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Friday, August 24, 2012

Just a personal word...

Hey, folks, just a personal word here.

I'm sure you've noticed that the 2A News Roundup was not presented this week at all. My sincere apologies for that, but it could not be helped. This is one of those weeks I had to do the bare minimum (my Examiner articles) for reasons I have told you about before.

Thankfully this time things do not appear to be bad enough to warrant this going on much longer. So I expect to have the Roundup section back up and running next week...if not Monday, then definitely Tuesday.

Thank you for dropping by these pages on a regular basis. I do sincerely appreciate it. And although my little blog here never did really make the "big time" like some others, never in my wildest dreams when I started in 2006 would I have thought I would be able to draw in 400 to 800 readers per day...not a bad following for an obscure little blog that I wrote using a pen name for the first 3 years of its existence.

I'm sorry to have fooled most of you into thinking I was "D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan," but heck, I was new to this and I had been told by other bloggers never to use your real name, that anonymity was essential.

All of that changed when I started writing for the Examiner, which required a real name at the time.

But most of you who blogged in the early years of the phenomenon understand what I'm talking about, I think.

Anyway, take care, and please remember how much I appreciate you as readers. Some of you have become very dear to me, and I thank you.

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