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Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 11/7/2013

Kurt Hofmann calls our attention to something that has the anti-gun statists alarmed.

Mike Vanderboegh says that the "American Iron Curtain" is falling on the United States.

From the War on Guns: "Third World Hellhole Checklist."

WRSA posts the quote of the day from George Orwell.

The Twisters issue a timely warning and a reminder that we cannot, we MUST not, fall for the lies of government. We MUST not be that gullible, although that lesson often falls on deaf ears.

Stand Up America reports that atheist leftist billionaire George Soros is now officially on the Hillary bandwagon. This is not surprising given that he put up the funds to start the infamous, subversive Center for American Progress as a think-tank just for Hillary.

Tam blogs on hybrid gun holsters. She's not impressed.

Squeaks writes of her own personal experience with the current healthcare debacle and her struggles with Lyme Disease.

Oleg Volk evaluates what I call "the itty bitty gun" -- the Boberg XR9. Plenty of good photos. 

Gateway Pundit has a clip from the Country Music Awards last night during which Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley let it be known in no uncertain terms what they think of Obamacare. I love it.

Every Blade of Grass provides some info on the meteor shower that many U.S. citizens have seen in recent days. I read where there's even more to come.

Days of our Trailers reports the straight scoop on the gun columnist who was fired over at Guns and Ammo Magazine. 

Pamela Geller says that Ireland is now marking goods from Israel with a yellow sticker. Now folks, I know enough about history to know that Nazis in Europe forced Jews to wear yellow stars for public identification and humiliation -- before they killed them. Ireland can kiss my royal arse.

Alphecca notes that gun sales are now dropping after a six year run during which the industry saw its best sales in history. Now, if this means most Americans now have everything they need, well and good. But if there is some other reason, then it is not so good.

Roberta X blogs on the fact that Politico has now discovered gun-friendly talk radio.

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