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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Obama must be doing cartwheels in Oval Office over Petraeus scandal

The ever broadening Petraeus scandal, which is rife with twists and turns that have become the envy of the most seasoned script writers for soap operas, has been a great blessing to the Obama White House.

While the country obsesses over extra marital affairs, emails, secrets, and scandalous gossip about the personal lives of the persons involved, the focus has shifted away from the Benghazi scandal, Syrian and Gaza missiles bombarding Israel, numerous reports of voter fraud, 23 states that have sent petitions since election day to the White House to secede from the union, and the Fast and Furious scandal that still threatens to unravel several top agencies of the federal government.

Obama must be doing cartwheels in the Oval Office. What a grand gift has been laid in his lap...

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