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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Let's Face the Facts

I am not going to say very much about yesterday's travesty. I am still processing it all, regrouping, and deciding where to proceed from here.

But a few brief statements are in order.

As I said from 2009 onward, Mitt Romney was the wrong candidate for the GOP. He was not able to get out the base. Conservative participation was down from 2008 by several million. In short, they stayed home.

Romney failed to hammer Obama on his multiple lies, his shredding of the Constitution, the Fast and Furious scandal, and Benghazi. These were golden opportunities laid in his lap, and he passed them up. What on earth was he thinking?

As I have stated over and over for years, it is now time to teach the Republican elitist leadership a lesson. I agreed to support them this time with the understanding that if the whole thing failed it would be an entirely new ball game.

Well, it failed. And it IS an entirely new ball game. Either the GOP gets with the real conservative vision for America, or we will never vote for their candidates ever again, period. They can either do things our way, or we will destroy the Party.

It's as simple as that. The country is way too important to let a group of northeastern establishment liberals dictate to us who our nominee will be, assuming conservatives will just automatically march in lockstep. That day is over as of today.

I have much more to say about Obama, the Republican Party, and the predicament we're in, but I will save it for later when I come back from my self-imposed period of mourning.

I am truly sorry that it was my generation that trampled on the legacy of Reagan, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and Madison.

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