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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Musings After Midnight: The latest news from the underground patriot movement, including warnings of more gov't harassment of conservatives, libertarians, gun owners

Good evening, my friend.

Pull up a chair and warm yourself by the fire. It's been bone chilling cold in the mountains and foothills of the Carolinas for several weeks now. Many areas locally have had significant snowfalls, with one winter storm after another hitting the region. I remember similar patterns like this when I was a little boy. They are normal.

So, relax and have a soothing beverage -- hot cocoa, coffee, tea, wine, bourbon, whatever you fancy, and of course there are some good smokes around such as fine cigars and the best pipe tobacco on the planet.

I hope you all have been well. It's been at least a couple of months since we've had one of these virtual fireside meetings. So much has been happening it is almost difficult to keep up. But on the other hand, sometimes it is beneficial to let singular events unfold in their clusters so that patterns can be identified. This gives one a panoramic view of the political and social landscape.

There is some good news to report, I am happy to say. Never do I remember a president who has lost favor with the public so quickly as Barack Obama has done. When first elected and during his first year of office, he could do no wrong, at least in the eyes of neo-Marxists and the mainstream media. His poll numbers were astronomically high, riding a wave of religious-like worship on the world stage. It was as if the masses around the world had proclaimed him god of the universe.

But now that the masks have come off, the ruse has been exposed, and the lies have been identified and proved, the intelligent citizens have come to see that Barack Obama is not who he made himself out to be. He is a charlatan. He lied to the public repeatedly. And Obamacare is a disaster that is on track to totally wreck the country.

My sources tell me that the unraveling of Obamacare is already in motion. There is not much that can be done to stop it. The insurers that signed on are ready to walk away due to its failure to fulfill its goals and promises to the public. And if they bail, the whole thing comes tumbling down like a house of cards.

There is nothing, however, in place to take its place when Obamacare crashes. And here is where a dire warning lies.

The neo-Marxists in the Obama administration hope that the disaster of the Obamacare crash will be so devastating that the only remedy will be a government-run and owned "single payer system." Healthcare insurance companies will be no more. All citizens will be forced into a massive government program where all of your healthcare information, medical decisions, and treatment options are under the complete control of the federal government. Your doctor will no longer work for himself or for a hospital. He will be an employee of the federal government.

I cannot begin to tell you how disastrous this will be for most American citizens. We are not cut out for this kind of all-intrusive, all-controlling government monstrosity that controls the entirety of our lives from top to bottom. We are not accustomed to such personal powerlessness. We are cut from a cloth of a mindset that says, "Leave me alone. I will take care of myself, and you can take your government program and jump into the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean."

Not only will the program itself -- the single payer system -- be disastrous, but don't expect all citizens to go along with it. There will be heavy resistance, angry resistance, armed resistance. Millions of citizens will refuse to participate, period, no matter what the consequences, even to the point of refusing to pay taxes to enable it.

What are you gonna do then, you Leviathan jerk? Throw us all in jail? Kill us all? Yeah, right. You had best be ready to face one of the most well-armed and well-prepared resistance movements in history.

But is this what you want? Do you really want civil war? Really?

Do you realize what this would do to the country, to the landscape, to the society as a whole for decades to come? Do you realize the price that is to be paid for such a war? Forget your single payer healthcare system. You will be totally consumed by more immediate dire needs, such as how to feed your population, how to get emergency services to the wounded, the displaced, and how to deal with hundreds of dead bodies.

And please understand me, this will be true on both sides. Civil war within a country that pits citizen against citizen is pure hell. Consult your history on Sherman's march through Atlanta, and you will see what I mean.

Even if you win, you will lose significant revenue. Do you actually think you are going to have the money to pay for a government controlled healthcare system when you most definitely will lose trillions of dollars from your enemies you have just decimated? You will be lucky to have enough money left to pay Social Security, Medicare, and other social programs. And that is an understatement. There will ZERO funds left for these programs. Think it through. How are these programs funded? TAXES! How, pray tell, do you get enough taxes to pay for these programs when you have gone nearly bankrupt trying to pay for a costly civil war?

