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Sunday, July 06, 2014

It ain't gonna happen

Well, I had the best of intentions to post my new Examiner article tonight. But it ain't gonna happen. I still have to put finishing touches on it. So, it will be tomorrow instead.

But I felt compelled to write a short piece about the border situation. The Feds are sending in riot gear and specialists to crush the protesters against illegal immigration. I also learned today that Charlotte, N.C., which is not that far from where I live, is one of the main depositories of illegal aliens that our lawless government is allowing in the country with little or no restrictions. The word is that many if not most of Charlotte's public schools are now dominated by immigrants, and most of those are illegal immigrants.

The Obama administration's claim that none of this is any threat to the health and well being of American citizens is merely one more of Obama's lies. News also comes that a U.S. Border Patrol agent contracted scabies after having contact with the sick children the drug cartels and human slave traffickers are using as human shields.

Several militia groups are headed for the border to fight to secure it. Thus, a scenario is developing in which armed Federal agents will be pitted against armed citizens. Somehow this time I don't think the Feds will back down as they did at the Bundy ranch. They have to save face, and they have to "prove" to decent citizens who adhere to the Constitution that they don't have to abide by the law, that the law is whatever they say it is at the time, and that citizens must obey if they value their lives.

But let me say this loud and clear to every armed government agent: it ain't gonna happen. We are not going to back down in our efforts to secure that border. You should have been doing this all along, but you decided not to enforce immigration laws. If you don't have to abide by the law, then neither do we. And you must realize that if you fire a single shot at a citizen near the border because that citizen is trying to restore the rule of law, then you will have started a civil war. You had best rethink your tactics here, or face dire consequences.

I am not threatening anyone. Not at all. I issue these warnings as factual information so as to avoid civil war. Government agents need to know that they are about to engage in something deadly if they follow through with this tyranny.

It's time to close the borders in order to clean up the mess, and it is time to refuse to accept any form of lawlessness on the part of the administration. How can illegal aliens become "good citizens" when their very first act in entering the country illegally is a crime? If they don't obey our immigration laws, why should we believe that they will follow the law on anything else?


Anonymous said...

I was unaware that Charlotte was a 'drop-off' point for these illegals. Im not too far from there and I know they will spread in every direction. Were already inundated, here, in Wilkes Co and Im certain it will worsen. The days of this country are numbered. Civil war, revolution, economic collapse, etc, etc...weve been sold out from within. Kruschev was correct. Semper Fi

Welshman said...

Inderstand that I have not seen it myself, I have not investigated it using trusted contacts. Presently with all my eye problems I have had to rely on second hand info that sometimes turns out to be false. But I do know for a fact that schools in Charlotte are overwhelmed with immigrants, most of whom are illegals. So, my question would be, where did these illegal aliens come from? Somebody had to transport them there.