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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 3/25/2014

Mike Vanderboegh updates us on David Codrea's health status. He's been out since last Friday after having collapsed at his home. He was hospitalized but has now returned home. Mike has more on that. In addition, Mike has had more of his own health issues.   Keep them both in your prayers.

Kurt Hofmann issues a warning to the gun-grabbers concerning a matter that I will guarantee you they have not thought about -- liability.

WRSA provides a link to a list of abuses for which Barack Obama is guilty straight from the Declaration of Independence itself.

Karl Denninger has another example of how the public schools are no place for our children and youth to be. Parents should pull them all out now and focus on either homeschooling or private schools. I wouldn't send my dog to a public school. Besides, he's smarter than most of the teachers and administrators.

Tam shares some biting commentary on the Sunday morning news shows, one in particular, that got her blood boiling.

Way Up North posts a photo remembrance of the 1964 earthquake in Alaska that registered 9.2 on the scale. Amazing photos.

Traction Control informs us of all of his additions to his gun store inventory, as of today.

The Wandering Minstrel has a very interesting must-read on the Founding Fathers and gun rights. Don't miss it because this gets right down to the heart of the matter.

Stand Up America provides the plausible terror connection between the Malaysian airliner and radical Muslim extremists. Remember, even if the plane is way down south in the southern Indian Ocean, that still does not explain ANY of why it happened. And we know Malaysia and Indonesia in particular are both hotbeds of radicalized Islam.

Nicki blasts WaPo over yet another editorial claiming that guns are a "health issue." I have already decided that if I encounter any doctor who tries to make this a health issue, he/she will be reported to the examining board, not to mention that I will make it clear in no uncertain terms that I think they are nothing more than voodoo snake oil artists who should not have a license to practice medicine.

Brigid blogs on the Bersa .380 and provides a thorough evaluation of its effectiveness and suitability.

Golden Geese News declares that everywhere Obama goes he costs people money. One could safely say that about Michelle too.

Days of our Trailers gives us the latest from Chicago and its determination to continue with more and more gun restrictions.

CLO provides us with good reason to cheer for Idaho.

Pamela Geller comments on the Vatican's recent statement that the Obama regime has been increasingly hostile toward Christian civilization. Finally, somebody gets it and is willing to say it!

Alphecca has the latest update on the church in New York that raffled off an AR-15. The media up there went bonkers. And continues to do so.

Gateway Pundit shares the perfect reason why we should never believe a word that comes out of the mainstream media. Look at this chart, and then keep scrolling for the real eyeopening chart. Unemployment is easing, you say? Horse ca ca.

Squeaks provides some words of advice about gun owners and places of business that won't allow guns.

The Smallest Minority posts a thorough, must-read treatise on the fact that we no longer have rights in this country and that the average citizens commits three felonies a day. Yeah, I know that no man can negate a natural right, but they can sure remove Constitutional protections from it. That means they can target ANY of us whenever they want, and charge us with any number of felonies we unwittingly committed.

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