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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Democrats claim Petraeus testimony to be given by other CIA officials

In response to the charge by conservatives Friday that the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus was motivated in part by the fact that he is scheduled to testify next week on the Benghazi massacre, Democrats claim that Petraeus' testimony will be given by other CIA officials anyway, thus proving that there is no connection between the resignation and the scandal surrounding Benghazi.

Democratic Party operative and Fox News contributor Bob Beckel stated Friday that it is ludicrous to suggest that the Petraeus resignation is designed to prevent him from testifying, given that others will report the same information to Congress that Petraeus had planned to provide.

However, at the center of the charges made by conservatives is not that Petraeus resigned to avoid giving information to Congress but that Petraeus was forced out of his position due to his refusal to become "the fall guy" for the administration's bungled handling of the Benghazi terrorist attack...

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Friday, November 09, 2012

Critics say Petraeus departure suspicious

When it was announced today that CIA Director David Petraeus had resigned due to an extra marital affair, critics of the administration immediately smelled something fishy. Rarely does an affair lead to a resignation unless a major scandal is involved.

But no hint of scandal surfaced, that is, the other person implicated in the affair apparently was not a subordinate of Petraeus at the CIA. That fact alone would mean that no violations of CIA regulations or protocol occurred.

In addition, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., stated that Petraeus had her full support and that she wished he would stay on in spite of the affair. Petraeus also has broad based support among the Washington political establishment.

Thus, why would the director resign citing an affair that no one or very few even knew about, particularly when he enjoyed the continued support of powerful senators?

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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Assessing the presidential election debacle

The presidential election of 2012 was Mitt Romney's to lose.

No president outside of Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the 1930s has ever been reelected with unemployment as high as it is now. The failure of Barack Obama and his allies in the Senate to pass a budget for the past four years is not only inexcusable but indicative of the fact that no real attempt was made to address the mountain of debt that threatens to destroy the country.

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Musings After Midnight--'I wouldn't bet a plug nickel for the survival of the United States of America'

Good evening and welcome.

It's a cold night here in the mountains and Piedmont of the Carolinas, and as I promised some time ago, I have a nice, warm fire in the fireplace and hot chocolate to drink, if you want it. Perfect for winter months.

You are going to need it in order to swallow the subject matter for tonight's discussion.

You may have been taken aback by the title of this entry in my series, "Musings After Midnight." After all, it's not every day you hear an American say that they don't believe their own country can survive. Such a sentiment goes against every grain of our being. We have been taught since our Founding that we are so resilient that we can not only survive anything but bounce back from the most dire of circumstances, stronger than ever.

And while that sentiment is still true, it depends on the citizens to make it reality.

Up until now I have always believed that America is unstoppable, indestructible, and able to withstand any threat thrown at her from any source. But I never really seriously considered that the one threat that can, indeed, cause her demise is her own citizenry. A house divided against itself cannot stand. And America is deeply divided, so divided, in fact, that I have come to the conclusion that we will not escape the present predicament without a bloody civil war that is every bit as deadly, and even more so, than the first American Civil War in the 1860s.

I make it my business as a patriot and a writer to stay in touch with people whom I consider to be the movers and shakers. Some of these are in government. Some are in business. Some are not in positions that one would normally associate with power and influence. Yet they are quite powerful and influential because of those around them who have entrusted to them that power and influence.

One of the groups with which I stay in touch is what I will call, for our purposes tonight, the underground liberty movement, that is, those persons who are committed to liberty at all costs, and who will stand firm for that liberty no matter what happens in the political realm and no matter what form of government comes our way. They have found a way to survive just about anything. They are ready for any eventuality. They are 100% dedicated to the full restoration of the Constitution of the United States to its rightful place as the supreme rule of law in America.

And they are convinced, as of Tuesday night of this week, that the only way out of our current predicament is a bloody civil war.

Mind you, they do not intend to start a war. They are not going to shoot anyone. In fact, they will quickly tell you that this is the last thing they would do. They are not interested one iota in initiating this war.

