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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Outrage Over Obama is Justified, Mr. McCain

Fearing that average God-fearing Americans in the heartland are getting out of hand with their abject anger at Barack Obama, John McCain sought to put a lid on the outrage at one of his townhall meetings today.

McCain stated in response to a citizen's question that Obama is an honorable man and a decent human being, and Americans have nothing to fear even if Obama is elected President.

Although McCain may have felt it was the honorable thing to do to say these things, lifting himself above the fray, his supporters simply don't agree with his assessment. They are outraged that a man like Barack Obama seems to be so close to becoming the next President.

I have a word for the GOP candidate on this issue: the outrage over Obama is justified, Mr. McCain.

In normal circumstances, McCain's attempt to reassure voters and take the high road would be admirable and honorable. This time, however, his words do not take in consideration the numerous ways in which Barack Obama represents the most dramatic departure from Constitutional American government in the history of Presidential campaigns.

The problems with Obama are not simply the over-the-top speculations of ultra-rightwing bloggers. We know, without any doubt at all, that the following about Obama is 100% correct:

*He voted to withhold medical care from infants who survive botched abortion attempts, making him a supporter of infanticide.

*He voted on numerous occasions to limit Second Amendment rights while in the Illinois Senate, stating on one occasion that ALL handguns in America should be banned.

*His political career in the Illinois legislature was launched in the living room of terrorist Bill Ayers, who now teaches at a university in Chicago where he continues to unleash his ultra-leftwing blather.

*He worked with and supported Bill Ayers' education program, which is designed to indoctrinate young minds in the ways of radicalism and extremist anti-American thought.

*He stated that terrorists and anti-Israeli groups in the Middle East have a good point that needs to be heard.

*His campaign is supported by Hamas and Hezbollah, 2 of the main terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

*Al Qaeda endorsed Obama for President.

*Venezuelan Communist dictator Hugo Chavez endorsed Obama for President.

*One of Obama's early mentors was 'community organizer' Saul Alinski, whose anti-American writings inspired a generation of Socialist 'community organizers' whose main priority is to create anarchy in preparation for a revolution to socialize American society and to bury capitalism.

*Obama has repeatedly called for dividing up Jerusalem, with half of it going to 'Palestinians.'

*He has consistently voted against offshore oil drilling, siding with environmentalist extremists, and preventing America from having access to its own energy resources.

*In spite of our resounding success in Iraq as a result of the surge, he still refuses to acknowledge that the surge was the right thing to do.

*Obama's shady dealings with corrupt tycoons in FannieMae and FreddieMac, Tony Rezko, and other thugs, underscore the fact that he is integrity-challenged, to put it mildly.

*His ties to Muslim extremist Louis Farrakhan led Farrakhan to refer to him as 'The Messiah.'

*His ultra-leftwing Church in Chicago supports all sorts of anti-American groups and activities, and his Pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah 'God-damn America' Wright is one of the most vitriolic America haters in the country.

These are FACTS, not charges, not accusations, not mud-slinging. Each of the statements above are verifiable as 100% true.

Yes, Mr. McCain, we are mad as hell that such a corrupt, dangerous, Socialist tyrant can come so close to winning the White House.

As I stated earlier today, I will in no way refer to such a person as 'the President' even if he is elected, because his election will be ultimately illegitimate since he has shown his utter disdain for the U.S. Constitution. He will NEVER be 'my' President.


straightarrow said...

Send this to McCain. He needs to develop a backbone and do the right thing and tell the truth about Obama.

I don't think he will, but he should.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan said...

Yes, he should. But as of now McCain has changed his tactics to focus on the economy rather than the ugly truth about Obama.