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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hello my dear readers, saints and sinners, patriots and vermin alike...

Well, hi. I hope you caught the humor in that title. That's the only reason I did it. I have no intention of addressing political vermin or sinners, at least not in this post. :)

I am writing to give my dear faithful readers and supporters an update on...well, me. I'm still here, hanging in, keeping up with the news and politics each day even though I am not writing about them at present. But today, I am compelled to come out of my cave for a bit.

There are somethings going on at the national level and the local level that need at least my small spotlight shining on them. I may not have any breaking news or anything new to report, but I am able to see patterns. I connect dots. Some would refer to me as a "political analyst," although I will be quick to say I never got a degree in political analysis (if there is such a thing). My insight comes by instinct and observation, having started early in life -- like at age 5 or 6 -- being tutored by family and friends of my family that loved the political debate. It wasn't long until I could hold my own with people much older than me. This was due solely to the time I put into reading, studying, and watching carefully the actions of politicians on TV, as well as listening to them on the radio.

So, having said that, I am sure some of the "progressive" elitists would debunk anything I have to say, which most do already, claiming that I am not an "authorized political analyst." But, considering that those who are "authorized" tend to be some of the most extremist neo-Marxists in America who engage in "advocacy journalism" on behalf of Obama, Clinton, and scores of other elitists who hate the Constitution, I have concluded that I did not miss anything by passing up majoring in political science or journalism. My majors were in different fields, but I have observed that anyone with a solid, well-rounded classic education can do the work of a journalist and political analyst with no problem. Walter Cronkite, for example, was a history major.

All of this is leading up to telling you that I will probably have a new article for Examiner to post later this evening. It all depends. But at least I am working on it. But I am going to need your help in spreading it. The Examiner still adheres to the old, tired, worn out, obsolete method of paying its writers on the basis of how many read it. This is not a "per click" method. You can only be counted once per day. That cuts down on the worthless clicking and encourages visitors to the site to actually read the article in question. I appreciate your help in this matter.

I will return later when the writing is done.

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