But they ARE committed to defending this land and its Constitution against all enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC. That means that if fired upon, they will fire back. It is extremely important for those who sit in the halls of government to know this. There are many more of these people out there than any of us realize. They hold down day jobs. Some are computer specialists. Some are data analysts. Some are preachers. Some are writers. Some are secretaries and business owners. You would never know that when they are not at work they are busy preparing to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC, just as the oath of office dictates -- the same oath Barack Obama swore to but violates on a daily basis, the same oath that Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court swore to but violated flagrantly when he made up a law out of thin air in order to justify ObamaCare, and the same oath all of our Congressmen and Senators swore to but have managed to violate just about every single Constitutional provision our Founders held sacrosanct, just in order to buy off the feebleminded minions who are looking for a handout from nanny government.

Thank God there are conscientious Americans who have some integrity left, and who thus are determined to uphold that Constitution even when our elected representatives and the courts trample upon it.

And these noble, courageous souls are telling me that within the last four years the nation crossed a point of no return of sorts. The electorate proved it by reelecting a man who lies to the public daily, who violates the Constitution daily, whose polices got four American diplomats killed in Libya and thousands of others, including two U.S. law enforcement agents killed in the Fast and Furious debacle, who made up a story on which to blame the murders in Libya, who threw an American film maker in jail and sentenced him to a year in prison for exercising free speech (don't believe a word of this sordid lie that he got a year because of a probation violation--such violations happen all the time with no major retribution).

That film maker got a year in prison for exercising his free speech to criticize Islam and the prophet Muhammad, which makes him a political prisoner.

None of this mattered to the 51% of Ohioans who voted for Barack Obama. All they cared about was that they were happy Obama stole my money and yours to bail out a failing auto company, gave my money to the unions who are notorious for overpaid and under-performing "workers," and stole ALL of the money GM's investors had sunk into that failing company to give to the unions as well. It was a big pay day for the unions. Everyone else, including you and me, got screwed.

In other words, Ohioans accepted the bribe and voted for the criminal who gave it to them in return.

Congratulations, Ohio. I hope you are proud of yourselves.

Rush Limbaugh was right when he stated on Wednesday that it is hard to beat Santa Claus. The only problem is "Santa Claus" in this case is not the jolly ole elf from the north pole who makes his own toys for the boys and girls of the world. THIS "Santa Claus" is a thief who steals other people's money to give it those he has deemed to "in need."

Let me get this straight with you right now before we go any further. If you think you are entitled to my money because you are "in need," then I don't want you to have it. Your attitude makes you unworthy of it. I have needs too. Why are YOURS more important than mine?

Since you think you are entitled to my money, if it were up to me, you should be allowed to starve to death in the street. And you should not be given healthcare either. If you think are are "entitled" then you automatically show that you are not worthy to have it. You are but a leech, a blood-sucking parasite.

Now, I believe in helping the needy when I get to make a choice about what I do with my own money. I have always helped those in need in many ways, including a LOT of money I have given away, expecting nothing in return. But it went to the humble. If, on the other hand, you are one of the haughty, arrogant blood sucking leeches who believe in government sanctioned theft of my money just so you can have a cadillac healthcare plan and a pension where you are paid 120% of what you earned when you worked, then I have but one message for you (warning to the faint of heart and the innocent eyes). You can kiss my ass.

But this is where we are in America today. Half of the country wants what the other half has. They want your money. They think at least part of it belongs to them. And they are not going to stop until they get it. That is why over half of Ohio voted for Barack Obama and the country voted to send some of the very same worthless vermin back to Congress that have always infested that once hallowed place.

The divide is bitter. The half that wants what the rest of us have is angry because they think that because you actually work hard and do well you should be forced against your will to give them some of it. The other half is angry as well, angry that people actually have the unmitigated gall to think that we are responsible for them.

No, we are not responsible for you. When you grew into adulthood, you are supposed to stop being dependent on a parent. But half of America is stuck -- fixated -- in the dependency mode like addicts. They are adults in age only. Emotionally they are infantile, expecting the government nanny to whip out a tit every time they whimper.

