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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Back from the off the grid wilderness

Ok, I'm back from my unexpected break from the world of algore's Internets.

It's amazing as to how much you can find out by just spending time with people under the radar.

More about that perhaps today.

In the meantime, "gird your loins" as the Bible says and get ready. I see 2014 as a very rocky year on many fronts. I know we all hear news reports each day now that indicate more people are getting jobs, a recovery is not only underway but beginning to accelerate, and things are looking better.

My assessment? It's all smoke and mirrors. There are too many things the government can do to skew such numbers. They don't count people who have given up in despair trying to find a job. They don't count inflation in food prices, over the counter medication prices, or gasoline prices. All of this is very convenient for Leviathan con artists in both Parties.

But what I hear concerning the rocky road ahead involves growing danger from al Qaeda, despite Obama's repeated assertions that he had all but obliterated the organization. Funny how that terrorist group that no longer exists re-took the city of Fallujah in Iraq.

The Middle East is a powderkeg waiting to blow up at any time. Hillary and Obama created such a mess in the region that World War III could well be sparked at any time.

And then there are growing threats from China and Russia who sense America's weakness and our vacuum in adequate leadership at the top. All of this is not to mention that growing threat from right here in the homeland from tyrants who want to disarm us, take away our freedom to choose our own doctor, what we eat, what we drive, etc, etc.

As bad as the employment/economy status is, those things pale in comparison to the grave dangers from tyrants in our own government who wish to roll back the unalienable rights of the people.

Eternal vigilance is more necessary than ever.   

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