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Monday, October 27, 2014

LIBERTY ALERT! Something brewing...

This is a special Liberty Alert.

Something is brewing in the vast American heartland in response to threats by Obama and a lame duck Democrat Congress to unleash the full force of lawlessness after the Nov. election and prior to the new Congress in Jan. of 2015.

Sources have stated that Obama intends to take full control over immigration by using the Executive Order to automatically naturalize multimillions of illegal aliens, unilaterally granting full citizenship to all who are in the country illegally. The action is designed to change the face of America from top to bottom, creating a permanent underclass that will make sure that for at least another 50 years and more Democrats will control all three branches of government.

But some are hinting at chatter being heard in various sectors indicating that any more shenanigans that remotely resembles such an action by Obama will result in open violence in the streets. The "civil unrest" would then become a full scale war.

While many patriots shudder to think of anyone on our side initiating such a war by firing the first shot, which most of us have condemned, the Stealth War would certainly take full advantage of the situation underground. None of those on our side would be interested in harming human life but in using stealth methods to thwart the plans of the leviathans. This can be done without taking to the streets to perpetrate violence. We are against violence. The Stealth War has always been about beating the statist leviathan by outsmarting him. There are ways to do this with regard to illegal aliens...with a little help from silent and secretive partners in government who detest working for this regime.

More about this tomorrow. But remember one thing, my friends. A vote for a Democrat in November is a vote for Harry Reid and Barack Obama. No matter who they are or what they claim to be, you cannot believe them. Even if they go to the same church you do. That means nothing in this day and age. If they vote for people who support illegal alien citizenship, abortion on demand, Obamacare, and a host of other illegal laws, then I don't care who they are. They are not one of us, and they do not believe in the ideals of the United States of America.

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Rev. Paul said...

Well said, sir.