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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Off the cliff

Just to pass along to you vital information, it appears the elitist ruling class of Washington, D.C. has just taken us over the cliff. Statements that have been made by officials in high places in the regime (and the wannabees) leave no doubt that we are now in a collectivist society and the fact that we can still own property is only a matter of priority.

CBS News reported last evening that the father of a slain youth in California has come to D.C. and "breathed new life" into the gun control movement (their words, not mine). Naturally the man is grieving the loss of his son, but apparently he wants to force his fellow citizens to pay the penalty for the loss, especially if they are gun owners.

And then Hillary Clinton referred to those of us who believe in the Second Amendment as "terrorists." She said that a "minority" of Americans wish to "terrorize" the majority who obviously want gun control. Uh, I think that b*tch has it backwards. She wishes to terrorize the majority of Americans who believe that the Constitution protects our right to keep and bear firearms. She and her ilk are Commie-Nazis.

The next item for your consideration is that DHS has now become a civilian army to be used against American citizens. Several other agencies of the executive branch are in on it, but DHS has the most ammo and weaponry in its arsenal.

Have you ever been aware of an American government that so hates its own citizens?

Next , Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan hinted in a gun case ruling that it is now time for gun registration. How many of you are one bit surprised? We knew as soon as BARACK OBAMA appointed someone to the bench, it didn't matter who, they would turn out to be among the most extremist subversives the country has ever seen serving on the Supreme Court. Mark Levin was 100 percent right on this one. The people need an amendment to the Constitution that allows us to get rid of tyrannical judges on the Supreme Court. I vote we oust Kagan first. She has been a trainwreck ever since she took her seat on that august body we now call "the black robbed scoundrels." Give them another few years and they will finish off the Second Amendment as a vital part of the Constitution.

And as if that were not enough, the IRS shenanigans has expanded to multiple personnel, including senior level management, who wished to oppress, harass, and disenfranchise conservatives and Tea Party members. This "I lost all of the emails just in the period Congress wants to investigate" has only one motivation -- to obstruct justice. Now that Lois Lerner's superiors were also involved means that this scandal is much broader and much more ominous than anyone thought. The Obama administration is going after conservatives with a vengeance, and he is using the most dreaded federal agency to do so -- the IRS. The whole thing needs to be abolished, period. Implement a consumption tax, eliminate all income taxes, all capital gains taxes, and nix the marriage tax, the death tax, etc, etc. The government has shown us it cannot be trusted with our money and information. So strip it down to nothing. Fire every single IRS worker. We need nothing but the Treasury Dept. to collect the national sales taxes collected by the states.

I have also become aware that progressive/collectivist/Commie=Nazis are now openly calling for war, literal war, on conservatives. Radio hosts and their guests, liberal columnists, and so forth, have called for the U.S. government to bring out the heavy artillery to confiscate guns and haul gun owners to concentration camps so they can "rot in hell." They had best be careful of what they say. Their worst nightmare will come back to haunt them tenfold. So, you sorry arsed Commie-Nazis, bring it on. We are ready for you.

Just what the hell do you think we have been doing all of this preparation for over the last half dozen years?

Count me out of this regime and its Commie-Nazi program for America. I don't want your healthcare. I don't want your banking system. I will deal in cash only. I don't want your climate change lies and faux "solutions." In fact, I don't want anything about you at all. If you want to take away my rights, then you are nothing but my enemy, not my friend. You decided you were my enemy when you decided you wanted to walk all over my individual rights. So why don't you go get yourself cactus-jacked and get the hell out of my face!!

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