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Monday, July 07, 2014

Secure the border, implement moratorium on immigration

...As it stands now immigration policy is a hodgepodge of disarray in which some laws are enforced and others are ignored, mainly to suit the political objectives of the White House and the Party that placed him there. The chaos took a dramatic turn when all at once, out of the blue, busloads of illegal aliens began showing up just over the southern border, inundating small towns and Border Patrol agents with a pitiful yet dangerous mass of humanity that has placed all Americans at risk.

These persons are being shipped out all over America. The diseases they brought with them are being spread throughout America. And the children that are being used as human shields are a cover for human slave traffickers that have also crossed into the country at the southern border, along with members of dangerous and deadly drug cartels.

And what is being done by the Obama Administration and the Democrats who control the Senate? Not much. These immigrants represent thousands of new voters for the Democratic Party...
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1 comment:

Stretch said...

"Fundamentally change America"

He didn't try to hide what he was planning.