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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Musings After Midnight--Why Are We Even Having This "Debate" in the United States of America?

Good evening, my friend. Have a seat. Have some tea. I am sipping on some Earl Gray, my favorite brew. You can have coffee if you wish. Make yourself comfortable. I have Half n Half cream on the table, along with sugar lumps and an assortment of sweeteners if you need them.

Just think how much fun this will be this winter when we can have these chats by the fireplace. I'll have to break out the hot chocolate and marshmallows for those occasions.

I must admit to you this evening -- or should I say morning -- that I am greatly distressed by what I see happening around me in the country and in the world. I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record, and for that I apologize, but, it seems with each passing day things only get worse, IF one is sensitive to liberty and the preservation of the Constitutional Republic handed down to us by our forefathers.

Today I saw some distressing news that cuts me to the core. Only 56% of those who describe themselves as "Democrats" believe that the Constitution is relevant to today. That means fully 44% of Democrats believe the Constitution is outdated and is therefore to be relegated to the dust bin of history.

20% of those identifying themselves as "Republicans" believe that the Constitution is irrelevant. While that figure is a vast improvement over the Democrats, that figure should be ZERO for Republicans. The final rule of law in this nation is and always has been the U.S. Constitution. I don't see how any Republican worth his or her salt could possibly disagree with that.

But then again, these are the days when a sitting U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice, a Republican, believes that ObamaCare is constitutional based upon an argument pulled out of thin air since there was absolutely no precedent in law for it. He is therefore no more fit to sit on the High Court than Obama shill Elena Kagan.

My problem is the fact that we are even having this debate in America. This is the United States of America, after all, the beacon of freedom for the world. And where exactly did that concept of freedom come from? It came from God Himself, of course, but the Constitution was the first written document to codify the concept of innate human liberty into law. Governments do not grant rights and freedoms but only affirms them...or oppresses them.

Can you imagine John F. Kennedy sitting around somewhere in 1960 having a "debate" with a political opponent about whether or not the Constitution is relevant? In those days even Democrats accepted without question that the Constitution is the law of the land, although they may disagree as to the interpretation of certain statements contained in the document.

But those days are long gone. Today we are not merely discussing disagreements in interpretation. We are actually discussing whether or not we as a nation recognize the authority of our founding documents!

When this subject was raised on Twitter a couple of evenings ago, someone stated that were our forefathers, the Framers of the Constitution, still alive today, they would be shooting by now.

I disagree.

If the Founders were alive today the shooting would be already done. And the traitors would be lying dead in the streets.

We are, indeed, talking about life and death matters here, whether you wish to recognize it or not. A life of liberty vs. a life of abject slavery is a life and death issue. Many of us refuse outright to be a slave to any man any where. Give us liberty, or kill us!

And you had best rethink your position if you actually believe that the opposition is content with merely winning a friendly debate about the relevance of the Constitution. Their history precedes them. They will not hesitate to kill you or haul you off to an internment camp if you refuse to toe the party line.

Two American presidents in the 20th century did exactly that. Both were "Progressives." Woodrow Wilson was the first. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the second. Wilson and Roosevelt both hauled millions of bona fide American citizens to internment camps during the first and second world wars, most of whom were selected due to their race or nationality, even if they had sworn allegiance to this country. Some, however, were political prisoners.

Progressives, or Liberals, or Socialists, or Marxists, or whatever one wishes to call them, believe that populations must often be forced to accept their edicts. If there is vast noncompliance with the brave new ideas of their brave new world, then the minions of the Progressive totalitarians kick into high gear to remove such persons from society so that the entirety of society is not "infected" with their stubbornness and refusal to "obey."

Those who believe that Progressives passed off the scene make a fatal mistake. They are still very much with us in full force, stronger than ever. Hillary Clinton is a dangerous Progressive. So is her husband Bill. Barack Obama is a dangerous Progressive. So are his top aides such as Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Power, Cass Sunstein, Van Jones, David Axelrod, David Plouffe, and all of the rest. The Congressional leadership is Progressive. And the Supreme Court is practically under Progressive rule now that Roberts has shown his true colors.

And Barack Obama now has the power to indefinitely detain citizens without charges or due process of law. A federal judge upheld the law on Tuesday. Is anyone surprised, given the vast power held by the Progressives?

It is no coincidence that the man who allegedly made the infamous "movie that insults the prophet Muhammad" has been detained and questioned by federal agents -- for doing nothing but exercising his free speech.

Therefore, it is now acceptable, in the United States of America, which has a Constitution that specifically forbids restrictions on free speech or freedom of religion, for the federal government to detain citizens on First Amendment issues.

Sieg Heil!

