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Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 5/2/2013

Kurt Hofmann writes that Hollywood has shown up too late to the party in realizing the dangers inherent in gun control.

WRSA presents a must-read on Communism. Read it carefully. Take it in. Send it to someone who is ignorant of these facts.

David Codrea reports that the ATF is already looking for ways to cut off ammunition imports in order to limit what consumers can buy.

Mike Vanderboegh says he is making preparations now for Colorado civil disobedience and is accepting donations of magazines that violate Colorado's new law.

Speaking of Colorado, CLO has news that should get your blood boiling. The tyrants who passed the anti-gun laws are now seeking to SILENCE gun owners from defending the right to keep and bear arms. Read it and ACT.

CNS reports the latest news on the continuing saga concerning the Boy Scouts of America and the pressure they are getting to change their policy to allow homosexuals. A tidbit of info--as a private organization the Boy Scouts can set any policy they want. But special interest groups threaten to withhold funding from them unless they change the current policy.

The Blaze says that the Treasury Dept. is going to pay down a tiny portion of the national debt for the first time since 2007. The devil is in the details, however, and some are skeptical.

Way Up North posts a letter written by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, addressed to the Jewish Ledger. Read it all.

Brigid muses on a piece of history -- the Walther P1 pistol. Walther, of course, is one of the oldest gun manufacturers in the world.

Standing By warns that we are just one killing spree away from sweeping new gun control laws. The anti-gun bigots will unleash everything in their arsenal, dancing in the blood of the victims, to make sure ordinary gun owners are to blame and thus are to be punished for what criminals do.

Alphecca reports the results of a survey that indicates 1/3 of Americans believe armed revolution is coming soon.

Around O-Town notes that since the PC nonsense prevents the powers that be from defining the real terrorists, DHS has to make stuff up to maintain their making training videos that depict American gun owners as terrorists.

Days of our Trailers shows us how a "smarmy assed anti-gun advocate" who thought he had pulled a "gotcha" wound up instead getting b*itchslapped.

Karl Denninger notes two public school cases, one in Florida and the other in North Carolina, that led him to blacklist both in terms of hiring and patronage. Be sure to read this!

Ready to get outraged even more? Pamela Geller says she has been banned from speaking in public in Canada about terrorism, but the country has given the green light for terrorists to say whatever they want. This is increasingly coming to America, folks, and if your head is still in the sand about free speech, you had best lift it up now or else you will find yourself living in a completely different U.S. in a few short years. We are almost there already. And it must be stopped by any means necessary.

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