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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 5/13/2013

Mike Vanderboegh points to a most interesting read focusing on the fact that the gun control movement is fueled by hate. It has nothing to do with "saving children."

Kurt Hofmann notes that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has suddenly decided that 3-D printable guns are all hype. They weren't saying that just a few weeks ago.

Want to see a perfect example of the "hope and change" of gun control? David Codrea says look no further than Egypt, and you will find it.

WRSA has an important message you need to see -- "you are not alone."

Way Up North posts the Alaska Digest for those of you who, like me, enjoy keeping up with what's going on in our northernmost state.

Standing By recommends a new book that he says is essential reading concerning gun rights.

Nicki adds her commentary to the Adam Kokesh armed march into D.C. on July 4.

John Jacob H lists the military officers who took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution but yet so far have remained totally silent on Benghazi. Whatever happened to "leave no soldier behind?"

Golden Geese News provides an interesting read on how government effects our personal lives, from the perspective of one citizen who has a message to convey.

Folks, our thoughts and prayers need to go out for Jim over at Every Blade of Grass. Jim suffered a heart attack Friday night and had three stents put in yesterday. He is doing well.

Days of our Trailers reports some good news for a change on the availability of ammunition.

Pamela Geller says that although Detroit is going bankrupt and their money woes are only getting worse, apparently they have enough money to fight her pro-Israel ad campaign.

Around O-Town has the scoop on the Saudi Muslim who was arrested at the Detroit airport carrying the type of pressure cooker used in the Boston massacre several weeks ago.

This is disgusting and highly troubling. Alphecca says that the Boston bombing suspect has become a star-like heart throb for teenage girls. I swear, I know I am old fashioned, but if children do stuff like this and glorify vermin, they belong in reform school doing hard labor.

Stand Up America provides the full report on "Extortion 17" -- the loss of American heroes in Afghanistan only to have a Muslim Imam damn them to hell in the official ceremony.

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