One would expect no worse in Nazi Germany or the Communist Soviet Union.

To be quite frank, my dear friends, the thing that is most disturbing about all of this is not that politicians have brought us to this point. Those of us who have been paying attention knew it would come to this sooner or later. What we did NOT know is how many of our fellow citizens would not only go along with it but persist in sending politicians to Washington who have the single-minded purpose of whittling away our rights and gradually destroying this Republic.

I knew Barack Obama was a no-good, worthless, sorry-arsed Communist insurgent before he was elected. I knew Nancy Pelosi was a lunatic Progressive during her first term in Congress, way back in the dark ages before botox could make her look younger. I was fully aware Harry Reid would be a train wreck as Senate Majority Leader, refusing to pass a single federal budget in four years while sending the nation on a reckless spending binge, mainly due to the fact that Reid has ALWAYS been a deadbeat Marxist who believes in stealing YOUR money and spending like a drunken sailor on leave in Sidney.

These people are dangerous and should not have been elected to any office whatsoever.

But guess what? Our fellow citizens, who apparently have been sniffing coke, meth, Elmer's glue, and everything else they can get their hands on, decided they wanted such vermin in office, year after year. Yes, OUR FELLOW CITIZENS.

If you want to see what's wrong with this country, don't look at the Constitution. There is nothing wrong with it. Don't look at our form of government. There is nothing wrong with that, either. Look at your neighbor. Look at some of the members of your own family. If they voted for this travesty, then THEY are to blame.

The Bible says, "Choose this day whom you will serve." One cannot serve God and evil.

By the same token, it is time for Americans to take sides, openly, publicly, boldly. If you think liberty is a bad thing and you wish to scrap the Constitution that protects our freedoms, then stand up and say so. Shout it from the housetops for ALL to see. I want to know who my enemy is. Yes, that's right. If you want to rob me of my Constitutional liberties, you are my enemy, and it doesn't matter who you are. You may be in my church. You may be in my family. You may consider yourself to be a "friend." Well, you are not my friend if you want to rob me of my freedoms, pure and simple.

Barack Obama is an enemy of America. So are his top aides, his enablers in Congress, his bankrollers, and his supporters. Yes, if you support this man and his agenda for America, you are an ENEMY of this country. And if I had anything to do with it, you would be banished from it. You are not fit to live here.

Either you support the Founders' vision for a free society as encapsulated in the Constitution, or you don't. And if you don't, you should go some place else. You don't belong here, and you would be much happier in Greece.

But, alas, I see some troubling signs that in spite of all we know about the present gang of charlatan usurpers running this government, in spite of the unemployment rate that refuses to improve, in spite of the skyrocketing inflation on gasoline, food, and medicines, and in spite of being on the brink of WW III in the Middle East due to a foreign policy that apparently was devised by Moe, Curly, and Larry, Obama may well get elected again. He's got the support 47% who pay no taxes and live off the government tit. And he will lie at the drop of a hat to gain the upper hand.

Sure, politicians have always lied. But this one should win an award for the most lies told within a 60-second period. He can look you straight in the eye, start talking, and without blinking or barely taking a breath tell 15 barefaced lies within one minute.

Take the current crisis in the Middle East. He claims that it was started by the outrage in the Muslim world over an American movie that "insulted the prophet Muhammad." Bull. The siege on our embassies, it has now been discovered, was in the planning stages for MONTHS to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary. This has been confirmed by intelligence sources on the ground plus officials within the Libyan and Egyptian governments. But because Odumbo does not want to face the embarrassment of admitting his Keystone Kops policies in the Middle East are a bumbling failure, he makes up a story out of thin air to account for the murders.

And what is even more enraging about the whole thing is that the mainstream media, including local media outlets, do nothing but parrot the official Obama administration line, without question, just as they did when they LIED to the public about the DNC being moved indoors to a smaller arena "due to inclement weather." Funny that not a drop of rain or lightening was observed.

This administration is nothing more than a house built on a sand pile of lies...lies upon lies, and then lies to explain away earlier lies. And the mainstream media does nothing and reports nothing except the Obama talking points. They should have their licenses to broadcast pulled immediately.

How, you ask, is this any different than conservative talk radio? That one is easy. Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity do not claim to be journalists reporting news. They are partisan, conservative political commentators who also entertain. That is a BIG DIFFERENCE from what Scott Pelley, Diane Sawyer, and Brian Williams are supposed to be doing on the network news shows. These persons claim to be journalists reporting hard news. For them to engage in nothing but partisan commentary, while posing as impartial journalists, is journalistic malpractice. Same goes for your local news anchor.

We have a few in this area who are just as bad as the national news anchors. You may as well go to the Democratic National Committee website for all your news. Or Media Matters. Their copy is practically written for them by Leftwing nutcases.

