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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Dana Loesch confronts ABC anchors on anti-gun hit piece

“I mean if we’re going to be afraid of things, let’s be afraid of that which actually exists in reality, not some pistol boogeyman born of a gun phobia.”

These were the words of conservative radio commentator and Fox and Blaze TV contributor Dana Loesch Friday as she took on the blatantly anti-gun anchors of ABC News.

ABC News aired a special report Friday evening called "Young Guns," which examined the issue of guns in America within the context of children who are injured or killed each year by persons with firearms. ABC anchors Diane Sawyer and David Muir presented a slanted report as is often the case with the mainstream media.
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Anonymous said...

Re-blogged this one Anthony, just way too good not to steal! LOL!

Welshman said...

Ok, my friend, just be sure to link to the original article at the Examiner. Thanks!