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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to my much-appreciated friends and readers.

I wish I could say that Thanksgiving this year is a happy one for the country and for us as individual citizens, but I cannot. That would be a lie.

While I have much to be thankful for, this year there is very little to have any gratitude about when it comes to the nation. We have been bombarded with one of the worst attacks on our liberties since our founding.

Our freedom to make our own choices about our own healthcare has been severely restricted. Our freedom to self-defense with firearms is being attacked as never before. Our freedom to private property has been restricted by an EPA that takes the attitude that they have ultimate authority over your own houses and lands, implementing edicts, orders, and regulations that were never approved by our elected representatives. Our freedom to live in a land where there are no dictators who are unaccountable has been extremely hampered by a president and an executive branch, and a Supreme Court, that thinks they are above the law. Obama rules by executive fiat, executive orders that were never intended by our Framers to be used as a substitute for actions of the legislative branch of government.

Criminal behavior on the part of government officials has been rewarded. Cold blooded murder has been excused in the Fast and Furious fiasco and the Benghazi debacle.

So no, I am NOT thankful to my country this year. I am ashamed it has taken a turn toward tyranny. A few more years of this, and we will be where Castro took Cuba, where Chairman Mao took China, and where Hitler took Germany.

But I AM thankful for what few freedoms we have left. I am thankful for patriots who realize that the country is not synonymous with those who occupy its government. I deplore Obama and the leadership in Congress, and the Supreme Court. This does not mean I do not love my country. I love my country as it was intended to be by our Framers. What we now have is a rogue government that routinely engages in illegal behavior. It is increasingly dangerous to any citizen who wishes to live free.

I am thankful to God for His ultimate power and authority. That no government is to be obeyed if that obedience requires us to disobey HIS principles, which begin with freedom. Jesus said, "If the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed." Think about ALL of the ramifications of that statement spiritually, psychologically, socially, and politically. Any government or entity that seeks to enslave human beings and remove their rights, their freedoms, etc, is rebelling against God Himself, who intended that ALL of his creation be FREE. That makes the current purveyors of more and more gov't restrictions and limitations on our rights are PURE EVIL. I am not thankful for a single one of them.

But I AM thankful for our heritage, for a time when America as a whole had some rationality and intelligence rather than the current brainwashed bilge that permeates the country. I am thankful that patriots will stand firm against tyranny no matter who or what seeks to spread it.

And I am thankful for my Mother, God rest her soul, for all she taught me, my grandparents, great-grandparents, and others in my family. And I am thankful that even at my age, I still have my Dad.

This only scratches the surface, but these are the things that are on my mind this Thanksgiving. I do hope your Thanksgiving is a meaningful one as you meditate on important matters. Our future as a country depends on it.

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Rev. Paul said...

Have a happy Thanksgiving nonetheless, sir, and remember that God's not done with us yet!

Welshman said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, my brother!