Remember, after the first civil war, America did not yet have a welfare state. There was no Social Security. No Medicare. No Medicaid. They didn't have to worry about those things being funded.

But today, people not only depend on it, but they probably think they cannot survive without it. How are you going to keep all of your citizens, those who are on your side, by the way, under control if you cannot provide the services they have come to demand from your Utopian neo-Marxist welfare state?

Have you thought through these things at all? Have you even considered the enormous, incalculable cost to you, even if you win?

You probably haven't. In fact, if I were a betting man I would wager the farm on the fact that you haven't considered these things at all. Americans are so accustomed to war being fought somewhere else. Or it's on the movie screen. This lends itself to the feeling that war is a fantasy, a nightmare that just doesn't happen here anymore.

And that makes your position even worse. You will be totally unprepared for what you are about to see if you make the colossal mistake of conducting war against citizens who wish to restore Constitutional law in the land and rid the elected offices of anti-American charlatans who neither value nor believe in the Founders' vision of personal liberty.

Do you actually think it is going to be a clean, sanitized "Bill Clinton styled" war, where troops are in and out relatively quickly, and where citizens are never allowed to see the carnage, such as the manner in which Clinton and the media conducted the war in Bosnia?

You need to stop right there and jolt yourself back into reality if you think that, for you are living in a fantasy world. In a war on our own soil to restore the Constitution and individual liberty, the mayhem, carnage, and death will likely be right at your door, in your front yard, or even in your own home. This is not because patriots will start it. We have vowed never to fire first. We will fire only in self defense if fired upon. But once this genie is out of the bottle, you can pretty much count on the fact that some trigger happy numbskull on either side will open fire, and at that point there is no controlling the outcome. What happens then is anyone's guess, and the most accurate guess is that we all will see carnage and human suffering on a scale never before witnessed in our country.

Are you prepared for such a thing? I have just the slightest sneaking suspicion that you are not (written with tongue in cheek). Actually, I KNOW you are not prepared. You are not prepared for the overwhelming nauseating feeling that will come upon you when you realize what your government has done to dissenting citizens who resist the growing government menace. And you are not prepared for what happens if those citizens mount a protracted resistance to the government, in response to the government's attempt to force citizens into compliance at the end of a gun barrel.

You will know many of the people who are targeted by government forces even if you live in blue states and support the collectivist agenda. Some are you family members. Some are dear friends. Some are people you talk to daily in your business transactions. You either like or love most of these people. Yet they are going to be targeted for slaughter by your government because they refuse to give up their personal, individual autonomy.

Are you willing to pay that price in order to support your socialistic government?

In short, the cost is too great for the government Leviathans to instigate such a war. Citizens who are on the government's side in the "deep blue states" will also realize in short order that the cost is too great for them to participate in such a war against their own fellow citizens.

This is a highly risky venture we are talking about here.

And if you are smart you will take heed. And you will hesitate. You may even change your mind about using the oppressive government apparatus to force citizens into behaviors that are against their will.

The resistance to the Obama-Democrat machine is growing and becoming very adept at conducting "the stealth war." But this is not really about Obama and the Democrats per se. This is about liberty vs. tyranny. Personal freedom vs. collectivism. Individual autonomy vs. government control. The old words we have used no longer apply. It is not just Obama but it is Republican establishment elitists such as John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, etc, etc. It is not just Democrats but "moderate" or liberal Republicans and even Libertarians that favor many of the social programs of government. Whatever words you use to describe it, liberty minded citizens have devised means of resistance that do not hurt anyone but that are designed to thwart the march of the government Leviathans.

Many of these covert tactics have already been implemented. This is continuing and will continue until Constitutional law is restored in those areas that have ignored it.

We even have courageous patriots who have infiltrated some of the top decision-making entities of the federal government. These citizens are nameless, faceless heroes. They sit on their views and do their jobs quietly in order to successfully find out what the collectivists are doing. And they have ways of sending messages to the patriot resistance movement.

This is a major step forward. And here I do not mean that these persons have not been there all along, for they have. But now we can let it be known they are there. They are in the military, the CIA, the FBI, the ATF, the IRS, the EPA, HHS, etc, etc.

