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Saturday, November 17, 2012

An Urgent Message of Utmost Importance

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Martin Christian Ministries.


Doctor fired for opposing ObamaCare

The Examiner has learned that Dr. Barbara Bellar, whose video of a speech she gave against ObamaCare went viral, has been fired by the medical center at which she worked, MetroSouth Medical Center of Chicago, Ill.

Bellar served as chair of the ethics committee at MetroSouth.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

If ever there were any doubt Geraldo Rivera is a boneheaded numbskull...

...definitive proof was provided tonight when he appeared on Bill O'Reilly.

I watched because Bill was gone and Greg Gutfeld filled in.

Geraldo actually gave moral and ethical cover to Eric Holder in the Fast and Furious scandal and the Benghazi scandal. Enough said.

He is either a fool, mentally ill, a liar, or a boneheaded numbskull. I choose all of the above.

Rivera is nothing more than a tabloid Jerry Springer style talk show host who masquerades as a journalist. I remember his Jerry Springer type show very well. He got his nose broke when a guest sent a chair sailing across the stage right into Geraldo's face.

He is still just as big a joke today.

Petraeus indicates Obama, Rice lied

Gen. David Petraeus, one of the most highly decorated men in the military and one of the most highly respected figures in Washington among both political Parties, testified to Congress today that both President Obama and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice lied to the public when they quickly mobilized an effort just after the Benghazi attacks to deceive the public into thinking that the attacks were motivated by an obscure anti-Islamic film.

Petraeus testified that immediately his agency, the CIA, knew that the attacks were perpetrated by organized terrorists with connections to al Qaeda, and that this information was well known at the White House, the State Department, and the Department of Defense.

But someone, somehow changed the talking points used by Rice when she appeared on five Sunday news shows to claim that no terrorism was linked to the attack but that the murders of four U.S. personnel at the consulate in Benghazi were due to "spontaneous protests over a film made in the U.S. that insults the prophet Muhammad."

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And by the way, after 10 days and counting...

It's 10 days and counting since the 2012 presidential election, and I STILL firmly believe that if you voted for Barack Obama and Democrats in the Senate and House, you are an idiot, an imbecile, a moron, that is, unless you are demon possessed.

And I still think you are beneath contempt.

Well well well, Obama lies again

Unemployment spiked sharply in the first report after the election. Surprise surprise. The rate jumped four tenths of a percent, the highest spike in 20 years.

All of us who knew the real numbers knew that this would happen, just as we knew that the false 7.8% number the Labor Dept. rolled out just before the election was a lie as well. They had to get Obama elected first before the truth came out.

Gee, sort of sounds like Benghazi.

But listen to what the Obama team is saying about the large spike in unemployment. It's all Hurricane Sandy's fault. I kid you not.

Now, as irrational and illogical and laughable as that explanation is, it makes perfect sense to the imbeciles who now form the majority of the electorate. They are so dumb they will accept any explanation from Obama, no matter how wild or unbelievable. He could say that little green men that came from one of Saturn's moons caused it, and his minion imbeciles would believe it.

And what's even funnier is that Hurricane Katrina was infinitely worse than Sandy, yet its effect on the unemployment rate in 2005 was negligible. Over 2000 people lost their lives--far more than Sandy, yet Katrina had ZERO effect on joblessness.

In addition, the figures show that new jobless claims in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut were either only slightly higher or LOWER, such as in New York. So much for telling the truth.

But then, people with an IQ only slightly higher than that of a moron are smart enough to know from past experience that no truth will ever come out of this administration.  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What If...

What if Senator Lindsey "Grahamnesty" Graham, Senator John "McAmnesty" McCain, and Congressman Dana Rohrabacker had gotten as indignant over Fast and Furious as they are now about Benghazi?

I mean, Benghazi is very very bad. But Fast and Furious is even worse. But nary word from any of these faux Republicans on it.

Could it be because they are soft on gun rights?

Why, yes! And Graham, don't roll out your high rating from the NRA. Their rating is meaningless since they often support the liberty-killers such as Senator Tester and Senator Reid.

The 2A News Roundup--Top Ten for Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

David Codrea notes that Donald Trump talks and sounds like he is becoming a friend of the Second Amendment, if he's sincere.

WRSA is convinced that soon liberty oriented websites and blogs will "go dark." Either by choice or by force. Or, we may lose the electricity necessary to continue. Here, he provides some ideas on how to communicate in certain eventualities.

