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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The other side

A heads up for my friends and readers here. Over at Drudge today there is an entire section on the other side of the Ebola debate. A significant number of medical and scientific experts on Ebola now say that the virus is much easier to transmit than previously thought.

In short, as all viruses, it mutates as it goes along, as it moved from the bush to the city in Africa, and as it moved from Africa to the United States and Europe. Some medical authorities say that it may now even be airborne...another reason not to trust the CDC, the UN, or the Obama Administration.
The Drudge Report.


Rev. Paul said...

The "experts" are wrong about something?

Say it ain't so! 'Cause that never happens ...

Welshman said...

lol--gub'mint is always right!

Anonymous said...

You are sick. Check back after the election, when all Tea party people start disappearing. We will all be laughing at your conspiracy theories that are so comical.

You, psychopath, are the one who is so very dangerous to the USA.

Welshman said...

Anonymous, this will be the first and last time you are allowed to put your drivel on my blog. But this time I decided to allow it for all to see. Now we all see how dumb, ignorant, and hateful you "progressives" really are.

There is no "conspiracy theory." A fact is not a theory. But you see, your ilk never can get that simple fact through your thick skulls.

Question -- how did you avoid making it out of the Neanderthal era to the modern age? Your thought processes are stuck back with Neanderthal man.

dej2 said...

So know we know that a high fever is not a definitive indicator of Ebola. The TSA using non-contact thermometers are no indicator of a person having Ebola. Someone can get the disease and still travel to the US and later develop Ebola symptoms. Now what if Muslim terrorist all infect themselves before boarding a flight to the US. No bombs strapped to them... just a dormant disease that they hope to infect a whole bunch of Americans... maybe visit a elementary school, or a shopping mall, they can spit at children, or just cut themselves with a knife and bleed everywhere... maybe just pee on people as they walk by. This administration is not done enough to protect the American people... they are either the dumbest or if they aren't dumb they are actively seeking to kill United States citizens and the end of the United States as we know it.