You didn't actually think that just because an agency turns corrupt that this automatically means there are no good and honorable people left in those agencies, did you? If you did, you are dead wrong. Many of the employees of these entities are not political appointees but civil service employees who have been around a long time, or at least were hired before their agencies began to be used to oppress the citizens.

And they have a conscience. They know the difference between right and wrong. And they also know that when a line is crossed that is so horrific and frightening as to be absolutely unacceptable, it is incumbent upon them to do something about the evil they see taking place around them.

Some of these stalwart patriots cannot become whistleblowers in the traditional sense. There may be reasons this is impossible for them, not the least of which is having young children to feed, or even the fear that government will retaliate against their families if they tell what they know. But they have other ways of reporting on the evil. Having significant contacts within the patriot movement outside of government is a means for these courageous persons to get the word out on what's going on inside "the wolf's lair."

The good thing about having these individuals in key places is that we are never working, living, or moving blindly. We are fully aware of what's going on. This is a good thing.

But the downside is that what we have found out is disturbing. It isn't good. Not in any way, shape, or fashion.

2014 is a pivotal year in politics, perhaps the most important in our lifetime. In order to totally hamstring Obama, Congress needs the power to act, and act forcefully and decisively. This can be done only if there is a massive purge of Obama's lackeys in Congress, especially the U.S. Senate.

With a veto-proof Congress, Obama will not be able to muster enough votes to uphold a veto he issues on any number of bills. This will be a first for him. A Democrat-controlled Senate has made sure he has the votes to overcome any obstacle placed in his way. This same Democrat-controlled Senate has given him cover for issuing illegal "executive orders" that are designed to bypass Congress in writing legislation -- a power he does not have according to the Constitution.

Thus, if Democrats lose their power in the Senate and lose more seats in the House, Obama will truly be a lame duck president for the remainder of his term of office. This is key due to the fact that a Republican Senate, if it is of the conservative variety, can negate executive orders and even have the votes to remove Obama from office should the House vote to impeach.

You can bet your bottom dollar in your raggedy pocketbook or wallet that the Obama machine knows full well how vital this year is in his ability to retain his power. The midterm elections in November, thus, are key.

And you can also be assured that the Fuhrer's machine will pull out all the stops and mount every effort to retain power in the Senate, even if it means cheating, lying, stealing, engaging in felony voter fraud and vote tampering, framing conservatives for crimes they did not commit, committing character assassination at the drop of a hat to discredit the opposition, and even murder.

YES, I SAID IT. Murder is not off the table for these monstrous Leviathans who have shown themselves to be every bit as dangerous as Hitler's SS and Stalin's henchmen.

Thus, we can expect conservatives to be indicted, even jailed under bogus charges. And do not be surprised if someone or several wind up dead under mysterious circumstances. A word to the wise.

What I am telling you is that people in the know are on high alert. The oppressive government apparatus thinks it has the upper hand on the common citizens due to their constant spying on Americans right here on our own soil. But remember, they have been outed and exposed. And you can also take it to the bank that citizens are spying on THEM! Two can play this game. Watchful citizens are monitoring and watching every move of the government jackbooted thugs.

In many ways, sources tell me, this is incredibly easy to do. In fact, it is a big joke among many in the computer security industry. The Obamacare website, said one, can be hacked within two minutes, making vulnerable the personal information of millions of citizens, including Social Security numbers and highly sensitive personal medical information. And he made this statement last week, months after it was exposed that the website had major security issues. After millions of taxpayers' money spent to fix it, the website is still a sitting duck for any two-bit hacker with a computer anywhere in the world.

Thus, monitoring government activity is not rocket science. Citizens are doing it, and they are doing it not for malicious intent (except for the criminals who do it), but in order to keep liberty minded citizens informed about what their government is doing to undercut their liberties.

Yet another front in this stealth war is the effort to protect the Second Amendment gun rights of citizens. The Leviathans have figured out a way of harassing citizens even in states where there are lax gun control laws.

Law enforcement officials in Maryland, for example, are using the databases that pro-gun states use to issue concealed carry licenses to harass those citizens if they drive through Maryland. Maryland police are on the lookout for these concealed carry citizens from other states, and when they see a tag indicating they have one in their sites, they are pulled over and told that they are aware they have a permit to carry a gun, and that if that gun is carried in Maryland, they could be subject to arrest, depending on the circumstances.

