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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Citizens jailed on trumped up charges a foretaste of coming woes

Several trusted friends with significant contacts in the federal government have reported that they personally know of many citizens who are sitting in jail on trumped up charges, all the result of retaliatory actions on the part of the federal government. The reason? The only reasonable explanation is that the current administration and its enablers in Congress seem determined to punish those who run afoul of what the Washington elitists deem to be the politically correct manner of speaking and behaving in the new world order.  
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Anonymous said...

Citing a few cases for reader follow up research would go a long way in validating this article.

Welshman said...

There is the David Olofson case (,

The Eric Faden case (,

The Brian Kelly case (,

and many many more. These are only a very small tip of the iceberg.