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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Getting into "Zero's" head

When "Zero" decided that he would do something that directly contradicted everything he had said on the subject for several years, it never occurred to him that dozens of videos were extant that showed him in a passionate display, claiming he "had no authority" by executive order to write, change, or delete laws Congress had passed. The thing is, what he said was 100 percent correct. The Constitution specifically forbids a president from engaging in legislation making, or changing, or repealing. That job falls to Congress alone. Even the Supreme Court lacks the authority to do these things (but don't tell John Roberts, or he'll have another blackout fit or something).

The reaction to Zero's dictatorial orders on immigration have run the gamut as expected. Some applaud him for ripping the Constitution to shreds. Others are attempting to find a way to nullify the act. And still others are calling for his head on the chopping block of the legal system as a consequence for engaging in unlawful actions.

But there won't be any impeachment or removal from office. Republicans are deathly afraid that such a thing would doom their chances of reclaiming the White House in 2016. And they are probably right. In today's political climate, the nation's first black president cannot be impeached under any circumstance whatsoever. To do so would be to commit political suicide. Thus, it ain't happening, so we had might as well not even talk about it. The nation's first black president has the country by the balls. Everyone knows it whether they admit it or not, and there is not one friggin' thing we can do to change it. He could hang a thousand patriots by executive order, and nothing would be done in the legal system or in Congress.

You think he doesn't know this? Of course he knows, and he is using it to his advantage. That is why I keep saying Zero is the most dangerous man in America. When you know you will not suffer any consequences of your actions, the temptation is simply too great to use that infinite power in a deadly fashion.

I expect the very worst....

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Rev. Paul said...

Sadly, I agree with your conclusion.