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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


By now it should be very clear to any thinking person who values liberty that Obama, together with a Democrat Congress, is a scourge to the nation. But it only gets worse.

A U.S. Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit, has ruled that the Second Amendment cannot override gun bans imposed by individual states.

The notion is an outrage by the mere fact that there is no need for any 'Bill of Rights' at all if those rights do not apply to the citizens of the country in all of the individual states.

Thus, if you live in a state that bans all handguns, for example, then you are thoroughly screwed because the right of your state to take away your rights overrides any provision in the U.S. Constitution that protects those rights.

What complete, lawless, subversive, and dangerous imbeciles we have sitting on Court benches in America!

This quotation from Western Rifle Shooters Association says it all:

Once the idea that the Second Amendment is not binding against state and local government becomes the law of the land via the adoption of Maloney by other Circuits and SCOTUS' refusal to look at the issue, "multijurisdictional task forces" will have a green light to bring down the hammer of "gun terrorists".

The fuse is lit.

This farce of a government we have elected is pushing us too far. It therefore lacks the moral authority to govern.

Such a boiling cauldron of outrage is brewing among the citizens in the heartland that it should not be surprising to see a sudden eruption of gargantuan proportions at any moment unless this government backs off its obvious agenda to thwart the liberties of the people.


10ksnooker said...

Back when the Democrats lost the civil war, they started up their terror wing, the KKK, to keep the blacks down on the farm. When the blacks wouldn't stay voluntarily, then the lynchings and Jim Crow laws came into play. One of those laws was blacks couldn't own firearms, a violation of the second amendment.

History teaching moment: The Democrats lynched as many white political opponents as blacks throughout the history of lynching. The Senate just recently apologized on behalf of Democrats for the failure to pass anti-lynching legislation earlier.

That's where the 14th Amendment was passed, in order to make it crystal clear, the 14th amendment was written for the express purpose of incorporated the Bill of Rights into the Constitutions of all the States.

This is the subject of the current legal battles going on with the second amendment lawyers, to enforce the 14th amendments incorporation provisions. The cases being worked are Chicago and San Francisco, SF just settled and agreed to pay the NRA court and attorney costs.

Anonymous said...

The 2nd Circuit is DEAD WRONG — END OF STORY.

It is so easily provable that they are dead wrong it is ridiculous.

Read the Preamble to the Bill of Rights, 2nd Amendment, 9th Amendment, and 10th Amendment. EOS

Welshman said...

Yep, and therefore, the Court is operating OUTSIDE the law!

Concerned American said...

Some of the most serious people I know are experienced trial lawyers who have seen the futility of the court battle.

By following the incorporation issue, one can demonstrate to others the lunacy behind the claim that Heller was a famous victory.

And to the poor pathetic souls hoping that the 9th Circuit and the 5th Circuit will, at the last moment, intervene and incorporate the Second, two questions:

1) Why do you think that the anointed elites of the legal profession in California and Illinois will do anything to disrupt each state's punitive gun laws?

2) What makes you think that the SCOTUS responsible for the fabricated-from-whole-cloth exceptions in Heller (e.g., reasonable restrictions, dangerous weapons, sensitive areas. etc.) would not be similarly disgenuous if a split-Circuit 2A incorporation question came to them?

There's gonna be a fight, and what I don't understand is why those who have already decided to submit are so intent on denigrating those who will not submit.

Actually, I do understand -- the ones who will submit know who and what they really are, and it eats at them. Lashing out at their better is all they can do.


Stay low, keep moving.

Welshman said...

One thing is for sure, to echo your sentiments, there IS a fight a-comin'!

Anonymous said...

Time for a good old fashion "lynching" of the 2nd Circuit members and get some new ones that will interpret the laws instead of making new laws from the bench. Impeach them or shoot them. ether way get them off the bench!

Anonymous said...

Time for a good old fashion "lynching" of the 2nd Circuit members and get some new ones that will interpret the laws instead of making new laws from the bench. Impeach them or shoot them. ether way get them off the bench!