Kurt Hofmann says that Illinois gun owners who wish to secede from the union may have it backwards. Interesting read!

The War on Guns provides a Mike Vanderboegh health update. Keep him in your prayers.

Tam has a Chuck Woolery video on "assault weapons."

Way Up North offers full background and explanation on a new bill in the Senate that has gun owners up in arms. Senator Tester, who got an A- from the NRA, believe it or not, is pushing it. Gun Owners of America condemns it AND the Senator, as they should. Once again, the NRA shows its true colors as a sham and a disgrace to our liberties.

Pamela Geller provides the latest updates on the current war going on in Israel and Gaza, that seems to be spreading throughout the Middle East. This is Geller's area of expertise. Read it for the truth.

John Jacob H posts a must-read cautionary tale--"Civilization Fail."

The New York Liberty Report has gone dark since election day. Their last post tells the story. Take a look.

Standing By discusses the subject of pistols in church. Good reading.

Massive backlash against ObamaCare begins

Going into the 2012 presidential election many business owners had the hope that President Obama would be denied a second term and that Republicans would take control of the U.S. Senate, thus insuring that the ObamaCare law would be repealed. Those hopes were dashed by the election results.

But business owners who are already hurting from four years of the worst economy since the Great Depression are not willing to give up so easily in attempting to save their businesses from possible bankruptcy. A massive backlash has begun against ObamaCare, which the business owners say is driving up the cost of doing business, making it impossible to make a profit, and forcing them to lay off workers and roll back hours for employees.

A Denny's franchise owner in Florida announced today his intention of adding a 5 percent "ObamaCare surcharge" to all sales...

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Obama must be doing cartwheels in Oval Office over Petraeus scandal

The ever broadening Petraeus scandal, which is rife with twists and turns that have become the envy of the most seasoned script writers for soap operas, has been a great blessing to the Obama White House.

While the country obsesses over extra marital affairs, emails, secrets, and scandalous gossip about the personal lives of the persons involved, the focus has shifted away from the Benghazi scandal, Syrian and Gaza missiles bombarding Israel, numerous reports of voter fraud, 23 states that have sent petitions since election day to the White House to secede from the union, and the Fast and Furious scandal that still threatens to unravel several top agencies of the federal government.

Obama must be doing cartwheels in the Oval Office. What a grand gift has been laid in his lap...

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Musings After Midnight--A Week After America Lost Its Freakin' Mind, I am Feeling Better but Doing Much Worse

Good evening, my good friends. Welcome to another session of these fireside chats via the Internet. Tonight, although I am not one to encourage anyone to drink, you may need some strong brew for what I have to say this evening.

So, you might want to break out the Scotch, the Vodka, or the Sake. What I have to present to you will quickly sober you up from a stupor.

Someone asked me today how I am doing a week after America lost its freakin' mind and reelected a dangerous fool to office, and even sent back to Congress his enablers who are just as dangerous for the country as he is. I responded by saying that I am feeling better but doing much worse. I am more pessimistic about the future of this nation than I was a week ago.

This election has hit me very hard, and I mean VERY hard. I was certain that most Americans still had their heads screwed on straight, that when presented with the facts they would see through the lies, the smokescreens, the duplicity, and the deception and oust the thugs from the White House and Congress. Little did I know that the Marxist Progressives now have the majority, albeit a very slim one, in this country. The Constitution is no longer the ultimate law of the land. The law is whatever the charlatan in the White House, or the rogue Supreme Court, or the joke of a Congress, say it is. They now have no restraint on their power. Their authority is absolute and unbridled. The clear limitations placed on their power by the Constitution are ignored.

This time, no one has a viable excuse. The truth was proclaimed loud and clear about who and what Obama really is. The facts about his dangerous political ideology were presented incessantly before the public. Thus, there is no excuse for ignorance. The country knew who and what he was and what he stands for. And they voted for it anyway.

Some believe that Obama actually lost the election but due to massive voter fraud he got away with stealing an election. There is some evidence that indicates that may be true.

But what, realistically, will be done about it?

Do you honestly expect anyone in this government, in Harry Reid's Senate, or Eric Holder's Justice Department to actually investigate thoroughly and honorably each and every case of possible voter fraud that occurred on election day?

