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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Tyranny watch: "We won't be able to vote ourselves out of this"

The reason that the upcoming election will not correct the present state of affairs is that Obama and his ilk have already stacked the deck against any and all opposition. Open your mouth against him, and you are automatically a racist. Tell him he is wrong, and he will tar you as evil. Try to impeach him for his crimes, and he will put his vast political machine in the media, the Democratic Party, and academia to work to discredit you with every known method of character assassination available. Democrats in the Senate will refuse to act to bring decency and integrity back into the process and instead will ascribe to you every known evil known to man, including casting you as a homegrown terrorist. All of their integrity is gone. All of it. Their only goal is to shove the Obama agenda down our throats before they get ousted.
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