Why don't you grow up and shut your mouth for a change? Act like an adult and be responsible for yourself. If you are willing to do that, then when you are in need, I will guarantee you that people like me will be beating a path to your door to do everything we can to help you. But unless you ditch that entitlement mentality, then you will not get one dime from me.

Such seething anger on the part of these two groups that are diametrically opposed is bound to explode eventually. The divide is too great, the two visions of America are too divergent, and the anger is beginning to boil so violently that a confrontation is inevitable.

Who will start this war?

Well, it sure won't be the patriots.

We just want to be left alone. We want to keep our own money, maintain our own property, raise our families as we see fit, conduct our lives according to our values -- all without interference from government or anyone else.

The problem, though, is that progressives and others who believe in the big government nanny state will never be content to leave us alone. That is why THEY are the ones who will start the war. When we refuse to obey them, they will use force against us. Such force will be met with resistance. That resistance will be met with deadly government force. Shots will be fired by the jackbooted government thugs. Shots will be returned by patriots who wish to defend themselves, their families, and their property. And then the war is on.

Progressives, socialists, Marxists, whatever you wish to call your particular brand of totalitarianism, are totally dependent on 100% participation of the citizenry in order to work. Therefore, any one who refuses to participate is viewed as a criminal and must be forced to participate. This is why Marxism is the single biggest source of cold blooded murder the world has ever witnessed. Over 100 million people in the 20th century alone were killed in cold blood by their own Marxist (socialist) governments in the Soviet Union, China, Southeast Asia, North Korea, Cuba, Central and South America.

People like me do not wish to force anyone to do anything but obey the laws that are designed to keep you from bringing harm to me. Beyond that, you are free to do basically anything you want as long as you don't hurt anyone.

Progressives and liberals, on the other hand, want to force their vision of the world on me, by lethal force if necessary.

So tell me, who here is the aggressor?

If I refuse to participate in ObamaCare, what are you going to do to me? Throw me in jail because I refuse to buy an insurance policy? How do you justify such a thing? And if I resist going to jail because I think you are acting illegally in arresting me, are you going to kill me if I try to defend myself? That is precisely how this law reads, when taken to its logical consequences.

And this being true, how does this make you any different at all from Adolf Hitler who led the Jews to the ovens? Or Joseph Stalin who murdered 27 million Russians? Or Chairman Mao who killed 60 million Chinese after the Communist revolution in China?

If you start killing us because we refuse to obey your illegal and illegitimate laws, then you are doing nothing but prove to the entire world that everything we have said about you from the beginning is really true. You people are dangerous, cold, calculating, murdering bastards.

But, in the best of all possible worlds under current conditions, you may not get the chance to show your real colors by killing us. Obama's economic philosophy is the very same one that led Greece to the slime pit. They don't have any money left to pay for their precious government pension funds. So, what are you going to do when we collapse too? Or are you naive enough to believe that doing the same thing here as they did in Greece will somehow lead to a different outcome? That is called "insanity."

We cannot continue on the course Obama has set and avoid collapse. The European model, which is based on Marxist socialism, has ended in failure. There is no more money. That is why the minions all over Europe are taking to the streets demanding their freebies that have been cut. They have yet to realize that the prized goose that laid the golden egg (capitalism that leads to prosperity) has been practically squeezed out of existence. When the capitalists are gone there is no one left who knows how to create wealth. And without that wealth that capitalism creates, there is no money left to give away to the minions who have their hands out begging for the freebies.

Europe is going to collapse. Mark it down. That ship has already left the harbor. And that means we are next. So get ready.

And the coming Depression will make the Great Depression of the 1930s look like the land flowing with milk and honey. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

But, you say, we will just do what FDR did. He got us through the Great Depression.

Oh really, now? Well, ahem, the one thing FDR did not have to worry about is the mountain of debt America currently has, to the tune of over 100 trillion dollars if you add in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid liabilities, all of which are unfunded and borrowed. We have never been down this path before. Never. FDR didn't have to worry about owing China, Japan, Europe, and the Federal Reserve more money than the country is worth.

