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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 11/14/2013

In the Middle of the Right notes that Obama has relented and will now "allow" citizens to keep the plans and doctors they like...for a little while longer. Well, gee, thanks, Mein Fuhrer.

Borepatch declares, "It's not surveillance of people they think are guilty. It's surveillance of people they think are innocent."

The Constitution Coalition says that despite the pleas of veterans, a school board has steadfastly refused to allow the daily reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Molly Minute explains how to shoot a revolver.

From 90 Miles from Tyranny: "It's time to put a face on Obamacare."

NW Guns and Gear provides a gun review and a video.

The Daily Smug shares an Obamacare horror story along with the video that goes with it. A must-see.

Give Me Liberty notes that the Washington Post has published an anti-Thanksgiving screed that is becoming all too common among the MSM and those committed to historical revisionism.

Shall Not Be Questioned provides an interesting piece on "running against the SAFE Act in N.Y."

David Codrea reports that "prohibited persons" are qualifying as Obamacare navigators.

Nicki comments on the question, "What is this personal responsibility you speak of?"

Traction Control says that a Texas Republican has drawn up the Articles of Impeachment against Eric Holder.

The Wandering Minstrel declares that guns are the best insurance policy.

Mike Vanderboegh explains why we as Americans have crossed a critical line where we can no longer "just get along." The issues are too volatile and the forces of statism are too intent to rob fellow citizens of their rights and freedoms. In other words, how on earth can I get along with you if you want to take my gun, my freedom to choose my own doctor and health plan, muzzle my right to free speech, and force me to eat stuff I don't like just because you think it is "good for me?" We can never be friends if that is your attitude toward my freedoms. Now, when you decide to leave me the hell alone and live your own life and stop trying to meddle in mine, then perhaps we can be friends. Got it?

Kurt Hofmann muses that the blame game has reached ridiculous proportions. Some are now claiming that the NRA is to blame for Americans rejecting the "junk touching" going on by perverted TSA officials at airports. The NRA??? Gosh.

Pamela Geller reports the shocking news that the world's largest publisher of children's textbooks have summarily removed Israel from its maps of the Middle East.

Gateway Pundit says that even some Democrats are slamming Obama's "fix" for Obamacare he announced late today, stating that "he's just creating chaos." Folks, don't be fooled by O's "fix." Most of those policies are gone with the wind, never to return due to the cold, hard facts of doing business. Plus, O cannot force states or insurance companies to re-offer any plan. This was nothing but a political stunt, pure and simple.

WRSA provides food for thought on the notion that tyranny can be stopped without violence. Read it all, and think.

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