It is no wonder that Romney is having difficulty breaking out into a big lead over the bumbling Odumbo. He has lots of help. On a nightly basis Obama has free advertising, courtesy of CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, MSNBC, CNN, and NPR/PBS.

Even Hollywood gets in on the freebies to the Obama campaign by including political themes in their scripts. This time the scuttlebutt is that they will begin peddling the benefits of ObamaCare in the television programs they place on the air this fall.

And then, when you add the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time Magazine, Newsweek, HuffPo, and the other major liberal publications into the mix, then you practically have the entirety of the news business out shilling for Obama and ultra leftwing causes.

I highly doubt that these pimps of the mainstream media have any more regard for the Constitution than Barack Obama, which means, of course, that they support people who would destroy the Constitutional right to freedom of the press.

How does THAT make logical sense in any way, form, or fashion?

There are only 2 possible reasons for these so-called "reporters" to do such a thing. Either they are dumb, which they are not, or they do not truly believe in freedom of the press. The only thing they believe in is being the top of the heap, number one in news, even if they must sell their souls to a totalitarian government to do so.

This, you see, is precisely why Brian Williams was seen bowing to Obama during his very first White House interview with the president after he took office. If Williams were a real journalist, or a human being of integrity, then he would have exposed the charlatan in the Oval Office long ago.

So, what do I think will happen in November? I have no idea. I would say there is a 50-50 chance Obama gets reelected. That is scary. I also think that the GOP blew a golden opportunity to take control of the Senate by a large majority. In 2010 they had the winning issue that the people were behind--cut spending and repeal ObamaCare. Then, the moderates convinced everyone to lay off ObamaCare and to downplay cutting government spending. When that happened, look what happened. We are now on a course, less than 2 months before election day, that will lead to a continuation of a Democratic majority in the Senate--which will mean that even if Romney is elected he will get NOTHING done.

I think Republicans will hold onto the House, but they will lose a few seats, mainly due to the timid leadership of John Boehner.

Thus, we seem to be headed for a scenario in which absolutely nothing changes in Washington, or one in which the only change is that Romney gets the White House. But even then with a Democratic Senate, he will get none or very little of what he wants. And we can kiss repealing ObamaCare goodbye forever. Without Republican control of the Senate, such a repeal is impossible.

I told you folks from the very beginning that making big changes in the Senate is the single most important issue in this election. But apparently that warning fell on deaf ears, along with most everything else I say. So, we are set to elect another Democratic majority in the Senate, barring some last minute miracle, and every hope we have had of repealing the horrid, nightmarish, and ghastly laws and executive orders of the Obama regime will be gone with the wind. As I have said until I am blue in the face, unless the Republicans take the Senate, then there is NOTHING we can do to change the tyranny that has been foisted on us for the past 4 years apart from a dreadful, bloody civil war.

We are going to have to use Obama's tactics, I'm afraid. We are going to have to get in people's faces and demand an accounting of their political views. Do they support the Constitution and your freedoms, or not? Do they support getting rid of this tyrant in the White House, or not? And if they don't, shun them. Drop them as friends. Stop talking to them. Tell them this election is just that important, and that if they don't get on board, then you can only assume they are out to rob you of your rights and liberties.

It is time for patriots to get serious here. We are down to the wire, and there is a good chance we lose. That is unacceptable. That means extraordinary means must be undertaken to make sure the present scourge is wiped from the face of this government for good.


Rev. Paul said...

Extraordinarily well-said, sir.

Welshman said...

Thank you my friend! Hope yo are well.

BerryOakley2011 said...

Could not be better layed out. Sad isn't it. I will not give in to this tyrrany! Unspeakable harm has been done to our republic and young people have been fed loads of this crap in public schools and don't understand how dire the situation is. The future may depend on re-educating them and kicking ass in the school system to cut the progressive cancer out. Otherwise America may never recover.

Welshman said...

True. School kids and public school grads know nothing about the real principles behind our Constitution because they are being taught lies. We are headed toward a coup over public schools just as surely as we are over the Constitution!

Unknown said...

Wow just wow , your musings are excellent , no one could say it any better ! I try to alert Obamabots on the threats to our freedom, their response ? What threats ! The liberal mind has no concept of their own freedoms , sad ! They simply have no clue . If they do have any respect for the Constitution , they don't see that Obama is a threat to it . How does one reach an Obamabot in this case ?

Welshman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Welshman said...

There is no reaching a dyed in wool Obamabot. They are thoroughly brainwashed and oblivious to the truth. So, we ignore them and try to influence those who are open to the truth.

Unknown said...

Protect and defend the Constitution!