And House Republicans have shown that they have about as much "balls" as a eunuch. As a effective check and balance to Obama and the Senate's wild excesses, they have shown they are, for all intents and purposes, totally worthless.

And the Supreme Court? Mmmm. Herein lies much of my deep distress. Obama will now have the opportunity to appoint two or three more Marxists to the bench, and the Senate under the control of Democrats will approve anyone he sends up.

Do you know what that means? Let's say that Obama only gets to appoint two more justices. That means that the Marxist Progressives will outnumber the conservatives 6-3. Can you image what such a Court will do? Gun rights? Gone! Freedom of speech? Gone! Kagan has already said the government has the "right" to limit free speech. Freedom of the press? Gone! Expect the mainstream media to be canonized as the official voice of the government and expect the conservative presence on TV and radio to be scaled back significantly. And there won't be any such thing as "private property" once the United Nations' Utopian vision for a "fair" society is implemented.

If Obama gets to appoint three more justices, there is a chance we could have a 7-2 split on the Court, meaning there will be only two conservatives left.

You see, THIS is what this election meant. This is why I preached to the top of my lungs for the past four years that this election was the most important since the Revolutionary War...even more important than the election of 1860 and following, during the time of the Civil War. I also preached to the top of my lungs that Romney was the wrong choice for this particular time. We needed a hard-nosed dyed in the wool conservative who would have placed Obama on the hot seat for his crimes from day one, and kept him on that hot seat until the last vote was counted on election day. Times such as these with crooks such as these running the government call for bold, brave, brazen, and hard-nosed opposition. Instead, like four years ago, we got milk toast.

And we lost the country.

In short, my friends, we are screwed unless drastic action is taken, and I simply do not believe most Americans, even conservatives, have the stomach for it. I have completely lost my faith in my fellow citizens, and there is not much anyone can do to gain back my trust apart from something drastic.

I am quickly coming to the conclusion that our only hope for liberty to be regained and protected is what patriots call "Jefferson's reset button." I do NOT relish the thought of living out the rest of my days as a senior adult fighting a civil war. But I am quite certain that the only thing that will save the Constitution and therefore the Republic itself is exactly that. The ballot box is not working. "Majority rule" has given us "tyranny by majority vote." Democracy is nothing more than despotism by majority rule. By a simple majority vote every single liberty guaranteed in our Constitution can be negated IF we were actually living in a democracy. We do NOT live in a "democracy" and never have. We live in a Constitutional Republic that is built around the notion that some liberties are so vital to human life that they should not be subjected to a majority vote, that they are sacrosanct no matter WHAT the majority wants.

THAT is freedom. THAT is liberty. Democracy never meant liberty or freedom, and that is why our Founders considered it to be dangerous. I truly wish our politicians and citizens would drop that word from usage when referring to our form of government. It is a big lie and terribly misleading.

If you believe in this "majority rule" business, then you are just as flat out dangerous as a Communist or Nazi. Stalin, Hitler, and Chairman Mao had nothing on you when it comes to tyranny.

So, in order to safeguard our freedoms from further encroachments by this illegitimate government that has broken every conceivable Constitutional law and principle known since our founding, we must restore the Constitution to its rightful place as the supreme law of the land and oust the usurpers who now occupy the highest offices in the land.

If the ballot box didn't work, then the next course of action will be swift, permanent, and history-altering. Jefferson foresaw the time when this would be necessary. He was convinced that the natural tendency of human beings is to vote themselves gradually into more and more slavery. And at some point a deadly line is crossed. It becomes more important to the citizenry to have a little "security" and to vote themselves a bounty from the public treasury than it is to preserve liberty. And it is at that point, said Jefferson, that a mid-course correction of the shocking variety is needed.

And it is at this point that the minority says to the majority, "There are some things you are not allowed to do no matter how big a majority vote you get." You are not allowed to trample on my gun rights just because you get a majority vote. You are not allowed to trample of my free speech rights just because you may get a majority to agree with you that what I say should be disallowed.

Someone within this past week asked me where they could get in touch with "the underground liberty movement." But I am not the one to be asking about such things. I am part of no movement. I do not belong to a militia or any covert group. I know such groups are there and to those who seek diligently they can be found, but I am not part of them. The reason is not due to any animosity on my part. It is a matter of logistics. I am getting older. I have some chronic illnesses that prevent me from engaging in certain activities.

