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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/21/07

Washington, DC (TLS). Here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Ohioans for Concealed Carry reports a shocking development--the Illinois State Police is now visiting the homes of gun rights activists! Looks like Big Brother is at work in Illinois:

Xavierthoughts has the complete story on the Jacksonville, Florida man who was fired for bearing arms while attempting to thwart a criminal shooting:

John Lott reports that a handgun permit holder stopped a robbery in Orlando, Florida:

Lott also blogs that senior adults feel safer when they carry guns:

SayUncle has info on what may be the very first gun-shot victim of the New World, the remains of whom was found in Peru:

A Keyboard and a .45 has some great info on guns and women...and a video that tells the story...women who carry are the safest from rapists:

Off topic a bit, The McCarville Report says that Charlie Cook of the National Journal has an assessment of Fred Thompson:

Again off topic, The Volokh Conspiracy has reason to believe that most Americans have become disinterested in politics:

Armed and Safe provides a late-breaking update on the gun shop protest this coming Saturday in Riverdale, Illinois:

Alphecca blogs on an alarming story from appears there is a strong move for gun control in that country, after centuries of resisting such efforts:

The Bitch Girls have a timely comment on the Jacksonville, Florida man who was fired for helping a neighbor who was shot:

Snowflakesinhell has an interesting item about the Daily News Update for the gun rights community...and as I said, I could never replace the fine work done by Gun Law News, but I am willing to provide this service since it is needed, if it is helpful to the community:


John R said...

These Second Amendment "round ups" are important, and one heck of a lot of work. Thanks for stepping forward and taking on this task.

Welshman said...


Thanks for your words of support. It just so happens that I have the time and the means to do it, as long as our community supports it.

Gun Law News was such a big part of keeping our community informed. I have missed his daily news reports on gun issues. And, since it appeared there was a need in light of his semi-retirement, I decided that I would do my part to meet that need.

Thanks again!
D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan