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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 1/24/2014

The Broken Patriot wants to ask the MSM about his opinion on who should be chosen to straighten things out in D.C. My problem with Carson, however, is that he is very wishy-washy on guns. That is a major problem.

Irons in the Fire warns that law enforcement in anti-gun states are actively looking for gun owners in pro-gun states so they can spot their vehicles, pull them over, and harass them. This is not going to end well if this continues.

Just an Earth-Bound Misfit comments on one of the latest examples of deep corruption in government.

Last Refuge of a Scoundrel opines on the ammo shortage.

An NC Gun Blog says New Jersey wants to know where all of their crime guns are coming from. Well, the blogger has some very interesting stats that answer that question.

Mom With A Gun provides some lessons she learned in her recent CCW class.

Another Day, Another... shows off his new beauty, a Colt .38 police special made in 1953.

Northeast Shooters reports that a billboard in Chicago has placed the anti-gunners' panties in a wad.

Kurt Hofmann points out the dirty rotten tricks of Illinois politicians who want to force gunowners to choose between medical marijuana and owning a gun. If they want marijuana for pain control or nausea, they must first give up their firearms. As I said, dirty rotten tricks from dirty rotten scoundrels who should be physically hauled out of office in handcuffs.

Mike Vanderboegh has the latest on the looming fight among House Republicans about immigration reform. A group of conservatives plan to fight the GOP elitist leadership who have made it clear they want open borders, amnesty, and such along with the Democrats and Barack Obama. A pox on all of them.

David Codrea found a concealed carry website that is every bit as reliable as the Obamacare site. Isn't that great!? No, wait....

WRSA alerts us to the Fuhrer's latest Executive order. Remember that John Podesta, the madman extremist Marxist who runs Center for American Progress, is now one of Obama's advisers. He supports dictatorial powers for the Fuhrer. When is someone going to stop these people??? What are we, a bunch of imbecilic cowards???

Way Up North calls our attention to a rabid anti-gunner from California who proceeded to make a complete imbecile out of himself when speaking about "those evil, wicked, man eating, children slaughtering, little old lady punching guns." And I highly suspect it was the evil gun that caused the San Andreas Fault.

Brigid provides good reading titled, "Leadership Principles -- From the Field."

Gateway Pundit notes that Little Chucky Schumer wants Obama and the IRS to continue illegally targeting conservatives and Tea Party groups. My, look at what happens when the tyrants are let out of the closet. They are now in all out assault mode against America. What a worthless Bastard, and a monster to boot.

Every Blade of Grass rates the fiscal health of the 50 states. Worth reading.

Days of our Trailers reports the latest example of anti-gun numbskullery to come out of Chicago.

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