And of course I am fairly high profile. I know for a fact that I am being watched and monitored by the powers that be, if for nothing more than to see who I know and who I have contact with. They won't find much, because most of my contacts are also fairly high profile who are also being monitored.

My point is that I am not going to lead the jackbooted government thugs to any covert group that stands for liberty the way our Founders intended. If they want to find such people they can look for themselves. I am not going to do their dirty work for them.

Sometimes people say they can't believe I put my picture on the Internet. Well, I had that done for me when I became a writer for the Examiner. It was a requirement. So be it. As I said, everything I say and do is pretty much out there for all to see. What you see is what you get. If this is my God-ordained role, then so be it. But I do not represent any movement either officially or unofficially. I am a conservative Christian American, in the tradition of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Henry, Adams, Coolidge, Goldwater, Buckley, and Reagan. I read for myself and come to my own conclusions. I do not allow others to think for me or tell me what to do. I believe the Constitution is the supreme rule of law in this land, and therefore, much of what has been done since the middle of the 20th century has been largely illegal. When you get right down to it, this travesty all started when the Income Tax was implemented in the early 20th century, and when the Federal Reserve Bank was created at about the same time.

Since that time Americans have gradually discarded the rule of law. They allowed Woodrow Wilson to throw millions of American citizens into internment camps for nothing more than their race and ethnic background during WWI. They allowed FDR to confiscate the gold that millions of Americans owned during the Great Depression--gold that the government stole from its citizens in order to keep the federal treasury from going bankrupt. FDR was a worthless thief who should have been hauled to jail. And he, too, like Wilson, sent millions of American citizens packing to internment camps during WWII. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, I'm sure, were most proud. And then we had the gradual vilification and rolling back of Second Amendment rights. We even had some so-called "legal scholars" arguing earlier this decade that the gun rights mentioned in the Constitution are "collective" and not "individual" rights. What barefaced, sorry, worthless, demonic LIARS! The Framers themselves, IN THEIR OWN WORDS, told us that they wanted ALL CITIZENS to keep and bear firearms as a means of guarding against tyrannical and oppressive government!

And now due to a complete imbecile, a joke, a buffoon appointed to the Court by a Republican president, we are now being forced to buy health insurance policies whether we want one or not. Roberts could not find any legal justification or "precedent" for such a ruling, so he made one up out of thin air. He should be impeached and disbarred.

And now we have a Chicago thug reelected to the Oval Office, who lies in every breath, a criminal running the Justice Department, a tax cheat running the Treasury, a Vice President who acts half the time as if he has advanced Alzheimer's, a Secretary of State who has bungled foreign policy like an amateur in the Middle East, Libya, Iran, Syria, and Israel, and tells a pack of lies about a massacre of American officials at our consulate in Libya.

Who in their wildest dreams could have imagined such a sick joke being foisted on the public? And our fellow citizens proceeded to vote for this clown show yet again? Once due to ignorance is forgivable. Twice, after all we know about this gang of Ringling Brothers buffoons, is UNFORGIVABLE.

Yes, I still believe that if you voted for this abomination, this travesty, you are an imbecile, a moron, an idiot, that is, if you are not demon-possessed.

Who would vote to perpetuate pure evil except others who are held in the grip of pure evil?

I believe that we are now under divine judgment, not because God is vindictive toward sinners but because we bring upon ourselves dire consequences by our actions. Each act we take has its own accompanying consequence, good or bad. And in this case, how can we expect a vote for these corrupt clowns to result in anything other than the most dire of consequences?

I remember one evening when I was praying about my country and these dark and distressful days, I received the distinct message that the light had gone out on America. I even felt that a light had gone out within me for merely being part of a society that has perpetrated this evil. Yes, when a nation shakes its fist in God's face, even the innocent have to suffer along with the guilty.

The weeping and gnashing of teeth that is on the way for this nation will hit the righteous and the unrighteous, those who made the right choices and those who did not. Maybe it is because those of us who are aware did not do enough all along to prevent the country from going this far into darkness. For sure, most of us could have done much, much more, but we were not fully awake until we were jolted out of our slumber one day in 2008 and realized that while we were asleep the enemy not only got through the gate but made its way right to the control center. At that point we were awake alright, but we were probably too late. Too much dirty work had been done by Marxist vermin while we were in our long sleep.

An now we see the consequences of failing to exercise constant diligence, just as our Founders warned when they said, "The price of liberty is eternal diligence." We did not exercise constant, eternal diligence, and the enemy slipped in unaware.

