulate the economy?

Several offered their intentions about what to do with the money, and then it was my turn. I told them I planned to buy a new firearm.

A part of me made that comment for the express purpose of creating a row--knowing that most within the room were squeamish about the citizenry being entrusted with the ability to own and keep firearms.

The other part of me made the statement simply because that is exactly what I intend to do. I need a new firearm, and what better way is there to stimulate the economy, bolster my own self-defense, and exhibit the patriotic, independent spirit of the Framers of the Constitution than to purchase a gun?

My acquaintances, however, seemed to take a dim view of my plan. In fact, I must have shocked them speechless. The room grew totally quiet in fact that you could have heard the footprints of a feline on carpet.

No one said a word. The only reaction was a collective stare in my direction as if I had insulted John Kerry.

And then, as if awakening from a brief, 10-second trance, they all began to pick up right where they had left off in the conversation before my show-stopper.

So this is the point to which we have descended in 'polite' society in this nation, and it has been a long, long descent from the lofty ideals of the men who put their lives on the line to give us this free country.

In spite of the fact that I went to this shindig against my better judgment, rationality finally kicked in as I realized that I no longer wanted to be in the presence of these sophomoric, self-righteous, and sanctimonious snobs that inhabit the social circles of the Left.

Oh, and, by the way, since most liberals do not believe that we, the taxpayers, should get a rebate in the first place, I certainly will be expecting all my acquaintances at the dinner party, along with all of the rest of the esteemed Left, to turn their rebate checks back in to Uncle Sam.

After all, I'm sure they wouldn't dare be so overtly disingenuous as to accept their tax rebates while at the same time condemning the whole idea. Of course not. Liberals are entirely too honorable to commit such a dastardly act of hypocrisy.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

How Bush Destroyed the Winning Coalition

Ever since Ronald Reagan put together a winning coalition in 1980 of social/religious conservatives, economic conservatives, limited government libertarians, those who believe U.S. defense should be the strongest in the world, and conservative Democrats who are disgruntled with their Party, Republicans have enjoyed the longest era of success they've had in modern times.

It would be redundant for me to enumerate those successes here as I have written often of the resounding success of the Reagan Revolution. Suffice it to say that the Reagan ideology probably saved the Republic from continued decline and eventual destruction.

Yet, all it took to rip this coalition apart was two terms of George W. Bush.

Bush has perhaps pulled off the single biggest hoax in politics since Richard Nixon. He ran twice as a Reagan conservative but has governed as a moderate, elitist Republican in the tradition of his father, George H.W. Bush, and other GOP moderates such as Nelson Rockefeller and Gerald Ford.

During the first Bush term, this fact was hidden by the nation's focus on terrorism and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. But during the second term those issues had faded from public consciousness a bit, allowing the light to peer through so as to illuminate the true Bush ideology.

Bush has adhered to the principles of the Reagan Coalition on only two fronts--the tax cuts and abortion. Even when it comes to the War in Iraq, the President has failed to consider the enormous strain his policies have placed on the American military, which was not prepared in terms of overall manpower to conduct two separate fronts in the War on Terror.

Reagan believed that one must first build up the country's military strength in terms of new and effective weapons--and modern gear for the soldiers--and in terms of increasing the number of men and women who serve in the armed forces.

Certainly a President is not always afforded the luxury of having the time to do these things before engaging our military in battle. 9/11 was an event that could not be foreseen in any specific, definite sense. But Bush's failure was not responding to the attack. His mistake is that even after engaging our military we still did not succeed in the necessary strengthening of arms and personnel.

The result is a military that has been drained, used-up, overworked, and under-compensated.

Nonetheless, Bush still presided over a massive increase in the size and scope of government, even as our military suffered. And this is precisely where the President committed what is tantamount to heresy within the Reagan Coalition--a libertarian, small government conservative would not support such a massive buildup of government power and authority.

Add to this the Bush penchant for kicking in the teeth those who put him in office, such as supporting D.C.'s gun ban, allowing the ATF to continue to intimidate, harass, and crush the firearms industry, and failing to stop the flow of illegal aliens into the country and put the clamps on 'sanctuary cities.'

Because of Mr. Bush's willingness to ignore the policies that gave the GOP such enormous success, he has become perhaps the most unpopular President in U.S. history, and he has been dragging down the GOP with him.

For this reason we are stuck with John McCain, who in some ironic twist of fate is probably the one Republican who has the best chance of winning the White House precisely because he has been willing to oppose Bush and his Party on various issues.

Granted, some of McCain's views are certainly anathema to Reagan conservatives, but the public perception is that he is a good guy who thinks for himself. The masses generally do not understand the nuances of policy. All they know is McCain has stood against Bush and other Republicans who are not so popular at present.

The bottom line is that we are stuck with McCain because Bush has nearly destroyed the Reagan Coalition. And if McCain is able to pull in some Democrats with him it won't be because they are 'Reagan Democrats' but because they support some of McCain's more liberal ideas and refuse to support Hillary or Obama because of the ill feelings the Democrats' primary season has evoked.

To be sure, the remnants of the Coalition are still there, although scattered apart in political never-never land. The 'blue dog' Democrats are ample proof of that. All it would take for the Coalition to receive a breath of new life is a candidate who can inspire and rekindle the patriotic spirit that brought us all together in the first place.