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Monday, February 17, 2014

Compelled to speak...

OK, I feel compelled to at least say something about "Presidents Day." I will make it brief.

First, the authorization was for this holiday to commemorate the birthday of George Washington. Lincoln had nothing to do with it. It was not and was never supposed to be "Presidents Day" that commemorated both Washington and Lincoln. So, I don't recognize the holiday very much. This is George Washington's Birthday, period.

Second, the 20th century has not been very kind to us with regard to occupants of the Oval Office. Only two were worthy of the office, along with a small group of others who did a fair job although their worthiness is in question.

The two who were worthy of the office are Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan. Most of the others were, frankly, an embarrassment. I don't give a damn for Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson (one of the most wicked men ever to occupy the White House), FDR (another decidedly wicked man), or Lyndon Johnson (probably the most vile creature ever to slither behind the desk of the Oval Office).

Add in a few others, such as Herbert Hoover, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton, and what you have is a century of the marked decline of the American Republic, based upon the individuals the citizens chose to serve as President.

And so far, the 21st century is even worse. We start off with George W. Bush, topped off by two terms of the worst scourge in American history, Barack H. Obama.

Welcome to hell.

So NO, I am not big fan of "Presidents Day" since few have reached the Constitutional standard set by Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Madison .


Liberty Card said...

C'mon man. Both 41 and 43 handled the challenges they faced well, and proved the uselessness, nay DANGER, of cooperating with the Liberal agenda.

Welshman said...

Bull. 41 had always been an eastern establishment elitist. He remained one after he became president. The only saving grace for him was that in exchange for Reagan putting him on the ticket in 1980, he had to agree to stop spouting the BS. He did. He fully supported the Reagan agenda at great personal cost, although it probably gave him the ticket to the White House.

43 laid the groundwork for gov't expansionism, gov't spying on citizens, and other encroachments inherent to the patriot act.

In fact, 43 was responsible for the FALSE notion of a "big government conservative." There AIN'T no such thing!! And since 43 was big gov't, he was no real conservative.

Rev. Paul said...

I agree with your assessment, sir. The Progressive movement has very nearly destroyed the representative democracy that the Founders envisioned, and there only seem to be two or three officials at the federal level who care about that.

Anonymous said...

This wopuld be why they are called neo cons, and not Conservatives...