My friends, this is not going to end well in the short term. The coming economic meltdown may do all the work for us in defanging the enemy. When the money dries up in a true economic meltdown, then there is no money to feed people or "meet their needs." The suffering will be too widespread and overwhelming for government to do much about. It is then that conservatives can come in with the way out. In the end, we will prevail, but getting there is going to be hell.

If no economic meltdown occurs, then other action may need to be taken to restore legitimate government to this land. But that too will not end well in the short term. In the long term, however, we will prevail because we have the motivation, the fire in the belly, the burning for liberty, the Founders' vision, the blessing of God on those who love freedom, and, well, we have the fire power. We WILL prevail one way or another. But again, getting there is going to be hell. There will be much pain, loss, and agony.

But the question we all must ask and answer is, is it worth it in order to live in a land as free men and women rather than slaves?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The 2A News Roundup--Top Ten for Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

Nicki provides the must read of the day from an American Patriot, a stalwart soul who is honorable and loves liberty but who in today's climate is considered a "traitor."

Alphecca shows us a stereotypical op-ed against gun owners.

Tam comments on the growing movement of 20 states to secede from the union.

Days of our Trailers, by the way, notes that Tam has some serious health issues. Take a look and do what you can.

From GunRights4US: "You Get the Government You Deserve."

The Wandering Minstrel serves up some snark, with obvious commentary on so-called "assault weapons."

The Smallest Minority has the must-read quote of the day. Truer words have never been spoken. Have a nice day.

The Stiletto provides some spot-on commentary for conservatives today in "The Other Shoe Drops."

The NRA reports the latest updates on the U.N. Small Arms Treaty and some misinformation going around about it.

Stand Up America publishes the shocking news that there is a move to strip the citizenship away from any American who signed the various petitions calling for their states to withdraw from the union. I think such a move will backfire. If it picks up steam, it will only embolden the various states to actually proceed with secession, meaning that stripping their residents of US citizenship will become a badge of honor.

Informed citizens brace for meltdown

No matter what one thinks about the oft vilified "rich," those who belong to the elite group of the wealthiest of Americans can be depended on to provide a gauge as to the state of the nation, particularly the economy.

The wealthy are presently sending us a clear message if we will but watch them. They are bracing and preparing for a meltdown of historic proportions.

When one can see a massive tsunami in the distance, headed toward the beach on which he stands, he heads for higher ground as quickly as humanly possible. The wealthy, apparently, have seen such a massive tsunami and are headed for the hills quicker than bats out of hell.

Over the past three days a little reported but curious and observable phenomenon has been occurring with regard to investments.

Click here to continue reading at Anthony G. Martin's National Conservative Examiner.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The 2A News Roundup--Top Ten for Monday, Nov. 12, 2012

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

Mike Vanderboegh has an excellent praxis on the shotgun, particularly for the newbie who may be operating on a limited budget. Take a look.

The War on Guns provides a very special tribute perfectly fitting for Veterans Day.

Kurt Hofmann muses on the connection between the pot reform initiatives in Colorado and Washington, and gun issues.

David Codrea reports that the inspector general still has not officially filed his report on the Fast and Furious scandal.

WRSA issues a stark, must-read warning titled, "They Do Not Care." Read it! Follow the link.

Stand Up America declares that "the fiscal cliff" is already here, now. Greece is the proof.

Way Up North presents a story with no words, a pictorial that is heart-wrenching and inspiring, just for Veterans Day.

Standing By notes Mark Levin's most recent example of "speaking truth to power."

Roberta X reports that the Supreme Court will consider the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act. Take a look.

CLO says that multiple challenges and opportunities await us over the next four years concerning gun rights.

Growing protest of Obama reelection reaching fever pitch

With the nation sharply divided along ideological grounds, the growing protest of President Obama's reelection is reaching a fever pitch among the nearly 50 percent who voted against him.

Only three million votes separated Obama and Romney out of 126 million votes cast.

Not only have some pundits declared that the president has "no mandate" to push through his agenda due to the razor-thin margin by which he won, but others believe that widespread voter fraud contributed to Obama's victory. Veteran's groups are protesting the president's reelection, with many flying the American flag upside down on Veterans Day -- the official signal of deep distress.

Click here to continue reading at Anthony G. Martin's National Conservative Examiner.