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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Romney and Bain Capital: the rest of the story

New information has surfaced within the last 48 hours concerning Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his venture capital corporation, Bain Capital.
Although the issue became part of the campaign months ago and faded from view as an item of discussion, the rest of the story on Bain is now available, and there is enough fodder to at least raise eyebrows.
Newt Gingrich in particular heavily criticized Romney over Bain Capital's business practices. Romney's defense centered on his involvement in free enterprise in the corporation, creating millions of jobs by helping launch various businesses such as Staples and Toys R Us.
Even Ron Paul came to Romney's defense, citing the Governor's right to involve himself in American capitalism, provide jobs, and in turn, help the economy.
But beneath the surface there is another story on Bain that is not so admirable.

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