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Friday, November 16, 2012

Well well well, Obama lies again

Unemployment spiked sharply in the first report after the election. Surprise surprise. The rate jumped four tenths of a percent, the highest spike in 20 years.

All of us who knew the real numbers knew that this would happen, just as we knew that the false 7.8% number the Labor Dept. rolled out just before the election was a lie as well. They had to get Obama elected first before the truth came out.

Gee, sort of sounds like Benghazi.

But listen to what the Obama team is saying about the large spike in unemployment. It's all Hurricane Sandy's fault. I kid you not.

Now, as irrational and illogical and laughable as that explanation is, it makes perfect sense to the imbeciles who now form the majority of the electorate. They are so dumb they will accept any explanation from Obama, no matter how wild or unbelievable. He could say that little green men that came from one of Saturn's moons caused it, and his minion imbeciles would believe it.

And what's even funnier is that Hurricane Katrina was infinitely worse than Sandy, yet its effect on the unemployment rate in 2005 was negligible. Over 2000 people lost their lives--far more than Sandy, yet Katrina had ZERO effect on joblessness.

In addition, the figures show that new jobless claims in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut were either only slightly higher or LOWER, such as in New York. So much for telling the truth.

But then, people with an IQ only slightly higher than that of a moron are smart enough to know from past experience that no truth will ever come out of this administration.  

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