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Sunday, October 26, 2014

And now a word from our friendly local insane asylum...

Insanity. Pure and simple. There are no other words adequate enough to describe it.

First, word came late today that the New York Times will have a front page story tomorrow proclaiming that Obamacare is a great success. Who or what in their right mind would make such an outlandish comment? Well, the NYT, that's who...proving again that the old gray lady is nothing but a left wing rag fit for the garbage can. It is the height of insanity, insensitivity, and outright cruelty to make such a claim when so many have endured hardship under the new healthcare plan implemented by worthless socialists. Obama said average families would save $2,500 on the plan. Instead, they are spending $2,500 MORE than before, PLUS copays that have skyrocketed through the roof. Some of our best doctors are hanging it up as well, either retiring or refusing to accept patients who have insurance or Medicare.

The NYT has but one reason for doing this. It is a mere week before the midterm elections, and they know that enough dumbed down collectivists and other Democrats will believe this bilge, spurring them on to get to the polls to vote.

I have ZERO respect for the Times or anyone who "thinks" like they do.

Second, Jeb Bush is apparently committed to running for president in 2016. Now, I know some of you believe this is wonderful news. Not me. We need another Bush in the White House like we need another Clinton. Neither would be acceptable at a time such as this. Jeb is no conservative. He will continue to throw open wide the floodgates to more illegal aliens than the country can handle. He has other major troubles that conservatives will complain to high heaven about as well. The GOP had best steer away from Jeb. Fair warning.

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Wraith said...

If it's not Jeb Bush, it'll be another statist in Republican clothing. This person will be nominated no matter how many actual conservatives are running, because the GOP establishment wants it that way. And once that's done, it won't make any difference who wins.

We're not voting our way out of this.