Thus, if we have a collapse this time, THERE WILL BE NO MONEY TO COME TO THE RESCUE OF THOSE WHO LOSE IT ALL. That money is owed to our debtors.

So the paradigm of FDR's "New Deal" will not work this time. A New Deal won't even be possible.

Thus, my friends, looking into my crystal ball I don't see any path whatsoever to avoid calamity. The chance we had for some hope all went up in smoke on Tuesday as our fellow citizens decided in their almighty wisdom to put inept criminals right back in office.

And Democrats kept control of the Senate, meaning ObamaCare is here to stay with ZERO chance for repeal. Just wait till the taxes and provisions of that kick in in 2013-14. Taxes will go through the roof, premiums will spike, quality of care will plummet.

So, my dear reader, if you want some false hope to sooth your troubled mind, you won't find it here, at least not now. We are headed down the drain as a nation, and there is not much we can do about it until 2016, except by then there probably won't be anything left that's worth saving.

And by the way, if by chance someone who voted for Barack Obama or a Democrat in the Senate is reading this, let me say this directly to you. You are an idiot. A moron. An imbecile. You are beneath contempt. If it were up to me you would be deprived of your right to vote and even your right to live here. People like you who are so opposed to human liberty and freedom of individual choice are dangerous, and we don't need you here. It is people like you that our Founders fought AGAINST. What makes you think patriots are any more accommodating of you than they were?

I would suggest you seriously consider leaving the country. And frankly, I don't care who you are or how long you and your family have been here. If you cannot accept our founding principles, then get out. You are one of the main reasons we are in this mess.

Ahh, yes, it feels so good to get that out. I have been wanting to say that for the longest time, and now I have the opportunity and motivation to do so.

Stay tuned folks. I have much more to say about this, particularly the Republican Party's colossal mistakes, and then just wait until I write my entry on the mainstream media. I am certain you will enjoy that one.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Let's Face the Facts

I am not going to say very much about yesterday's travesty. I am still processing it all, regrouping, and deciding where to proceed from here.

But a few brief statements are in order.

As I said from 2009 onward, Mitt Romney was the wrong candidate for the GOP. He was not able to get out the base. Conservative participation was down from 2008 by several million. In short, they stayed home.

Romney failed to hammer Obama on his multiple lies, his shredding of the Constitution, the Fast and Furious scandal, and Benghazi. These were golden opportunities laid in his lap, and he passed them up. What on earth was he thinking?

As I have stated over and over for years, it is now time to teach the Republican elitist leadership a lesson. I agreed to support them this time with the understanding that if the whole thing failed it would be an entirely new ball game.

Well, it failed. And it IS an entirely new ball game. Either the GOP gets with the real conservative vision for America, or we will never vote for their candidates ever again, period. They can either do things our way, or we will destroy the Party.

It's as simple as that. The country is way too important to let a group of northeastern establishment liberals dictate to us who our nominee will be, assuming conservatives will just automatically march in lockstep. That day is over as of today.

I have much more to say about Obama, the Republican Party, and the predicament we're in, but I will save it for later when I come back from my self-imposed period of mourning.

I am truly sorry that it was my generation that trampled on the legacy of Reagan, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and Madison.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Romney campaign sees encouraging signs

As the 2012 presidential election enters into its waning hours, the Romney campaign reports that it sees some encouraging signs. The basis for the late optimism is the data observed from nine swing states -- Colorado, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania,  Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Voters can safely remove North Carolina from the list of this years' swing states, as all of the polls and election day data point to a decisive win for Romney. 2008 was an aberration when the state went for Obama.

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Monday, November 05, 2012

New revelations on Aug. 16 cable from Libya depict deception

As previously reported by the Examiner, a classified, top secret Aug. 16 cable from American officials in Libya to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton provided a dire assessment of security capabilities at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, nearly a month before the deadly Sept. 11 attacks that killed four American diplomats.

The cable stated that the consulate was woefully unprepared and ill equipped to respond to a "coordinated attack." The White House has claimed it was unaware that U.S. officials in Libya needed extra security. But new revelations today indicate otherwise.

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