Much of these types of shenanigans are implemented at the state level. But Obama has initiated much of it as well through his illegal executive orders.

Be that as it may, patriots are well advised to watch very closely people like Gov. Cuomo in New York, and the governors of Maryland, Illinois, California, New Jersey, and Connecticut. And with Terry McAlliffe newly sworn in as governor of Virginia, you may well need to put Virginia on your watch list as well. He is a madman, a Leviathan, a collectivist Bastard that will not hesitate to implement a leftwing agenda in the state. Yes, Virginia is on the brink of being plunged into their "thousand years of darkness."

But these anti-gun bigots need to be aware of one significant fact. The smuggling of firearms and high capacity magazines into anti-gun states is continuing. If these areas of the country insist on blatantly violating the Constitution in this manner, then we will make sure that concerned citizens in those states have the means to exercise their Constitutional rights, namely, the unalienable right to keep and bear arms.

Bottom line? 2014 is the decisive year. Unless Congress changes enough in November to put a stop to the Obama agenda, this country will be unrecognizable by the end of his term in 2016. His blatant illegal activity and lawlessness will continue to be sanctioned by a sham of a Senate. Government agencies will have free reign to harass and hammer the citizens. Gun rights will be obliterated. The EPA will nullify most private property rights. The borders will be thrown wide open to anyone for any reason. And the infrastructure will then be in place to insure that the collectivists are in office for at least another 50 years, probably longer.

What I am telling you is that if we do not stop this relentless march of neo-Marxist Commie-Nazis NOW, in 2014, we may not get another opportunity without an all-out horrific and costly civil war. I would rather stop them now than risk that war.


Unknown said...

See you May 16th fellow patriots the American spring is moving full steam ahead.. This will be a major test how the jack booted thugs will treat us citizens peacefully assembling in DC for an extended period of time...

God Bless America!!!

Anonymous said...

Civil wars are messy and bloody. A lot of innocent bystanders get killed. It would be better to go after the people who are the root of the problem rather than the cops and soldiers who will try to enforce these outrageous laws.

Numian said...

If the voting system wasn't so corrupt we would have a chance at averting civil war. Unfortunately the voter fraud will continue to run rampant an ruin our constitutional republic. We may have no choice.

Capitalist Eric said...

The collectivists will not stop unless through force of arms. History demonstrates this. We have no good choices left.

Crabby Bottoms said...

What is wrong with the people in Connecticut? Haven't they heard of RECALL? It sure put the fear of God into Colorado democrats!

Anonymous said...

There is no recall authority in the Connecticut Constitution.

MtnManDoc said...

Excellent...Thank you, and God Bless

Awake said...

Every American soldier, no matter what branch, has taken an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution at any and all cost. I do not worry for I know there would be no-one to fight on the side of a tyrannical government. The people are strong. The people are awake, wide eyed and waiting. Indivisible, unshakeable and unforgiving.

Unknown said...

I can honestly say that if it came down to defending the U.S. Constitution....the soldiers of this country will not be siding with the White House. Obamacarries himself as a middle income zealot that will save the lazy and poverty stricken. He shuffles off of Air Force One like he's getting ready for a basketball game instead of carrying himself with dignity. He throws the jokes around because he is talking to the average citizen that can relate to his banter. It's our educated citizens that know fair well that it's all a rouse and we're coming to bite him in the ass. From the lies of Benghazi, to Fast and Furious, to manning Al Queda with weapons in Syria....his regime is knowingly coming to an end. And this is the year that it will happen. Once we regain Congress, impeachment proceedings, court proceedings will start taking place. Why do you think Eric Holder has already announced his resignation? Because by November, his ass is going to be in a sling for being involved with all the coverups. Patriots fight for the flag, the Constitution, and the freedoms that we enjoy on a daily basis. Let the political war begin.

AZRanger said...

