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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Democrats claim Petraeus testimony to be given by other CIA officials

In response to the charge by conservatives Friday that the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus was motivated in part by the fact that he is scheduled to testify next week on the Benghazi massacre, Democrats claim that Petraeus' testimony will be given by other CIA officials anyway, thus proving that there is no connection between the resignation and the scandal surrounding Benghazi.

Democratic Party operative and Fox News contributor Bob Beckel stated Friday that it is ludicrous to suggest that the Petraeus resignation is designed to prevent him from testifying, given that others will report the same information to Congress that Petraeus had planned to provide.

However, at the center of the charges made by conservatives is not that Petraeus resigned to avoid giving information to Congress but that Petraeus was forced out of his position due to his refusal to become "the fall guy" for the administration's bungled handling of the Benghazi terrorist attack...

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