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Thursday, April 23, 2009


In a blatant attempt to snowball the American public into believing Obama has overwhelming public support for the direction he is taking the country, the AP issued a poll today that is patently FALSE--particularly in the manner in which it is portrayed.

Using Obama's personal approval rating of 64% as a supposed indication that Americans overwhelmingly support his policies, the AP poll failed to show his skyrocketing negative numbers.

In addition, they merely stated that 'a majority' of Americans agree with the direction the country is headed without providing the exact numbers and percentages.

A majority by how much? How many? What is the percentage?

One had to read down to almost the end of the article to discover the exact figures of this supposed 'majority.' And guess what? It's not a majority at all, but only 48 PERCENT!

Not even half of those polled agree with the direction Obama is taking the country, yet the AP reported it as a 'majority.'

Here is the article.

Want to see how Obama is REALLY doing with some accurate polling numbers? Try this!

Obama's negatives stand at 44%. But the real clincher is when you compare those who 'strongly approve' with those who 'strongly disapprove.' In that equation only 6 percentage points separate Obama's positive numbers from his negatives.

Hardly a resounding endorsement from the electorate!


Northwest Minuteman said...

great site. Another site you might enjoy:

Patrick Sperry said...

Polls, I love polls, and statistics as well. You can twist and manipulate them to fit any agenda...