Joseph Martino, Any politician, soldier, cop, or otherwise, individual who supports, or attepts to carry out unConstitutional laws, edicts, or policies has violated his or her Oath, and become an enemy of "WE THE PEOPLE....!" That puts them as no better than traitors to this Republc, with no more legitimacy than a Quisling government, and the treasonous collaborators who help the Quislings! And, we all know how that worked for all of them!

Bambi Wynnes said...

You make wonderful points and while I love your style, you had me until you said impeachment. First of all, one must be a legally sitting president to be impeached, which Barry Soetoro is not. Secondly, impeachment would leave his EO's in place, which would pretty much negate impeaching him. We must UNDO the damage done, which will not be easy, nor timely. But a HUGE first step would be to REMOVE the enemy-infiltrator as the fraud he is. Then by nullifying his 'presidency' and along with it, the Constitution-killing EO's he writes like tardy notes to a school, we can BEGIN to restore our Republic.
Then you mention the elections. We'd have to have a system of checks and balances in place if we were to hope for any chance of those being fair. I don't know about you, but in my 35 years of voting, I've NEVER seen any presidential election (let alone one as close as 2012 was), called 20 minutes after the last polls closed. They don't even TRY to hide it anymore. They are straight-up, in-your-face, pathological liars who can't even keep their lies straight anymore! And the scariest part is that they don't even try. Bush was a wolf in sheep's clothing, too, though I didn't think so at the time. But, at least he had a modicum of dignity...enough to make the People believe he was acting in our best interest. It doesn't excuse what he did, but he didn't make me feel like a sucker at that time, though I sure do now. This rogue corporate government can't even get the bozo to READ a speech, let alone memorize one. He needs a teleprompter or he eats shoe leather everytime..and most of the time even WITH one, he does. Bottom line, he's a criminal of the worst kind. They are all treasonous traitors and nothing short of a likeness to the trials at Nuremberg, will come close to restitution.
No person who is breaking the law, has any right to tell anyone else what they must obey and as such, we are facing all out anarchy...from all sides. Because of the unlawful government at the top, this corruption has trickled down to even the purest of small towns, and those which were already eaten up with it, are completely out-of-control. The best hope we have now, quite frankly, is divine intervention. God. Only He's not allowed much around here anymore, is He?
They can take all the 'stuff' and money they want...even our lives. But the one thing they can NEVER take, unless we let them, is our faith. Stand strong Patriots! ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS! And NEVER underestimate the American spirit. :)

Welshman said...

You make a good point, and I agree. My intent in mentioning impeachment, which is the House's power alone, is for Republicans to go on record as voting to bring him up on charges, which would then be the domain of the Senate to conduct a trial and remove him from office. Yes, I know that will not happen with the Senate under Democrat control. But at least the House could go on the record as supporting integrity and the rule of law by voting to impeach. That way their hands are clean. What happens after that over in the Senate is not their responsibility.

Unknown said...

America is over, and has been for decades. There are good people, and they can bring about an honorable solution. However, America has abandoned God, and those called by his name have not turned from their wicked ways as well. Like Israel being taken to the mat by Babylon its enemy, I think history in a sense repeats. America will face a great humiliation before eyes are opened and as slaves people again turn their hearts to God. One can talk Bible, but no one listens, and some even mock and laugh. Sad, but then a country given to a reprobate mind is so grossly a nation of poverty. America, leaves me with a tear in my eye!

Welshman said...

Unknown, I know exactly what you mean, and I can empathize. There is no way to tell how many tears I have shed over America, way up in the night, on sleepless nights. And yes, we have turned from God, even most Christians in the church. In a lot of churches you don't even know you have been in the presence of something sacred, rather, you feel like you just left a nightclub. It is disgusting and sad.

Susan Stewart said...

The time for talk has sadly passed us by. This narcissist in the evil office has no regard for our words. I believe that the only thing he fears is an uprising of the people. He'll barricade himself with snipers on the roof and probably take off under the cover of night. Blood will be shed and because we are faced with corruption on all sides, we can't rely on the outcome of a fraudulent election. Sometimes you must fight the enemy with that which it fears most. Once the people attack, the ranks will swell as others gain courage. Our military has taken an oath to defend the Constitution not the joker in office. It will be ugly but the future without rebellion is uglier.