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Monday, February 17, 2014

I couldn't have dreamt of anything better...

Well, the infamous "Government Motors," formerly known as "GM," has struck again.

After taking billions of our tax dollars and placing it in the hands of the UAW (which is almost as bad as forcing me to fund the various Marxist education unions such as the NEA), the company has had great difficulty in its justifying its existence given the poor quality of its products.

Remember the Volt?

Well, now the company's woes have infested NASCAR in the very first race of the season over the weekend, in the leadup to the famous Daytona 500 this coming weekend.

NASCAR has used various vehicles from various companies as its "pace car" -- the vehicle that gets the drivers started around the track just prior to the waving of the official green flag which signals the start of the race.

Now, NASCAR has used the Toyota Camry, the Ford Fusion, and others as the pace car in the past. This time it used a Chevy...or, as I describe them, "the Obamamobile."

As the Obamamobile led the drivers around the track leading up to the green flag, it....well....burst into flames. Take a look at the link.

True story. Priceless. 

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