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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Too dangerous to own a gun?

Gun control advocates who believe in the complete, universal disarmament of ordinary citizens rarely state up front their ultimate goal. But in various ways the agenda slips out in speeches, statements made off guard, and a general attitude of hostility to anyone who carries a gun or believes citizens have a right to do so.

Barack Obama has made it clear on at least two separate occasions that if he had the votes in Congress he would ban all guns in America, particularly the handgun, which is the preferred choice of most citizens as a self-defense weapon.

Other collectivists have made similar statements, many of whom came out of the woodwork following the Newtown shooting.

But the problem is that as a matter of strategy most among the anti-gun activists are smart enough to know that it is highly problematic to be honest enough with the public to let them know of their ultimate goal.

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Neil Schnurr said...

An excellent post. I have always said that these people never state there true intentions and usually only do so by accident. Here is one of my posts about it.
I am putting up a link to your blog. Check out mine
I hope you find it worthy of having a link on yours.

Welshman said...

Thanks for reading. And thanks for the link. I will check out your blog when I get a minute.

Welshman said...

Ok, Neil, got your blog listed in the left column under "Blogs." Good job. And welcome aboard!